Discover How to Save a Dying Conversation Over Text

The death of a conversation over text is among the stressful issues especially when you are talking to a fiance. You start typing and then nothing. No response, no acknowledgment that you’ve been alive for the last ten minutes of your life. It’s like getting dumped without any warning or explanation at all! What do you do? Do you try to salvage it? Let it die? Write something else entirely? We’ll explore these options and more in this post on how to save a dying conversation over text.

In many cases, men are left with the duty of saving a text conversation, especially when talking to a lady. As a man, you will realize that sometimes when you try talking to a lady, she keeps responding to your texts with one-word answers. What does this portray? It makes the conversation boring and if care is not taken, the conversation is deemed to die. I have been in such scenarios, not once, not twice, but uncountable times. From my experience, I did several things that enabled me to save the conversation from dying. Therefore, I am sharing the 12 things you can also do to save a conversation from dying over a text.

1. Follow-up on the Current Life of the other Person

Let the other person know that you are concerned about what is taking place in their life at the moment. By doing this, you are not only showing interest in their life but also making them feel that they matter to you. You can pose a question like, “What’s your day looking like?” or “How was last night? Was it fun?”. This will help you to understand what the other person is doing and also keep them engaged in a conversation.

You should not forget to follow up on their current events until the conversation becomes interesting again. It’s natural for people to feel good when a person follows up on the details of their lives. Therefore, even if a discussion was dying, this approach will help revive it.

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2. Do Not Overwhelm With Jokes

You may be tempted to make jokes when texting with someone, but you should bear in mind that the other person might not find them funny. To avoid this, ensure that you don’t send a joke every two minutes to the same person because it will make him/her feel uncomfortable and they may end up not responding. It would be good if you observe silence for some time before sending another message with a joke in it.

When chatting with your fiance, you can ask a question like, “How are you?” and the other person will reply with, “I’m fine”. You can then come up with a joke like, “You don’t look good” or “Are you sick?”. Just ensure that this doesn’t happen too often because it could make your fiance feel bad about themselves for no reason.

When you pose such jokes, the other person will be curious to find out how you knew about such. Therefore, they will be more interested in the conversation, and guess what? You just saved a dying conversation over text.

3. Do Not Kill Time By Chatting About Yourself All The Time

In addition to asking questions about what is going on with their life, also take some time to talk about yourself as well. While chatting over a text message, it’s easy for one person to focus more on themselves than the other person.

The good thing is that you can easily overcome this problem by asking questions about them. However, they will not be able to do the same with you because of their nature. Therefore, take some time to share news from your life and ask what’s going on in theirs too. A successful approach I have been using in such instances is by telling about my day. For example, I would say, “Hey, so I went to the mall today with my friend. The new store is awesome.” Definitely, the other person will respond with questions concerning the new store. This is an excellent procedure on how to save a dying conversation over text as it captures the interest of the other person in the conversation.

4. Use of Suspense

The power of suspense cannot miss on this guide on how to save a dying conversation over text. You can use suspense by describing an event or situation and then telling the other person to reply with what they think happened.

  • You can say something like “I went on a date yesterday”. The other person would be wondering who it was that took you out for that date. You could even add some humor in it; however, ensure that you don’t overdo it as this could make the other person think that you are not interested in them anymore.
  • Alternatively, you can say, “I was at the office working this morning, dozed off until the manager came in.” I promise you the other person will be interested to know what happened when the manager came because you just left them in suspense.

After a few minutes, reply with what actually happened and maybe add another question at the end to keep the conversation going again. The good thing about suspense is that people will always love to be involved in such conversations. They would want to know what happens next.

5. Be Ready to Receive Criticism

This might come as a surprise to you, but it’s important that you know how to save a dying conversation over text by being open-minded. A person could say something like “That color doesn’t suit your hair.” To them, they think that they are being helpful but you did not take the sentiments lightly.

The best way to come out of such a situation is by saying something like, “Thank you for your opinion.” You can then proceed with the conversation again. However, if they say something that makes you feel bad about yourself as an individual, it would be better to divert the topic in a way they don’t realize.

  • To divert the topic without them realizing it, say something like, “By the way today I visited our usual park, and guess what? A lot was going on. The other person will be distracted from the first topic by the thought of the park.

Always thank the other person for what they have to say even if you don’t agree with them. This will make their day because people always love attention and appreciation no matter where, when, or how much is given to them.

