How to Sell Mitumba Clothes Online in Kenya

Taking your Mitumba business online can be challenging. The online market is saturated and the competition is stiff, where only the strongest can survive. However, with knowledge and skills, you can navigate the competition and succeed. Today, I’ll guide you on how to sell mitumba clothes online.

To sell mitumba clothes online, you need a website, strong social media accounts, and excellent digital marketing skills. These are the factors that will propel your online mitumba business to the next level and make it easy to compete with others.

In the rest of this article, I’ll take you through how to start a website for your mitumba business. I’ll also talk about what you need for your online business to succeed. Keep reading to learn these tactics!

How to Set Up a Mitumba Clothes Online Shop

Below are the steps you should follow to sell second-hand clothes online.

Create a Website and Social Media Accounts 

You must have a brand or online store to sell second-hand clothes online. This means setting up a website. Therefore, you should start by creating a brand’s website and corresponding social media accounts.

You need the following to create a functional business website:

  1. Domain Name: This is the name of your brand through the website. You should select a name that corresponds with what you’ll be selling. For instance, “” is a suitable website to sell mitumba clothes for babies. 
  2. Hosting: Hosting involves paying for a space to have your website on search engines so it can be accessed by your potential customers. Kenya Web Experts is currently the best web hosting company in Kenya.
  3. Web development: After hosting your business website, you should proceed to develop it. Web development involves designing the website to fit your business. This requires a web developer.

Once you have the website, take clear pictures of the clothing and post them on it, including on your social media pages.

Use appropriate hashtags when posting the photos so that your post may reach many people and enhance the brand’s publicity and the items you’re selling. Some hashtags to use include:

  • #babyclothesshop
  • #wesellclothes
  • #bestclothes

Identify Your Niche 

After you’re comfortable with business’s nature, you’ll understand its ins and outs, such as how mitumba clothes are in bales and a bale consisting of certain types of clothes, for instance, a bale retaining ladies’ blouses or men’s khaki trousers.

So, decide what kind of clothes your online shop will specialize in. Here are some of the best mitumba clothes to sell in Kenya. You can pick some of these and start with them.

Identify a reliable Supplier.

Before starting an online mitumba business, it’s essential to locate a reliable and trustworthy supplier. With numerous shady suppliers in the mitumba market, you should research and choose a supplier with a proven track record.  

For starters, it’s always essential to sample several suppliers and examine the price differences. For you to make good returns, the supplier must have reasonable prices. 

If you want to start a second-hand clothes business on a small scale, you can directly get the items from the open-air market. For a large-scale mitumba business, you can import products from developed countries or purchase bales from local mitumba clothing shops.  

The main suppliers in Nairobi include Gikomba, Muthurwa, and Eastleigh markets.  

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Price Your Mitumba Clothes

After you get your stock, you should be strategic in pricing to avoid losses. But on the other hand, given that your clothes are second-hand, you should choose reasonable pricing to entice customers to purchase the items. As much as people consider quality when buying clothes, they also consider the cost.

Purchasing a second-hand shirt that costs much more than a brand-new one would be pointless. A sound pricing strategy is essential to the success of your business.

Have a Good description System

Online shopping might feel like an extreme sport, particularly regarding the universal size indexes. With the different UK, Chines, and US size indexes, it can be challenging to describe the clothes’ size to your customers accurately. You can use descriptive terms such as suitable for children aged 5-7 or perfect for huge built to help reduce the client’s confusion. 

So you should describe the sizes to your clients in a descriptive manner.  

Have a Business Till Number  

Having a till number where you’ll collect all the payments is essential for business professionalism; it not only promotes credibility but also helps retain accurate records of all business transactions done in the business.

Create a Good Customer Relations

An effective customer relationship involves proper communication that clarifies what the customer is purchasing and when the items are ready for pickup. For this, you should use a bulk SMS tool that will help you send numerous texts to numerous recipients at once.

After-sale services such as properly packaging the client’s purchases also portray professionalism. Labeling the packages also helps to make it easier at the pickup point.

Establish a Main  Drop-Off Point

Establish the main drop-off point where your customers can pick up their items. In this situation, you can cost-share on a small stall in town where all the purchased clothes can be stored while waiting to be collected.

Bottom Line 

Selling mitumba clothes does not have to be conducted in open-air markets or rental stalls. You can efficiently run the business online from the comfort of your home.

I hope this guide on how to sell mitumba clothes online has opened your eyes to a new opportunity to start selling and reach more customers. Get out and start!

Feel free to ask any questions.