Key Facts About Leleshwa Wine Tours in 2024

Leleshwa wine tours provide an opportunity to witness the process of winemaking. The company is involved in different stages of producing wine by planting grapes, processing grapes into wine, and distributing it to stores. The farm allows wine enthusiasts to learn more about different grapes, how they’re tendered to optimize production, and the harvesting procedure. The resident viticulturist takes visitors around the vineyards, teaching and answering all questions about vines.

Winemaker takes tourists through an exciting wine-tasting adventure. The farm also keeps cattle for beef, and visitors have a glimpse of rearing healthy marketable cows. The company farm sits at the foot of Mount Longonot. The views of the mountain are breathtaking. Over the years, the winery has outgrown the expectations of critics. Today, you’ll know the key facts about Leleshwa wine tours including the farm’s history, location, and the available wine brands.

Brief History of Leleshwa Wine Tours

Producing wine in Kenya seemed like an uphill task some years ago. In Italy, France, and other countries, the wine brands dominate wine stores. The ready local demand motivated research on ways of producing wine. Unfortunately, the soil and climate in Naivasha are harsh, and experts advise against planting grapes in the region. Despite the disapproving experts’ opinions, Leleshwa Winery was born. Two decades on, the expert advice has been proved wrong.

The name “Leleshwa” is a common tree in the region. The tree surrounds the vineyards bountifully. Vineyards cover 4,000 acres, and the vines are watered through irrigation. The winery boasts of being among the best wine producers in the country. The 2015 Best Wine Award from Michelangelo Wines Award proves good work done at the company.

The farm produces between 80,000 to 150,000 bottles of wine annually. The vine trees produce approximately 5 kilograms of grapes per harvest.

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Location and How to Get There

Morendat farm in Naivasha hosts the Leleshwa Winery. It’s an approximately two-hour drive from Nairobi center spanning 95 km. The distance from the farm to Nakuru is 63 km. The farm is easily accessible by road. From Nairobi, you can use a taxi, personal car, or matatu to visit the site.

Naivasha lies along the equator, with temperatures ranging from 6o Celsius during cold seasons to 32o Celsius during warm seasons. The annual rainfall ranges from 500mm to 600m. Also, the altitude in the region is 2,000m above sea level.

The equatorial climate allows grapes to mature under the invigorating sun and ripen slowly to a fine taste. The altitude of the region helps in preserving the flavors of grapes.

Leleshwa Wine Tours

Leleshwa wine tours
Leleshwa farm and wine tours

The dates for Leleshwa wine tours vary mostly between October and December. Since the tour depends on the number of bookings, you should email the company through  to get information on tour dates.

The tour starts at 10:00 am. If traveling from Nairobi, ensure you leave early to arrive at the farm on time. Upon arrival, guests are served authentic African tea and snacks to freshen up. After tea, you’re taken through to see the lush vineyard.

The winery viticulturist will take you through the walk. The viticulturist will answer all your questions on the planting and harvesting of grapes. The vine trees are planted in rows, making walking between them easy, and you’ll have great and close views of grapes. The size of the vineyards makes the walk an exciting form of exercise. In addition to seeing the beautiful plants, you’ll have a spectacular view of Mount Longonot. Bring a camera with you to capture unforgettable moments. Also, you’ll visit the beef farm on the farm.

Winemaking Warehouse

From the walk, you’ll have an opportunity to visit the winemaking warehouse. The winemaker takes you through the process of making wine and the difference between producing red and white wine. You get to meet one of the few female winemakers (Emma Nderitu) in a male-dominated field.

Wine tasting makes the tour great for wine enthusiasts. Later,  you get to feast on mouthwatering three-course meals. The three courses include:

  • Premium Morendat farm beef with mashed potatoes
  • A decadent dessert
  • A cup of Leleshwa bottomless wine

The tour provides a great opportunity for friends to build stronger relationships, eat and exercise together. You can book as an individual or group of people.

Charges and How to Pay for Leleshwa Wine Tours

The farm charges Ksh. 10,500 per person to participate in the tour. First, you book a reservation by emailing your official full name and passport/national identification number to Once your booking has been confirmed, you can pay the money through Mpesa Till Number 480583. After paying, forward the confirmation message to the same email.

Tips When Visiting Leleshwa Farm

  • The temperatures in Naivasha are warm; dress lightly.
  • Carry sunglasses, a sunhat, and sunscreen because the sun can be scorching.
  • Wear flat light shoes like sneakers instead of boots to walk comfortably on the farm.
  • The farm doesn’t accept cash payments, book in advance.
  • Walk-ins are prohibited on the site.
  • You must be 18 years and above to be accepted in the farm.
  • It’s advisable to have a designated driver.

Leleshwa Wine Brands

The Leleshwa Winery company produces top-brand wines available online and in other supermarkets in the country. The online stores include Amazon and You can place your order at, and the company will deliver.

The brands include:

  • Merlot Shiraz Sweet wine
  • Merlot Shiraz wine
  • Leleshwa Rose wine
  • Sauvignon Blanc wine
  • Chenic Blanc wine

The farm works toward improving customer experience; thus, the types of wines in the market can change. For instance, in June 2021, the company launched Chenic Blanc wine.

Contact the farm at 0722201353 or email for more information.

A Word From Prolatest

If you’re a wine enthusiast, Leleshwa wine tours will be an exciting experience for you. A day out of busy and noisy city life sipping cups of excellent wine makes the trip worth every coin. Plan to have a day at the farm.