Best Bowling Places in Nairobi in 2024

Are you looking for bowling places in Nairobi? Well, worry less, as we got you covered with a list of the best bowling places in Nairobi and their charges. Bowling in Nairobi has steadily grown in popularity and has become among the top fun activities to do in the city. Today, you’ll know the best bowling places in Nairobi. 

Bowling allows you to socialize while getting away from the daily grind. A good bowling game may be pretty competitive and often translate into something of a warzone.

Before we look at the list of the best bowling places in Nairobi, let’s first look at what bowling is and how its played. 

Bowling and How It’s Played

Bowling is a recreation game involving a unique ball, rolling lane, and pins. The ball is rolled down a long, narrow, slick, oily wooden lane towards several structural spikes, called pins (typically 10), and the goal here is to knock all the pins down at once if possible.

If you knock down all the pins at once, though it’s rare, this is known as a strike. If you happen to knock down all the pins with the second ball, it’s called a spare

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How To Play Bowling

Ensure you have the right bowling shoes (for ladies). The shoes are designed for bowling and should not be worn outside or in the washroom. Scoring depends on the number of pins you’ll knock down.

A firm grip on the ball allows for a classic release resulting in excellent delivery. Ensure you’re lined strategically with the pins accordingly; you can do this by following the dots that align with the pins. 

Bowling is played in four steps. Which are:

  • Step 1: Move the right foot forward
  • Step 2: This time, move your left foot forward about 12 inches as the ball to the natural hand swing.  
  • Step 3: The right foot steps forward again at the height of the hand-back ball swing.
  • Step 4: The left foot slides forward while the hand holding the ball swings forward, then gently releases the ball at the level of your ankle as the right foot pushes for velocity.

Bowling Places in Nairobi

Now that you know how to play bowling, let’s look at the best bowling places in Nairobi.

Pins Entertainment- Sarit Centre 

As the name implies, it’s an entertainment powerhouse full of engaging and riveting entertainment facilities, with bowling being its main focus.  Other activities are also available, including; air hockey, a golf simulator, a game of pool, and a kid’s area with jungle experiences. 

And with the bar and restaurant, just a few steps away within the facility, the variety of food and drinks here is unmatched.  It’s an ideal place as they have something for everyone. They even have places for kids under 5 years.

Pins entertainment is tucked in Sarit Center’s 1st floor, which is among the biggest Malls in Nairobi. Take advantage of their Monday offer and get two pizzas and two bowling tickets for Ksh 1,500

How Much Do They Charge


  • Monday – Friday 10:00 am-4:00 PM  Ksh 350
  • Monday -Friday  4:01 Pm-9:00 Pm Ksh 500
  • Weekends and Public Holidays Ksh 500

Pool: 10:00Am -4:00 Pm

  • Monday -Friday 30 minutes Ksh 350
  • Monday- Friday 1 hour Ksh 500
  • Weekends and public holidays Ksh 500

Pool: 4:00Pm-9:00Pm

  • Monday- Friday 30 minutes Ksh 500
  • Monday – Friday 1 hour Ksh 800

Golf Launch:

  • 2pax 18 holes Ksh 3500
  • 3pax 18holes Ksh  4500
  • 4pax holes Ksh 5500

Village Bowl

The village bowl is among Nairobi’s bowling alleys where the modern architectural design, elegant and coruscating but brilliant lighting, will put you in a sparkling mood, ready to glide that ball across the oiled wooden planks. It has a family-friendly ambiance with special effects lighting, live music, and artistic themes.

Village Bowl is located at Village Market, new wing 2nd floor along Limuru road. The place is easily accessible through public and private means. They have other games besides bowling, including Air hockey, Foosball, and table pool.

How Much Do They Charge

  1. Bowl: 

Monday – Wednesday 10:Am- 1:00 Pm Ksh 250 per person per game

Monday-Wednesday 1 Pm – 11 Pm  Ksh 500 per person per game

Thursday 10:00 Am- 11:00 pm Ksh 350 per person per game

 Friday -Sunday 10:00Am- 12:00 am Ksh 500

  1. Pool table: Ksh 200
  2. Air hockey: Ksh 200
  3. Foosball: Ksh200

The Nairobi Club 

Nairobi Club is among the oldest bowling places in Nairobi, dating back to 1901. It’s situated in the Upper Hill area along Ngong road. You’ll see how deeply bowling is ingrained in their history by just looking around their hall’s walls. There are plagues of former captains hanging proudly going back decades.

Here the bowling is done outside, and they call it Green Bowling, whereby every player’s goal is to roll the biased balls so that they stop close to a smaller white ball called “jack.” If your bowling ball roll nearest the jack, you win the round.

The lawn has been painstakingly maintained over the to mark its pride. Other fun activities in Nairobi Club include; hockey, cricket, and gymnasium, among others. To play bowling in The Nairobi Club, you could:

  1. Request a friend who is a member to accompany you to the game. The member will have to sign you in, and you have to be well-behaved since any misbehavior will reflect on the member.
  2. Contact the Kenya Blowing Federation for help. They’re very friendly and will walk you through the process. You may be limited to playing on weekdays, so this option is ideal when you’re on holiday.

In Nairobi Club, you must wear an all-white uniform( carry yours- the club doesn’t provide one) 

How Much Do They Charge

Members play at Ksh 150 while guest pay Ksh 200. They also have a bowling section special member’s fee of Ksh2000 per month.

Opening Hours: 

Monday -Friday- 8:AM -5:00 Pm

Saturday -8:00am- 12:00pm

Playland Amusement Park 

Playland is situated at Nextgen Mall, Mombasa road, and it’s considered one of the best and largest amusement parks in Nairobi. It boasts a well-equipped bowling facility regularly packed on weekends and holidays. 

The park also serves as n ideal place for a family to chill out as it has various games for kids of all ages. Apart from bowling, other fun activities you can do include trampolines, virtual reality, and climbing.  It’s affordable, and it opens daily from 10:am -8:00 pm.

How Much Do They Charge

  • Bowling: Ksh 500 per person per game
  • Kids: Ksh 1000 per child unlimited in all games
  • Pool: Ksh100 per game
  • Digital darts: Ksh 300 per game
  • Ropes course: Ksh 300 per person per course

Strikez- Westgate Mall 

Strikez is said to be designed by the greatest architects in the industry and set to be among the cheapest and best bowling alleys in Nairobi. It’s set perfectly on the popular Westgate Mall 1st floor. 

The bowling alleys are spotless and polished, with a punk aesthetic on the walls and pillars. The bowls and the lanes are spotlessly maintained. Strikes also have other indoor games, including foosball, air hockey, and pool table.

How Much Do They Charge


  • Monday -Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm Ksh 350 
  • Monday -Friday 4:01pm-8:00pm Ksh 500
  • Weekends and public holidays Ksh 500

Pool Table: Ksh 200 per game for 20 minutes or Ksh 600 for 1 hour.

Foosball: Ksh 200 per token

Air Hockey: Ksh 200 per token.

You can also go up to the 2nd floor for a Cinema; a regular ticket costs Ksh 500 and a VIP costs  Ksh 750. 

Bottom Line 

Bowling is among the top activities to do in Nairobi apart from adventure. It’s also a great way to unwind after having a busy week. The attention given to bowling in Nairobi is outstanding. 

Indoor lanes are kept clean and polished, while the greens are maintained at international standards. If you want ultimate fun within Nairobi, the above places will undoubtedly have your back.