Best Cars for Kenyan Roads

Before buying a car, you have to be informed of the type of roads the vehicle will be used. You have to figure out whether the car will be used in cities or rural roads in Kenya. However, most roads do not last long after being tarmacked due to the weather in the country. As a result, it is essential to buy a car that will withstand Kenyan roads’ rough conditions. If you consider this before buying a car, you will not spend many finances servicing the car. Here are the best cars for Kenyan roads.

1. Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester has been designed for off-road use. We all know the power with which most Subaru cars are manufactured. The reason why this car is best suited for Kenyan roads is its 2-litre petrol engine. This 4-cylinder engine produces a displacement of between 1,990cc to 2,450cc. Therefore, with this high displacement, the car will move even on the most challenging roads.

Moreover, most Subaru cars are turbocharged. This is an added advantage in that in case you get stuck; you can resort to turbo use to get you off the mud. It is common on Kenyan roads to see a Subaru towing a truck. Why do you think this car can achieve this? This is due to its powerful engine and turbo aids. Therefore, with these features, Subaru Forester is among the best cars for Kenyan roads.

2. Nissan Navara

Most of Kenyans love going to the rural areas mostly over the weekend. In most situations, when leaving rural areas, you are forced to carry many things, most of which are foodstuffs. Therefore, Nissan Navara, being a double cabin car, is the best for this. The vehicle is powered by a 2.5 very powerful diesel engine. Additionally, the car operates on a seven-speed transmission. You can, therefore imagine the power with which this vehicle moves. With these features, the car certainly has low chances of getting suck even on rough roads.

Nissan Navara is specially designed with a 5-link coil rear suspension. The coil is crucial as it ensures the comfortability in the car even on bumpy roads. Moreover, the chassis is made of high tensile steel and is entirely boxed. Therefore, the structural rigidity of this car is high. Therefore, based on your car needs, you can consider Nissan Navara.

3. Toyota Kluger

One of the factors that suit this car for Kenyan roads is its high power. Although the vehicle was not specifically built for off-road, it has the necessary capabilities to manage these roads. Additionally, Kenyans love being around their friends; therefore, car space is a crucial consideration. The Kluger is spacious with a capacity of up to 7 people. The car can comfortably be driven on rough roads due to its 5-speed automatic gearbox. Furthermore, Kluger is powered by a V6 petrol engine with a transmission of about 2990cc.

4. Toyota Hilux

You cannot talk about the best cars for Kenyan roads without the mention of this machine. The power of this car emanates from its use during safari rallies. It is common to see Toyota Hilux being tested of its performance in the rough desert terrain. As a result of this, it is evident that the car can withstand these terrains. Therefore, this car is a beast that can manage any Kenyan road.

Toyota Hilux operates on a 2.51-litre engine having a 5-speed transmission. This is a strong engine that provides robust power in case the car is driven on a rough road. Furthermore, the speed transmission is designed in a manner that it adjusts based on the nature of the road. Therefore, this ensures that you are comfortable while driving. You will not struggle a lot to sustain the relevant speed for a given road.

5. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

This is a beast known by many for its power. This car, despite being expensive, can be driven on different road types. Prado runs on a 3.4-litre engine producing enough power to keep the vehicle moving. The car has been designed in that the engine has been pushed far from the grill. Therefore, in case of an accident, the occupants are highly protected.

Toyota Prado comes with either a 5-speed manual or automatic gearbox and a comfortable interior. Another feature that puts this vehicle among the best cars for Kenyan roads is its better visibility. Most Kenyan roads are dusty; therefore, a person needs a car with enhanced visibility features when driving.

Finally, the car is fairly lifted from the ground. In most cases, low vehicles find it hard to manage muddy roads. Therefore, the Prado, with its height from the ground, can easily navigate most of the muddy roads in Kenya. Therefore, if you are well financially, you can buy a Toyota Prado to avoid the challenges on most Kenyan roads.

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6. Isuzu DMax

This is a powerful car with a 3.01 engine. The car has a 6-speed transmission which either manual or automatic. When purchasing the vehicle, you will choose between the manual and automatic version. If you are thinking of operating on rough roads, then Isuzu DMax must be your preferred choice. The car is economical in terms of fuel consumption and even the buying price.

Did you know that this car can comfortably tow a load of more than 2.5 tones? It is because of this reason that it fits the needs of Kenyan people. When leaving your rural home, you will not be worried about the load you have. Additionally, you can switch to four-by-four option giving you the freedom to drive on any surface.

7. Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger is a car known for its power that overcomes most road obstacles. Apart from power, the vehicle is fuel-efficient; thus, it can be owned by many. You can decide to buy the 2.01 or 3.01 engine, which is all useful. When driving on bumpy and rough roads, there are chances of being involved in an impact. However, Ford Ranger has catered for this through its rear sports bar. The bar will protect you and the body of the car from impacts. Therefore, owning such a car is an added advantage.

The front suspension of the car has been given a double borne independent design. The advantage of this design is that you feel as if it is a highway when driving on rugged terrain. Finally, Ford Ranger’s 4WD model has a rough terrain innovative system. With this system, the engine and gear transmissions’ responsiveness is automatically changed to provide more power to overcome terrains. Therefore, this is among the best vehicles for Kenyan roads.

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