9 Best-Paying Courses in Kenya in 2024

Are you looking for the best-paying courses in Kenya? Then, here is all the information you need. The year is moving fast, and many Kenyans plan to join universities and colleges to further their studies. 

But as you prepare to advance career-wise, you need to consider some of the hotcake courses in Kenya that will secure your bank accounts in the future. You should be extra careful about the course you choose as most of the marketable courses you think are popular may take you nowhere. They have a flooded job market, and their pay is not decent.

The nine best-paying jobs in Kenya are:

  1. Law
  2. Medicine & Surgery
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Actuarial science
  5. Software engineering
  6. Piloting/Aviation
  7. Statistics
  8. Procurement and supplies
  9. Architecture

In this article, I’ll discuss the above best-paying courses in Kenya in detail. I’ll also share the best institutions you should join to pursue these courses. Keep reading!

Best-Paying Courses in Kenya 

The following are some of the top best-paying courses in Kenya with their average salary. The list follows no particular order.

Course Average Salary
Law ksh133k
Medicine & Surgery Ksh 214k
Mechanical Engineering Ksh 100k
Actuarial science Ksh 100k
Software engineeringKsh 155k
Piloting/ Aviation Between Ksh. 132k to Ksh. 420k
Statistics Ksh. 229k
Procurement and suppliesKsh. 178k
Architecture Ksh. 181k
best-paying courses and their average salaries in Kenya

1. Law

Lawyers are fast, wise, and intelligent thinkers.  To join the profession, you must pass your KCSE with at least a B plain before enrolling in an esteemed university for a four-year degree program.

After graduating, you’ll have to register at the Kenya law school for two years before beginning your career as a high court advocate. A seasoned lawyer in Kenya pockets around Ksh 133k monthly, while the most accomplished ones can earn up to Ksh 2M.

Lawyers representing corporate tycoons, politicians, and criminal defense lawyers typically can make more than Ksh 5M. Kenyan universities that offer law courses include

  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  • Nairobi University.
  • Mount Kenya University

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2. Medicine and Surgery

Becoming a doctor requires a sharp mind, a lot of study hours, and patience. But the best thing about medicine is that there is always a high demand for doctors, and you’re assured of landing a job once you complete your course.

To enroll in a medicine course, you must have scored above B+ in KSCE. The degree in medicine & surgery, course work takes a minimum of 5 years

Once you complete your medical bachelor’s degree, you’ll begin working as an intern, and many hospitals pay between Ksh. 28,000. 

Surgeons and medical doctors are always learning. Professionals with the highest education and expertise working in large hospitals such as The Karen Hospital and Mater Nairobi Hospital pocket as high as Ksh. 400,000 monthly.  

The doctor’s salary in Kenya differs according to discipline. 

  • Professional dermatologists make about Ksh 458k monthly
  • Neurosurgeons make between Ksh. 653k and Ksh. 675k monthly.
  • Gynecologists make between Ksh. 223k and Ksh. 656k monthly.
  • Pediatricians make between Ksh. 183k and Ksh. 582k monthly. 

Universities offering medicine courses in Kenya include:

  • Kenyatta University
  • The University of Nairobi
  • Mt. Kenya University
  • Kenya Methodist University
  • Egerton University

3. Mechanical Engineering

Regarding the best paying courses, mechanical engineering is at the very top. As a diploma graduate, you can earn a starting salary of more than Ksh. 100k if you get a job in blue chip companies and in the government.

Companies that pay mechanical graduates well in Kenya include Kengen, Bamburi Cement, Kenya Pipeline, Kenya Power, Davis and Shirtliff, and Geothermal. Institutions offering mechanical engineering courses include:

  • Kenyatta University
  • Nairobi University
  • Nairobi University

4. Actuarial Science  

An actuary is one course that every student wishes to study, although actuarial Science is a relatively new field in Kenya.  Becoming a qualified actuary is not a walk in the park; you must work and sweat for it.

Acquiring a degree in actuarial science is the first stage; nevertheless, to become an actuary, you must obtain certification from either the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries or the Society of Actuaries. You are required to complete 12 papers before qualifying as an actuary.

But once you complete, you can secure a job in Banks, RBA, Insurance companies, IRA, Nairobi Security Exchange, audit firms, Capital Market Authority, stoke brokers, or any other financial institution that requires financial experts. 

On average, a competent actuary in Kenya earns Ksh. 300k monthly. The average salary you can earn with an actuarial degree and professional certification in actuarial science is between Ksh. 180k and Ksh. 1-5M monthly.

