How to Book a Hotel Without a Credit Card

Booking a hotel without a credit card can be difficult, but it is possible if you know what to do. How does one go about booking a room without having their own credit card? You should understand that although it is not impossible to book a hotel without a credit card, it’s not an easy process. Therefore, you should be keen on applying the steps detailed in this article to make the process easy. In this article, I am going to give five options you can use to book a hotel without a credit card. These are the options that have worked for me and some of my colleagues.

Use the following options to book a hotel without a credit card:

  1. Using a mobile app to book a hotel over the phone.
  2. Use a prepaid debit card to book without a credit card.
  3. Purchase traveler’s checks
  4. Get an American Express gift card
  5. Use PayPal as your payment method

What to do Before Booking a Hotel Without a Credit Card

Before I elaborate on how to book a hotel without a credit card, there are important things you should do. These will ensure you get the best deals on hotel reservations.

The first is to know the best time of year. If you are not a regular traveler, then it’s going to be harder for you to book a hotel without having your own credit card because hotels offer discounts and deals around high-traffic times such as Christmas or summer break.

The second is knowing your travel dates and destination in advance. This will help you decide on a hotel because some hotels have limited availability or special rates around certain times such as holiday weekends or during peak season.

The third factor is knowing what type of hotel room you’re looking for before going on a search. Different hotels provide different amenities so they’ll be more suited for certain travelers such as families or couples. For example, if there’s access to the pool then that would make an excellent hotel for families with children.

Let’s now talk about the different options you can use to book a hotel without a credit card.

How to Book a Hotel Without a Credit Card

1. Using a Mobile App to Book a Hotel Over the Phone

If you want to use this option, you must find out if the hotel has a mobile app for booking. This will be done by contacting the hotel through their phone number or email address. You can do an online search for your preferred hotel and get their contacts. However, you should be extra careful here because you might contact imposters and con artists posing as the hotel.

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Mobile apps make booking very simple because they allow you to do everything from the palm of your hand. If you will be told that the hotel has a booking mobile app, follow their steps and book the hotel without a credit card.

2. Use a prepaid debit card to book without a credit card

Prepaid debit cards require no personal information. These cards are easy for hotels or other vendors like airlines, amusement parks, car rentals, and others. To use this approach, however, you will have to contact the hotel to confirm whether it is accepted. If they do accept it, to which most accept, the better for you.

Expert Tip: Always remember to cancel the prepaid debit card after making the payment. I once forgot to cancel my prepaid debit card after paying for a hotel and this messed me big time. Accidentally, my card got charged for other unexpected services. However, after weeks of contacting the hotel management, my money was refunded. To avoid such occurrences, I advise you to cancel the prepaid card once you have booked the hotel. You have to contact customer service and request them to cancel the card.

3. Purchase Traveler’s Checks

Purchasing traveler’s checks is another crucial option you can use to book a hotel. This is if you don’t have a credit card. You can purchase traveler’s checks from banks, credit unions, and American Express Travel Offices. However, I recommend you call the place before purchasing to verify fees, limits, restrictions, payment methods, availability, and exchange rates.

You can then have these traveler’s checks deposited into the hotel account. Alternatively, they can be cashed at an ATM machine by showing your ID like with a credit card.

However, this process is more inconvenient because it costs a little bit more and the traveler’s checks are not as easy to use like they once were in the past when traveling was done physically instead of digitally or online nowadays.

4. Get an American Express gift card

Getting an American Express gift card is an easy way to pay for a hotel without a credit card. These gift cards can be obtained from the partners of the hotel like CVS or Walgreens. You can buy them with cash then you use them for reservations instead of using a credit card.

5. Using Paypal as Your Payment Method

This is the final option on how to book a hotel without a credit card. You can use this approach if you already have PayPal set up already on your computer, mobile device, tablet, etcetera. This will allow you to reserve the hotel room and pay for it at the same time without having to give out your credit card information.

There you have it. Now that you are armed with the proper knowledge, get out there and book some hotels!.

Key TakeAways

  • Booking a hotel without a credit card can be abit complicated.
  • Always be vigilant when getting hotel contact online. This is so to avoid cons out there who might swindle your cash.
  • Have the proper knowledge of your journey or trip and amenities you need. This will help you choose the right hotel.

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