Alex Jones Net Worth, Biography, Wife, and Kids

Alexander Emerick Jones, famously known as Alex Jones is an American radio host, documentary filmmaker, writer, actor, and conspiracy theorist. He has been the host of The Alex Jones Show and a founding editor of website since 1995. His websites have been accused by many of spreading fake news and conspiracy theories about natural disasters, terrorism and mass shootings in order to profit through ads containing related content. In this post, we are going to look at Alex Jones net worth, his biography, early life, and career.

Alex Jones Net Worth

As of 2021, Alex Jones has a net worth estimated to be $10 million. He earned his wealth by hosting The Alex Jones Show and selling Infowars stocks that are available for purchase on the show’s website. Earlier in his career, he worked as a filmmaker with credits included America Destroyed By Design (1997), which mentioned Illuminati and Freemasons were involved in the September 11 attacks. The table below summarizes most of the details about Alex Jones:

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Full Name Alexander Emerick Jones
Professional NameAlex Jones
Net Worth$10 million
Date of BirthFebruary 11, 1974
Place of BirthDallas, Texas, United States
Spouse Erika Wulff
Height5.5 feet
ProfessionRadio show host, radio personality, filmmaker, writer, and producer
ParentsFather- David Eric Jones
Mother- Nancy Lou Jones
Nomination“Best Austin Talk Radio Host” (1999)
Shows“The Alex Jones Show”
Alex Jones net worth and Wiki data

Alex Jones Biography

Jones was born on February 11th, 1974 in Dallas Texas to David Eric Jones-a dentist who also ran for state office as a Republican, and Nancy Lou Jones (née Beal). As a child, he would volunteer at his father’s dental clinic with his sister Mary who teaches science at Carrollton School District. Apart from his show, Jones also hosts radio shows on BBC 5 live and BBC Radio 4.

Alex is of German, Irish, and English descent. Due to his love for football, he used to play the role of a linesman while in high school

After his birth, Alex was raised in Austin where his father worked. He enjoyed spending most of his time as a kid reading conservative journalism and conspiracy theories.

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Alex Jones Education

Jones attended Anderson High School in Austin where he graduated in 1993. He later enrolled at the Austin Community College but dropped out after a short period.

Alex Jones Professional Career

Alex Jones campaigning for Trump
Alex Jones addressing a pro-Trump crowd

Alex Jones took his first step in media by becoming a public-access television cable TV host. However, the show was soon canceled after only eight episodes In 1996. As a result, Alex co-founded InfoWars together with fellow conspiracy theorist Rob Jacobson were rendered jobless.

The next year saw him conducting interviews on talk shows including Coast to Coast AM and Late Night America.

Jones decided to switch to radio in 1997 where he started by hosting “The Final Edition” on KJFK. A common guest for this show was Ron Paul as he was running for Congress.

In 1999, Alex tied with Shannon Burke for the year’s poll of “Best Austin Talk Show Host.” The competition was voted by readers of the Austin Chronicle. However, in the same year, Alex was fired from KJFK as he was against broadening his topics. Moreover, the station claimed Jone’s views made it difficult to sell ads. As a result, Alex started broadcasting his show through the internet from his home.

Jones was a Republican candidate for the United States Senate in 2000. However, he did not persevere the political temperatures as he bowed out from the race after only two weeks.

In 2001, “The Alex Jones Show” was syndicated to at least 100 A.M. and F.M. stations by the Genesis Communication Network (GCN). After the 9/11 attacks, Jones started to promote conspiracy theories that the U.S. federal government had played a part in planning. Many stations then dropped him due to his sentiments concerning this attack.

Booming LIfe

In 2010, “The Alex Jones Show” attracted more than 2 million listeners every week.

Alex is the founder of the InformationWars website which has an estimated one million visitors. The sad thing is that the website was banned from Facebook and restricted on YouTube.

Through this website, Jones promotes and sells diet pills, brain pills, toothpaste among other products.

In 2012, InfoWars TV started broadcasting via Roku Streaming Player online video streaming service with a subscription fee.

From his new base in Austin, he began to attract a massive nationwide audience. His early success is attributed to promoting conspiracy theories about the Oklahoma City bombing and various events of national tragedy including the September 11th attacks among others.

Social Media Restrictions

On August 24, 2018, various accounts of Jones have been banned from multiple social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

The reports indicate that the ban is a result of his violation of policies such as bullying and hate speech among others.

YouTube cited a child-ending threat and hate speech while banning his channel. Facebook, Apple YouTube, and Spotify deleted the entirety of the content posted at Jones and InfoWars citing violation of privacy policies.

It did not end there as the war escalated to Twitter. Jones got banned permanently from Twitter and Periscope after attacking Oliver Darcy, a CNN reporter.

Later in 2020 March, the InfoWars app was deleted as it was alleged that Jones used the app to spread misinformation to people. Therefore, it can be seen that Alex Jones has been subject to controversy in his industry.

Alex Jones InfoWars

The InfoWars website is a far-right American fringe website that was created by Alex Jones in 1999. The website has been known for its conspiracy theories, fake news, and hate speech. However, it receives roughly 9 million visitors monthly.

In 2020, this website generated more than $200 million in revenue. Other websites operated by Jones are and which was banned by Facebook over policy violations.

The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones is the host of a syndicated news/talk show, ‘The Alex Jones Show.’

Despite the syndication, the show has been attracting more listeners which is evidenced by its 2 million listeners per week in 2010. Based on these statistics, Alex had greater online listeners compared to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Through his shows and theories, Jones considers himself a liberal and paleoconspirator. He is a strong supporter of Donald Trump and has brought in millions in donations.

Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, and Kids

Alex Jone’s dating has not been a smooth one. He has been married twice. From 2007 to 2015, Jones got hitched to Kelly Jones but the marriage ended in divorce. Jones decided to move one from the divorce by marrying Erika Wulff in 2017.

After the divorce, Kelly sought sole custody of the three children they had with Alex. Her argument was that her ex-husband had bizarre behavior. She told the court that her husband was not stable, therefore, she was concerned about the well-being of their children. Although Alex’s attorney tried to defend him, Kelly was awarded full custody. On the other hand, Jones had to maintain visitation rights.

Their children are Rex jones, a working journalist from InfoWars, Alex who works for InfoWars, and another son.

Alex Jones Personal Life

Jones is not only an American who has made a name for himself in the radio business, but he also dabbles as a film producer. He was once charged for involvement in the explosion at a hotel in Oklahoma City. The charges were dropped after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

He has very close contact with Donald Trump. He had told his listeners that “Hillary will bring forth a dark age in America.”

Alex Jones Awards

Jones is a leading conspiracy theorist who has been awarded for his amazing work. His show was highly listened to on more than 100 radio stations. Moreover, his website attracts millions of visitors every month.

The actor has also been active in politics where he donated a lot towards Trump’s Presidential bid. Finally, Jones plays a key role in the ‘Occupy Wall’ movement.

Final Words

Alex Jones is an American personality whose life has been filled with many controversies. He has been involved in some of the most controversial issues that have affected American society.

Due to his controversies, some of his social media accounts were banned. For instance, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook banned his handles.

The actor is an amazing personality who started his career as a radio show host, before focusing on acting. His incredible work with InfoWars and Prison Planet made him one of the best actors in America.