Some of the highest paying institutions include actuarial firms, audit firms, and Insurance 


Institutions that offer actuary courses in Kenya include:

  • KCA University
  • Nairobi University
  • Garissa University
  • Kenyatta University
  • Machakos University
  • Strathmore University

5. Software Engineering

In Kenya, software engineer graduates are very few, less than 200. To enroll in software engineering, you must score B+ and above in KCSE with an A or A- in Mathematics and physics.

With software engineering qualifications,  you will secure a job in Tech companies like Oracle, Airtel, Google, Safaricom, Facebook, and IBM, among others. In such institutions, software engineers earn more than Ksh. 200k monthly regardless of job experience.

There are numerous opportunities for graduates, but you must be incredibly creative and talented to earn a good salary. Institutions such as Google prefer talent over excellent papers.

You can pocket up to 5M as a software engineer if you prove you’re creative and talented beyond doubt.  The least salary you can earn working with any company with software engineering and more than 3 years of experience is Ksh. 150k.  Some of the best institutions offering soft engineering courses include

  • Nairobi University
  • Kenyatta University

6. Piloting/ Aviation  

The piloting profession guarantees you a decent salary since there is a shortage of pilots in Kenya. A fully-fledged pilot does not receive compensation per month like in most professions. 

Rather they receive hourly pay depending on the length of each flight plus per diems.  A pilot with little experience pocket approximately Ksh. 132k monthly while the top paid professional can take home close or more than Ksh. 420k on monthly payments.  

You must complete a three-year piloting course at a recognized institution to become a pilot. However, it’s among the most costly courses in Kenya since it requires you have more than Ksh. 5M to study.

Also, you can join the military, where you’ll be trained, but you’ll have to serve them for around 10 years before departing to join the conventional piloting industry.  Best aviation Institutions in Kenya include:

  • Kenya School of Flying
  • East Africa School of Aviation
  • Ninety-Nines Flying School
  • Nairobi Flight Training Ltd
  • Flight Training Center
  • Capital Connect Aviation

7. Statistics 

Though a tough course, its fruits are sweet. To enroll in a statistics course, you must be good at Mathematics and sciences. 

As a statistician, you can land employment in institutions such as the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS), audit firms, banks, United Nations Insurance companies, NGOs, and other government institutions requiring data analysts.  

Most companies pay statisticians between Ksh. 70k to Ksh. 200k monthly. The highest-paid statistician professionals are PhDs holders with more than 5 years of experience. The average salary they receive is Ksh. 250k monthly. Institutions offering statistic course in Kenya include:

  • Maseno University
  • University of Nairobi 
  • Strathmore University
  • Kenyatta University

8. Procurement and Supplies 

Procurement and supplies may not be a famous course in Kenya, but people working in this sector earn decent pay. They may earn between Ksh. 40k to Ksh. 200k, but the amount they get off their salary is much more, even 100 times their salary. 

When enrolling for a procurement course, you should not focus on salary; instead, consider the net worth of the job you’re taking.  Your monthly payment may be Ksh. 120k, but at the end of the month, your salary is increased to Ksh. 500k due to the money you earn by pushing tenders for specific individuals. Institutions offering procurement and supply courses include

  • Masai Mara University
  • South Eastern Kenya University
  • Egerton University
  • Kenya College of Accountancy
  • Africa Nazarene University

9. Architecture 

Unlike the belief among most Kenyans about this course, it’s still one of the best paying in Kenya. Since Kenya is a developing country, the demand for architectural solutions is very high. 

To become a professional architect, you’ll need a degree in architecture from a recognized institution. To enroll in an architectural course, you must have not less than an A in KCSE. The course requires drawings, practice, and intense focus. 

Architecture students may begin working even before graduating from school. The real estate sector thrives daily, providing a ready market for architects to manifest their prowess.     

Self-employed architects earn depending on the size of the project designed and the client dealt with. You can make a starting salary of Ksh 50k; if you’re talented and passionate, the salary is likely to double or even triple.  

Most architects in Kenya make between Ksh. 80,000k to Ksh.283,000. Institutions offering architecture courses include: 

  • Nairobi University
  • Kenyatta University

Bottom Line 

Have you just completed your High School education and are looking to enroll for a diploma or degree? Well, when waiting to join college, you must be careful when choosing a course. Some courses have flooded the market and have no decent pay.

Hence you’ll need to do good research to ensure you don’t get into the wrong profession. The courses provided here will guide you to choose the best depending on your talent and passion.

The salaries of some of the best-paying courses in Kenya are in the six and seven-figure range. Most of these courses are also highly marketable.