Jaguar’s Properties and Net Worth 2022

Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar is currently the Starehe MP serving his first term. Having been a famous singer, he joined Kenya’s politics in 2017 and was elected as a Member of Parliament. Jaguar is known for his flamboyant lifestyle even before he joined politics. Furthermore, he is among the top and most celebrated music artists in East Africa. Here are Jaguar’s properties and net worth.

Multimillion House in Nairobi

Jaguar owns a posh and multimillion house in Nairobi. This is where he spends most of his time with the family. The house, befitting the status of a palace was built using British Architectural designs. As a result of its design and materials, the house is worth an investment.

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Jaguar's net worth and properties
Jaguar’s House

Fleet of Cars

The musician and politician owns high-end cars afforded only by the wealthy in the country. Most of these cars are bought at not less than 10 million Kenyans Shillings. Among the cars he owns is a Bentley, a range rover sports, Toyota MarkX, BMW X6, and ultimately, Jaguar depicting his stage name. From this detail, it is evident that Jaguar’s plays the league of the wealthy in the country.

Jaguar's net worth and properties
Jaguar’s Parking

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The main source of Jaguar’s wealth for long has been music. However, after joining politics, a field considered lucrative, Jaguar is living large. Apart from these sources of wealth, Jaguar was once involved in the car importation business. His net worth in 2021 is estimated at $4.2 million.

The most captivating moment about Jaguar was when he was captured crying at the Jubilee Party headquarters. This was after the Starehe constituency primary indicated Maina Kamada leading. Jaguar was protesting the unfair treatment and that his victory had been stolen.

From this presentation of Jaguar’s net properties and net worth 2021, he is a man of means and living the life many desire.

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