How to Make Money in Betting Anywhere

Have you been losing money in betting? If so, then you should know that there are some betting tactics you are missing. To make money in betting, you need to be prepared and have some tactics that will guide you. If you start betting without a plan, then there are high chances that you will be losing your money to bookies. As you keep on losing, those who have a betting plan and strategy will keep reaping from bookies. Having been in the betting industry for many years, I have compiled my experience and how I have been making money through betting. This is a guide on how to make money in betting.

Master the Psychology of Odds and Bets

Betting is a good way to make money if you understand the psychology behind the making of odds. Bookmakers have a way they make odds and if you are keen, you have noticed that these odds keep fluctuating. The format of odds is not a problem as some sites decide to use fraction odds (3/1) while other use decimal odds (3.57). This should not worry you, but if you want to make money in betting, pay attention to odd fluctuation. During the creation of the odds, bookies do not have the full statistics of the teams. Therefore, you should start paying attention to odd fluctuation early.

The odds for the two teams will keep fluctuating in the lead up to the match. There will always be a team whose odds will decrease and another one whose odds will go increase. The trick here is that the bookies are realizing the statistics and lineups for the two matches. You should know that in betting, bookies also want to make money from you. However, their trick can be seen through their odd game. In most cases, if a certain team had high odds which have kept decreasing, the bookmaker has realized that the team has high chances of winning. On the other hand, if a team had smaller odds which have kept going up, the chances of this team winning are minimum. As a result, you should also adjust your bet accordingly.

Look for Value Before Placing a Bet

If you want to make a lot of money in sports betting, then you should look for value in every bet you place. Do you know that most favorites do not win? Here is where the bookmakers milk many people. 75% of all the people who bet rely on their knowledge and their favorite teams. However, most of these favorites end up failing, and if they win, your reward is always small. Alternatively, if they lose the bookies reap a lot from you. However, as part of the guideline on how to make money in betting, you should focus on value.

Now, how will you look for value? The best thing to do is to analyze the markets ad identify a bet where the bookmakers have given higher odds than they should. For example, instead of giving a direct win option, you can go for other options. For example, you can bet on both teams to score, half time full time or the first team to score. In this way, you will have spread out your money well and if you are right, your returns will be more. As a result, you will have added value in your earnings.

Do Your Maths Rights

If you want to be successful in betting, you should involve some mathematics in your analysis. One precious tip you should know as a gambler is that with high odds, you are better placed to make net profit in your betting. You should focus on odds of 2.00 and above to have higher chances of making profit. If you adopt the strategy of using 2.00 odds and above, you will need to win only 51% of your matches to be profitable.

If you do your analysis well, you will know when to bet on odds of 3.00 and above. The secret here is that the higher odds you risk on, the fewer the games you have to win to emerge profitable. For example, if you decide to risk on bets having an odd of 4.00, you will have to win just 26% of your bets to be profitable. Therefore, this is a kind of maths where you hedge your bets as you place them and also cover your losses.

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Try to Avoid Online Tipsters

This is one of the best pieces of advise on how to make money in betting football. Because many people and bookmakers know that many people love betting on football, they contract some tipsters to lure people into betting for a given team. If you slavishly follow the idea of tipsters without doing your own research, there are high chances of you losing your money. Although there are genuine tipsters online, you should conduct a due diligence before deciding to use the services of a given tipster.

Most online tipsters our marketing affiliates. Therefore, they earn a commission if they manage to convince people into betting for a given team. As a result, the many people they convince to bet, the higher the commission they get. To be safe, you should ask yourself why these tipsters decided to sell their tips instead of betting with their tips to make more money. The simple answer to this is that they want to earn by luring you into using their tips. Alternatively, some of these tipsters earn through clicks. Thus, they are looking for clicks in that when you click on their links, they earn.  

The More Teams, the Higher the Chances of Losing a Bet

Multi-bets, Teasers, and Parlays offer the promise of a big score. However, you should know when to bet on them and when not to. There is a common phrase in town that, “I was knocked out by only one team.” This is the repercussion of multi-bets. Imagine you only placed your bet on one team and avoided the one that failed you. This is, therefore, where we say the more the teams, the higher the chances of losing a bet.

Adding a leg on a multi-bet is an indication of adding value. However, this increases the risk in the bet, indicating that you are increasing the chances of the bookmaker making profit from you. Most gamblers are fascinated with the multiple odds they get after placing a multi-bet. This is a psychological aspect of betting as the bookies know you will not mind the chances of losing when dealing with multi-bets. However, the best thing to do if you want to be successful in betting is limit the number of teams you bet for.

Do not Always Bet on the Past

As a gambler, you should know that the outcome of a match is 30% past statistics and 70% the real situation during the match. What this means is, the outcome of a match depends largely on the condition of players, the field, and other stakeholders in the game. As a result, depending much on the past statistics will mislead you. The reality in this is what has been happening in the field of betting as we see big teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal being beaten by small teams.

Before betting on a given match, have your analysis which should combine both the past performances and the current situations of teams. For example, you should analyze factors like lineups, which will tell you which players will be starting and the one who will be the substitutes. Furthermore, it is through this analysis that you know which players will not be in the field because of an injury or red card. From here, you will make an informed decision that will enhance your chances of emerging profitable.

This is an important guide on how to make money in betting you should adhere to.