Best Hostels for Students in Nakuru 2021

Most students in Nakuru get confused after getting admitted into a university or college. The main challenge for these students is accommodation. The burning question in most cases is whether they should stay in a hostel or rent an apartment. However, a hostel comes with different advantages compared to an apartment. Therefore, based on these advantages, most students decide to stay in hostels instead of renting a house. However, it is crucial to know the best hostels to stay in. These should be the hostels that provide everything a student need. Therefore, this is a list of the best hostels for students in Nakuru.

1. Maombi Hostels

This is an excellent hostel for both male and female university students and lecturers. The good thing about Maombi hostel is that it is situated in a relaxed environment, offering students an amble time to do their studies. Another reason why it is among the best hostels for students in Nakuru is that it provides meals for students. Their meals are balanced to ensure that students get the necessary nutrients for their bodies. As a result, students living here have enough time to concentrate on their studies.

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Maombi Hostels

2. Wave Christian Ladies’ Hostels

This is a hostel established on Christian foundation. It is located at Freehold Estate near the Golden Palace hotel. As a Christian-founded hostel, some behaviors are not tolerated in this hostel. For example, those who like using alcohol and other drugs cannot be allowed here. This hostel aims to provide a conducive environment for students to conduct their studies. Finally, this hostel gives students balanced-diet meals.

Wave Christian Ladies’ Hostels

3. Galaxy Hostels

Galaxy hostels were formerly known as Chess Hostels. It is a male and female hostel located at Bethel House Masai Avenue, next to Bargain Market Nakuru within CBD. Galaxy hostel is among the best hostels for students in Nakuru due to its proximity to most training institutions. Therefore, the need for transport for students who stay in this hostel is eliminated. Furthermore, the hostels occupy an ambiance flat that provides students ample time for their studies.

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Galaxy hostels are secure as they have a fully functional CCTV surveillance system. Apart from these cameras, the hostels have hired reputable security firms to tighten the security. When you join this hostel, you should not be worried about water and bathrooms. Apart from relying on the Nakuru County Government for water, Galaxy hostels have their water borehole. Finally, all bathrooms are fitted with hot showers to ensure that those who can’t take a cold shower can shower.

The hostel is managed by a matron who is a professional in counseling and psychology. Therefore, those who stay here are always in safe hands.

Galaxy Hostels

4. Sammalia Hostels

These hostels provide excellent services for both lecturers and students at affordable prices. The hostels are situated in a serene environment that is comfortable for studying. If you want to locate these hostels, you should drive along Kabarak University Kambi ya moto road after sun and shield school. This hostel is among the best hostels for students in Nakuru as they have the following extra services:

1. Free packing      2. Hot Shower

3. Free Balcony     4. Free WIFI

5. 24Hrs Guard      6. Electric Fence

7. TV Aerial sockets 8. Cloth line

Sammalia Hostels

5. Dan’s Male Hostels

These hostels are located in the Industrial area next to Police Driving Center Nakuru within CBD. Because they are located within the CBD, they are close to most training institutes. Therefore, they also feature among the best hostels for students in Nakuru. With a low bed capacity of about 100 students, these hostels guarantee comfort for the male students they host.

Apart from providing meals, they have internet connectivity for their occupants. There is also a shared TV room separate from the dining room. Finally, all bathrooms are fitted with hot showers.

6. Mosera Ladies’ Hostels

The hostel is located at Ngei Estate, next to Evans Hospital Nakuru within CBD. Because the hostel is located in the CBD, it is close to most training institutions. As a result, there is no need for transport for students. As a ladies’ hostel, they have a low bed capacity of around 80 students. Therefore, they guarantee comfort and quality for its occupants. This hostel provides internet connectivity to its occupants, a shared TV room, and a dining hall. Therefore, this is the best hostel as it fits the needs of students in Nakuru.

7. Buruburu Men’s Hostels

These hostels are located at Kilimo Road Nakuru. It is situated in a cool place conducive for studies. The hostel is strict in terms of conduct to eliminate cases of fighting, thus provide uninterrupted study time.

They render excellent services at affordable prices. Usually, the place is conducive for university students as they provide meals and internet connectivity. With its low bed capacity, Buruburu Men’s Hostels provides quality services for its occupants.

Buruburu Hostels
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