Best Recruitment Agencies in Kenya For Jobs in Canada

Due to the limited job opportunities in Kenya, most people are moving abroad to look for green pastures. If you’re among them and wish to work in Canada, this information is meant for you. We list the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs in Canada.  

The best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs in Canada include Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services and World Education Services. These agencies work to ensure that every Kenyan going to work in Canada is well-catered for and secure.

In this article, I’ll discuss the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs in Canada. You’ll know where these agencies are located and how to contact them. Keep reading to know more.

Recruiting Agencies in Kenya For jobs in Canada

Below is a list of Canadian agents in Kenya with their locations and contacts. 

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS)

WWICIS is one of the best Canada recruiting agents in Kenya, and they’ll walk you through the whole process. The company has also assisted hundreds of Kenyan immigrants to Canada in obtaining permanent residency status through provincial nominee programs, express entry, and other ways.

WWICS has an office in Nairobi where you can visit and speak to their agents in person. Their contacts details are:

Phone: +254728610656/ +254724723740/ +254755814634.

Location: Sarit Center 2nd floor 

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World Education Services (WES) 

WES is a leading non-profit agency that supports Kenyan students and professionals in achieving their academic and professional goals in Canada. The company has been in it for over 45 years and has assisted hundreds of Kenyans in navigating the complex Canadian immigration rules and settling in different Canadian provinces. 

They evaluate your papers and advise you on the way forward. Below are the WES contact details.

Phone: (+1) 212.966.6311 call between  9:00 am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday

How to Get Canadian Work Visa From Kenya 

Hundreds of people move to Canada every month, where most are looking for better employment opportunities and higher standards of living. For Kenyans, the journey from Kenya to Canada in search of their dream job requires a working Visa.

Here is a breakdown of how you can get a Canadian working Visa from Kenya.

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Find a Job in Canada

To apply for a Canadian work Visa from Kenya, you must have a valid job offer. Luckily getting a job in Canada from Kenya is possible since Canada currently has multiple labor and skill shortages owing to its retiring population.

There are many in-demand job vacancies in Canada that Canadians are unable to fill, as 25% of all working Canadians are about to retire. As a result, Canadian employers are currently hiring foreign employees to fill these job openings.

Expert Advice 

The kind of job offer you can get in Canada depends on the work visa you’re eligible for. For example, Suppose you’ve been offered a job in any of the occupations found on the global talent list; in that case, you can apply for a work visa through the Global Talent Stream and benefit from the 2-week visa processing duration.

Also, you can apply for a Canadian work visa from Kenya through an employer-specific work permit through the Agri-food Canadian immigration pilot program or the Home care provider Canadian immigration pilot program of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 

The good thing is that after gaining two years of work experience in Canada, you’ll be qualified to apply for permanent residence in Canada for yourself and your relatives.  

Obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) From Your Employer

LMIA is a document that Canadian employers must obtain before recruiting a foreign employee, which serves as proof that no permanent resident or Canadian employees are currently available to perform the job for which the foreign employee is being hired.

Employment Opportunities Exempt From The LMIA Requirement

Kenyan temporary workers are exempt from the LMIA requirement if they qualify for the work permit program under the International Mobility Program IMP. For instance, if your Canadian organization transfers you from Kenya to Canada, you would probably be eligible for the LMIA exemption as you apply for a work visa under the IMP. Other jobs that are LMIA exempt include self-employed writers, self-employed graphic designers, experienced healthcare, and essential workers.

Submit Your Work Visa Application 

Once you get a valid job offer and your LMIA, collect all necessary documents and submit your work permit visa application to the Canadian embassy for processing. 

Canada Immigration Agencies in Kenya 

Are you planning to move to Canada? Well, there are several immigration agents available in Kenya who can offer you the guidance and assistance you need to help you relocate to Canada. The agencies include:

Visa Portal Solutions 

Visa portal solutions is an immigration agency in Kenya that provides you with the help you need to travel abroad by providing you with immigration consultancy and a visa. The agency gives you immigration advice depending on the current immigration laws, regulations, and foreign policies of the country you’re immigrating to.

Below are their contact details:

Phone: +254723772266/ +254724426143

Location: Westlands Arcade 1st floor (EDC) Waiyaki way


Visa Advisory Services Kenya

This is an immigration and visa consultancy agency situated in Nairobi. Visa Advisory Ltd aims to offer you tailor-made immigration solutions. They ensure you receive all the assistance you require from their immigration consultants when applying for a visa. 

You can reach them through: 

Phone: +254700060285/ +254723445003


Location: western Heights Building, 11th floor Westlands.

VFS Kenya

VFS Global is the only service provider for the Canadian Government permitted to offer administrative support services to Kenyan visa applicants. They provide various services to Visa applicants, designed to improve the customer experience in public services through a smooth and automated process.  

Reach out to VFS Kenya through:

Phone: +254205147901

Location: Parkfield Building, 5th floor, Westlands, Muthangari Drive.


Fragomen Kenya

Fragomen is a Kenyan immigration agency located in Nairobi that is ready to provide you with any necessary immigration services that you may need. They provide local and international clients with comprehensive consultation and processes for Kenyan immigration. 

They offer various services, including investor immigration services, document services, employment verification services,  work permits, and work authorization permits. 

Here are Fragomen Kenya agent contact details:


Contact:+254730128001 or +254730128000

Location: Westlands, Nairobi.

WWICS Kenya 

WWICS provides a comprehensive range of services to individuals and companies in the areas of business, skilled, and family-based immigration. Their services include business immigration visas, student visas, work permits, skilled worker visas, citizenship by investment, family visas, and visitor visas.

For more information, reach out to WWICS through:


Contact: +254728610656/ +254724723740/ +254755814634

Location: Sarit Center, 2nd floor, Nairobi.

Canada Work Visa Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Before applying for a work visa, you must have been employed by a Canadian company. 
  2. The Canadian employer should provide a letter. The letter should outline the position you’ve been employed in, the company’s address and the duration of your visit.
  3. You need to have a good command of English before applying for a work visa.
  4. You should present the receipt of paid visa application fee during the visa application process.
  5. You’ll require a work permit for you to work in Canada temporarily.
  6. You should provide proof of good health condition.
  7. The Canadian government must approve the job offered to you through the Labour Market Impact Analysis Process. 
  8. Before you’re given Temporary Work Permit, an offer of employment is normally required. 

Bottom Line 

It’s a dream of many Kenyans to work in Canada. However, finding a job in Canada is hard, especially if you don’t have connections. One of the easier ways to secure a job in Canada is by using Canadian recruiting agents.

I hope this list of the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for jobs in Canada has opened your mind about how to secure a job abroad.