How Rich People Give Away Free Stuff in 2024

People love free stuff, and there are so many ways rich people give away free stuff. However, this doesn’t imply that wealthy people will give away free money to people without a good reason. Today, you’ll know how rich people give away free stuff.

Mostly, you can get free stuff from millionaires if you’re worth it or part of a formidable group. It’s not easy to acquire free stuff from millionaires by contacting them directly. Mostly, you’ll see rich people giving away money to charity and supporting charitable work.

Apart from donating cash to such organizations, there are several others ways rich people give away free stuff. Here are some of the ways how rich people give away free stuff.

1. Sponsoring Arts and Entertainment

how rich people give away free stuff
Bullfighting art

One of the ways wealthy individuals give free stuff is by supporting art and entertainment. If you have skills or like adventuring and don’t have the finances, you can appeal for help from the rich and get funding.

Apart from individuals, there are companies founded so that they can fund sports and adventures. The rich and companies are looking for adventurists who can create captivating and thrilling stories.

If you like art or adventure, all you need is to find someone who appreciates your story and dream, and you can be sure to get support. They sponsor a lot of adventures, including.

  • Cave explorations
  • Ocean explorations
  • Solar projects
  • Space explorations

You can also get funding if you have clear goals to entertain people. They support entertainment in categories like:

  • Cinema
  • Theater
  • Public festivals
  • Parks

  Rich people sponsor exhibitions worth billions.

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2. University Programs and Scholarships

The rich support scholarships and university programs such as sponsoring smart students who cannot pay school fees. They give grants to universities for scholarships. Some of these endowments transcend billions like that of  Bill Gates, who has given a lot of donations to support university scholarships for needy students.  

In addition to scholarships, rich people also support research by providing research grants. They also contribute to the construction of facilities and acquiring equipment that is subsequently named after them.

3. Financing Startups

Startup investments

If you have a dream but don’t have money to turn it into reality, you can contact rich people. They usually have enough capital for startups and are always willing to invest in your startup dream.

The rich people like working with intelligent people they can support to make a living for themselves. For example, if you have an incredible project but lack the capital, you can appeal for help, and you can be sure to get the startup capital.

If you want to appeal for help, check the websites below to see how rich people are giving away free stuff on craigslist. You can also appeal for help from the other listed websites.

4. Church Donations and Charity Work

Wealthy individuals fund many churches worldwide through donations and charity works. Churches in rich countries help mitigate disasters, especially during droughts, when they distribute free food to hunger-stricken areas worldwide.

The rich people also provide homeless programs to the homeless and the needy. They generously give clothing and food to homeless people.

5. Competitions

Wealthy individuals also give free stuff by holding competitions and awarding the winners. These competitions can take different forms, like athletics. If you’re willing to participate in competitions and win free stuff, keep checking for upcoming events and competitions.

Many brands host such competitions, and you can also participate. Taking part in such competitions increases your chances of winning and getting free stuff.

Websites That Give Free Stuff

Occasionally, wealthy people would auction items for free on Facebook groups and classified websites. You can get high-quality items for 50-90 percent off their original price on websites that give away free products. Look for free stuff in your local area.

The following are some of the websites that provide freebies on the internet. is an excellent website where you can get free stuff. You can find many household items that are given out for free, including electronics.

The website also lists free auto services for automobile owners.

Many brands give away free stuff for trials on this website.

Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is a specialized website with more than 9 million members worldwide. The platform allows people to give and get free products. It’s a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals in making the most efficient use of freebies.

Joining the website is free of charge, and you can find a wide variety of freebies.

It’s on this network that you’ll find rich people giving away free stuff in the UK.


Craigslist is a platform that allows people to give or get free products. Instead of throwing away items they no longer use, people give them away through craigslist. If you are looking for free stuff online, visit craigslist; you can get incredible offers.

Be careful while interacting with strangers on craigslist since not all people are genuinely giving away free stuff. is a great website where you can get a wide variety of free products. You can get free household products and coupons for products and restaurants. Many offers are updated daily.

Tips on How to Ask for Funds From Rich People

Suppose you want to contact a rich person asking for help; just know how to do it. Here are helpful tips on asking rich people for financial support.

Don’t Lie

When seeking financial assistance, it is vital to be open and honest. If a wealthy individual who assisted you discovers that you lied, you may get into trouble.

Be Realistic

Asking for a large amount to build your dream is not the way to go. It can be better to ask for money to pay school fees or start a business.

Write the Letter in First Person

 You should write your letter in the first person. It personalizes the letter and increases the likelihood of connecting with the recipient.

Be Polite and Don’t Beg Nor Demand

Being polite is essential. Remember, it’s their money, and they don’t have to give it away if they are unwilling. Don’t say things like “I need cash now” or “you’re my last hope.”

They will be more likely to assist you if you are courteous. And if you validate that their donation will make a difference in your life, such as stopping you from being homeless or assisting you in obtaining a degree, they are more inclined to comply.

Say Thank you in Advance

This is related to the idea of being polite. Make sure you thank the person for reading your email or letter. Appreciate them for taking the time to read your message. Let them know if they don’t help you.

Make Sure You’re Concise

People are busy, so don’t waffle on too much in your email or letter. Briefly explain your situation. Explain why you require the funds and what you intend to do with any funds you receive.

Don’t go on too long in the first request. Instead, tell them they can contact you for more information if they’re interested.

Proofread Your Letter Or Email

Make sure your message or email is free of grammatical problems, typos, and spelling errors. Make it appear as if you worked hard to create it.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to find wealthy individuals giving cash handouts. They don’t give cash without a specific reason. Instead, they support ideas and charity work.

So if you are looking for free stuff, come up with incredible ideas, reach out to organizations and the wealthy, and be sure to get assistance. We hope this guide on how rich people give away free stuff will get you started.