6. Send Pictures of Interesting Sceneries

This is one of my favorite ways of saving a dying text conversation especially when I am with a friend. I have been using this method for long and it has always saved me from awkward conversations because people love pictures.

It’s true that at some point, you run out of ideas to keep the other person interested in the conversation. In such a scenario, you may be knowing the type of pictures and events the person enjoys. Leverage on these to keep the conversation going.

  • If the person loves natural resources like waterfalls and forests, send them a picture of such places. They will appreciate it and many times, the other person might give you something similar in return like sending a photo from their recent trip. They do this to make sure you also have an idea about what they do when not having conversations with you.
  • You can also use a couple of emojis in between your sentences so that it doesn’t get monotonous or boring for them. Emojis have the power to bring a big change in your conversations without you even realizing it.

7. Flattering the Other Person

You should know how to save a dying conversation over text by flattering. Many people don’t know the power of flattering in saving a dying conversation. Who doesn’t like a compliment? No one. So, if you want to save a dying conversation, flatter the other person with a compliment.

Many people think that only women like to be complimented, but it’s not true. Men also love getting compliments from the opposite sex as it boosts their ego and makes them feel good about themselves.

  • Complimenting a person for what they are wearing is one of the best ways to do this. For instance, you can flatter about their dress code by saying, “Oh, nice shirt. It goes well with your skin tone.”
  • Flattering is a very powerful technique and it should be used carefully because you cannot use the same compliment over and over again. If you do so, they might think that you are not interested in having conversations.

8. Start an Interesting Story you Know the other Person Enjoys

If you are at work or in school, there’s no doubt that the person on the other end might be bored sitting idle without any entertainment around them. So, what do they do? They check their phone for any interesting topics to talk about.

Well, if you are sending a message at such times, it’s better that you start an interesting story or topic they enjoy so much. This way the other person will be hooked onto your words and may not even notice when their break ended.

  • If you know the other person loves football, tell him/her about an interesting match that took place a day before. They will definitely appreciate you for sharing such information and it would be hard not to reply back.
  • The best part about this strategy is that the other person can also initiate a conversation by asking questions like, “How do you know so much?” This way they are getting rid of their boredom even if it’s just through texts. For them, every minute spent on texting is a minute less to get bored.

9. Start a Conversation with an Interesting Question

When you decide to use this approach, you should be tactical. Remember, your concern is to keep the other person interested in the conversation. Therefore, you should formulate a question of interest to them and not you. For this to be successful, you should have some background about the things the person loves. You will, therefore, formulate a question based on those.

  • If you are chatting with a girl who loves adventures, you can start with a question like, “What was your best vacation so far? I would love to hear about it.”
  • If you are chatting with a guy who loves football, you can ask questions like, “How did the match go yesterday?” This will keep them hooked on your conversation and they may not even notice when their break ended. That’s how an interesting question can help save your conversation.

10. Change the Conversation Channel

Sometimes, a person may get tired of conversing through a given channel. For example, let’s say you have been chatting through text messages and you realize that the conversation is dying. Why can’t you shift to video chatting? However, before shifting, you have to ask the other person if they are available online.

If they say no, you can start another conversation through texts and wait until the person is again free to shift channels. However, if they agree, ask them about their camera settings so that there aren’t any hiccups during video chatting. If all goes well, it’s time for some better entertainment than text messaging. Remember, a change is as good as a rest.

11. Give the other Person Time

In some instances, the other person might be busy with some errands and that’s why they take long to respond. All you can do in such cases is give them time. If they still continue to take long, wait for a few more minutes and then ask if everything’s OK. However, you should not wait for too long because, after some time, the person might think that you don’t care.

You can distract yourself with some errands or other work while waiting for the person to reply. Keep checking if you have received any response and when they message back, start a fresh conversation with them.

12. Ending on Time

Remember that conversations don’t last forever. They must end at some point so it’s better you plan how to do this before initiating the chat. If the conversation seems like it’s over, let it go. However, if the person is still interested in chatting with you and has some time on hand, make sure to end it properly.

Final Thought

Don’t forget that relationships need constant care and attention like a plant. If you want your relationship with someone special to last long, keep nurturing it by initiating interesting conversations at regular intervals of time! It is a fact that it may be boring at times to converse. However, you should just know how to save a dying conversation over text to keep your relationships stronger.