How to Start a Nail Parlor Business in Kenya

In the 21st century, beauty standards have changed compared to the past years. Today beauty is not only practiced by women but by men too, like getting a pedicure and manicure done. Making the nail parlor business a lucrative venture. Today, you’ll learn how to start a nail parlor business in Kenya. 

An added advantage of this business is that it requires minimum startup cost, yet it has high profits. Now starting a nail parlor business is not the major problem, but how to run the business. 

You need to be familiar with all the beauty aspects and have a passion for beauty. This post will cover what it takes to get started with a nail parlor business in Kenya

How to Start a Nail Parlor Business in Kenya

Below are steps you can follow to start and run a profitable nail parlor business in the country. 

Draft a Nail Parlor Business Plan

If you’re planning to set up a nail parlor business, you should write a business plan. A business plan should act as your guide in the beginning and management of your business. Things you should include in your plan are;

  • Supplies.
  • Business Location.
  • Service to offer. 
  • Starting capital.

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Identify a Strategic Business Location

The success or failure of any business depends on its location. Renting out space in places where the parlor is visible is highly advisable. You should find a business location in an area with heavy traffic. For example, you can open a nail parlor next to a bus stop or a place where people gather to unwind. 

Also, you may decide to open a mobile nail business so you can get to where your clients are. This will allow you to reach clients who might not have the time to come to your business premises. You can go to people’s workplaces to offer manicure and pedicure services.

Starting a mobile nail parlor business is less expensive than starting a fixed location business. Reasons, you don’t have to rent and brand business premises or purchase furniture.

Obtain Business Licenses 

To operate a legal nail parlor business; you’ll need to acquire a single business permit from the offices of the county government.  The cost of a business permit will depend on your business size, which the area ward representative will analyze. 

Permits for a small nail parlor cost from Ksh.5000 to Ksh 15,000 yearly.

Design Your Interior

It’s optional to renovate the space you rent out, but if you’re planning to give your workspace a personal touch, you’ll need a budget of around Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000. Interior styling is among the things that new small business owners do not often consider. 

However, renovating your place of work contributes to branding.

Get The Necessary Equipment

No business is complete without the necessary equipment nail parlor business is no exception. You’ll need several equipment to run your nail parlor but can get them at affordable wholesale prices.

The table below shows the basic equipment and items to start a nail parlor business in Kenya:

Equipment Average cost (Ksh.)
Acrylic nail kit10,000
5 set acrylic nail tips2000 each 
Furniture(decor, tables, seats) 7,000
Water heater1,200
Aprons( depending on the number of staff) 500 each 
Manicure bowls 700 each
Nail glue bottles300 each
Nail cleanser bottles500 each
10nail moisturizers bottles500 each 
Nail polish(200 pieces)100 each
Nail polish LED Light Dryer4,500
10 nail buffer blocks300 each
Nail file and clippers kit2000
Nail polish remover100 each
Equipment needed to start a nail parlor in Kenya

Get Started 

Now you’ve already a suitable business location, acquired the necessary licenses, furnished your workspace and purchased basic equipment, and hired personnel to help you. So what next? It’s time to set up your business.

The first thing to follow should be implementing an effective marketing strategy that will help you get clients. This can include handing out flyers, offering discounts to your first clients, creating a social media business page, installing an outdoor advertisement sign, and, depending on your budget, you can hold a grand opening event.

Cost of Starting Nail Palour Business In Kenya

The starting capital of a nail parlor business depends on the size and location of the business. If your suggested area is a busy town, the capital could be higher than in a small town.

A small and mobile nail parlor business will cost you approximately Ksh. 20,000. While in a fixed location, you’ll require at least Ksh. 50,000. But it’s advisable to start small and keep expanding.

Is Nail Parlour Business Profitable in Kenya?

With a suitable location, the nail parlor business is a profitable venture. Due to the increased demand for pedicure and manicure services, the business has a ready market. Operating a fixed location and a mobile nail parlor will increase your business returns.

You will be able to serve even those clients who might not be able to visit your business.

Factors to Consider BeforeStsrting Nail Parlour Business

If you are planning to start a nail parlor business, there are some things you need to consider in advance to ensure the business’s success. These things include. 

Expertise in the Industry

The nail technician’s abilities have given women the power to feel beautiful and boat their confidence levels. As a nail technician looking to set up a nail parlor, you must have some experience in this field.

Know How To Find Customers

It’s essential to prioritize time to figure out about your clients. Pay closer attention to their identities, where they reside, and what qualities they look for in a successful nail parlor. It’s essential to try and meet your customers’ demands as they are the ones who will be paying for your service.

After getting a better idea of how to find regular clients, ensure your parlor provides ideal customer service. Running a nail parlor that provides excellent customer service will boost loyalty from your clients. 

Analyze Your Competitors: 

To run a successful business, you must examine your competitors closely. Every business wants to provide distinctive services or products to stand out from the competition in their field. 

Spend time researching some of the most booming nail parlors in your locality to discover what makes their service unique. Also, closely look at the prices your competitors are charging their services to help you determine a reasonable price for your nail parlor services.

Conduct Business Analysis

A business analysis process will help you identify needs within the nail parlor field and find solutions to how your services can meet these needs to ensure customer satisfaction. The insights you should include in your research are;

  • Nail parlor demographics in your business area.
  • Opportunities that haven’t been fully exploited, like the rising demand for at-home services in allocation with no mobile nail services.
  • Competitors in your locality and their market target.
  • Trends in the nail parlor industry. 

Doing a thorough business study will help you identify gaps in the market that your nail parlor can exploit to increase revenues and become successful. Conducting this research will allow you to provide services that will set your nail parlor apart from the competition.


Nail parlor offers a wide array of services. Determine the type of services your nail parlor will offer apart from manicure services. Make a list of those services you offer, along with a price list, time estimates, and any included services( like a brief massage after a pedicure).

Determine the nail products you’ll use for a standard pedicure and if you’ll offer packages and sell products regularly. 

Bottom Line 

Nail parlor is a wise and timely business venture with a lot of potential and only requires a minimum amount of capital. This business is a profitable venture with a strategic location and good customer flow.

However, you need passion and determination to thrive in this business. I hope this guide on how to start a nail parlor business in Kenya has answered your questions on how to get started.