9 Fast-Moving Goods in Kenya From China

There is high demand for Chinese goods in Kenya. China is a significant producer of affordable and unique items, which explains why many goods are imported to Kenya almost daily. But before importing, knowing which product will move fast is essential to keep your business growing. For this reason, I have decided to create a list of the fast-moving goods in Kenya from China to make your work easier.

Here is a list of the 9 fast-moving goods in Kenya from China:

  1. Textiles
  2. Branded perfumes and cosmetics
  3. Leather goods like bags and wallets
  4. Batteries
  5. Electronics; Computers and Phones
  6. Food
  7. Clothing
  8. Beauty products
  9. Diapers

1. Textiles

Fast-moving goods in Kenya from China

Textiles are in high demand due to their styles and quality. The Chinese manufacturers also have developed cool styles, sophisticated designs, and fabrics to meet local desires.

2. Branded Perfumes and Cosmetics

These products are essentially identical to textiles as they share similar popular features. Regarding fashion, these branded perfumes and cosmetics are imported to Kenya.

Their demand has risen due to their higher quality than those imported a few years ago.

Some of these perfumes include:

  • Gucci guilty
  • Reveal
  • Sweet Camillae
  • Sweet passion
  • Idole
  • Patti La Belle Fragrances interlude
  • Versace Blue Jean

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3. Leather Goods Like Bags and Wallets

These items are essential in our day-today-life. They tend to be used daily; hence their demand never goes down, making them move fast when imported from China.

Types of leather goods imported from china include wallets, bags, and belts, which widely attract customers looking for quality and affordable products.

4. Batteries 

Batteries are essential in our daily activities, especially those using devices and gadgets that require electricity. Imported batteries are always in demand as people look for batteries that will last longer at an affordable price.

5. Electronics: Computers and Phones

Electronics are the most popular appliances in every household in Kenya, which indicates why they are among the fast-moving goods in Kenya from China. Whether new or old, electronics are hot sellers in Kenya.

The common electronics that are in high demand in Kenya are:

  • Smartphones: Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, and Huawei
  • Computers: Hp, Lenovo, Dell
  • Household appliances: Fridges, gas cooker, showers, microwave, blenders TVs
  • Office accessories: Paper shredders, Photocopying machines

6. Food 

Without question, food is among the fast-moving goods in Kenya from China.

China is a manufacturing powerhouse that makes high-quality foods that local producers can’t match. These types of foods include sugar and rice.

Food is a basic need; therefore, it is always in demand, meaning it is among the most fast-moving goods. You can conduct deep research on the local market and identify the food that is mostly on demand according to your location.

However, some of the food in high demand in Kenya are:

  • Rice
  • Fish
  • Cabbage
  • Maize flour/corn starch

7. Clothing 

Clothing is among the basic needs of everyone, and we cant carry out our daily activities without clothing. Clothing demand is relatively high in local markets, especially the cheap and quality ones.

You can venture into importing clothing since they have high selling rates. Some of the things to import in this category include:

  • Women’s shoes: High heels and rubbers
  • Men’s shoes: Official shoes, sports shoes
  • Men wear

8. Beauty Products 

Beauty products have a ready market in Kenya, especially skincare, makeup, hair, and hair products. These products are among the fast-moving goods since they are always in demand.

It’s good you focus on a particular product and work on establishing and maintaining a good customer base.     

9. Diapers

In Kenya, the diaper market is skyrocketing, and the country’s limited production of diapers can’t keep up with the rising demand. 

Therefore venturing into importing diapers is a great idea as there is a ready market.

How to Import Goods From China to Kenya 

Now that you know the fast-moving goods from China, you should also learn the importation process. So whether you’re looking to expand your business or leverage cheaper-made products, shipping from China can be an ideal element in your business. 

Here is a brief guide on how to import goods from China to Kenya. Keep reading to learn a concise importing idea.

Identify the Product to Import 

Like every other investment project, you might be trying to comprehend what you will be undertaking before beginning. Find goods you can purchase at discounted fees that are not easily accessible in local markets.

Electronics are the most imported products, but apart from them, you can go with jewelry, shoes, and skincare products.  Once you identify the product you want to import, it’s easier to move to the next step. 

Get a Supplier

China is home to numerous enthusiastic traders who are always ready to meet your needs. Traveling to China to see the goods for yourself can be expensive. So the quickest and most cost-effective way is to search for a supplier online, even though it may seem riskier since you will not be seeing them in person.

Identify the suppliers with ideal goods, and check their online reviews to confirm they are legitimate. Start chatting with them. Don’t rush to place orders. First, interact with them and ensure they are genuine by posing the right questions and confirming their responses if possible.

If the responses sound shaky, disregard them and go for someone else. Some honest suppliers might even be ready to send a free sample for your assurance before you order.

Suppose you don’t want the struggle of searching for suppliers randomly on the internet; use AliExpress or Alibaba. There are numerous vendors in the app, and the good thing is that you can file a dispute if you pay for products and they don’t arrive. 95 percent of buyers affirm to have received their money back

If you wish to use these Apps, Alibaba is ideal for importing wholesale goods, while  AliExpress is great for importing a few products. The Apps offer incredible offers, and there are numerous stories of people telling how greatly they benefited from using them.

When using these apps, check reviews from various stories and see other costumes’ experiences with that precise shop.

Order and Payment

After identifying a supplier and confirming they are legitimate, place an order. It’s advisable not to order many goods on your first order. Start with a small amount to try out the goods and see if you like them or not.  

The most recommendable modes of payment are bank transfer or PayPal. Also, you can use your credit or debit card, but PayPal is safer. If you order from AliExpress or Alibaba, the simplest way to pay is through M-pesa.


There are numerous means your products can get to you. You can import via the postal address or air transfer. However, using this method to import goods above 1000kg is more expensive because you’ll be charged per cubic meter.  

Alternatively, you can hunt for inexpensive shipping firms in the country. Some of the best shipping companies include

  • African salihiya Nairobi
  • Kentex cargo clearing and forwarding 
  • Air freight
  • LCL companies offer all-in-price shipping

Of course, there are numerous companies, each with varying prices. If you opt for a more expensive clearing and forwarding firm, you pay them the shipping charges, and they take care of customs for you. However, some companies only ship.

If you opt AliExpress or Alibaba, you will only pay for the order with the suggested shipping cost. Shipping prices differ, with some stores offering free shipping.

Expert Tip: Before shipping any goods to Kenya, ensure they aren’t restricted since they won’t be cleared. 

Bottom Line 

Shipping products from China is a great way to increase the profitability of your business. However, the success of your business comes down to choosing the appropriate goods to sell; these nine items are among the fast-moving goods in Kenya from China. They are also low-risk in nature.

Don’t forget to factor in overhead costs and the landed charges of every item.