Natural Stain removers for Your Laundry

Have you ever stained your best cloth? This is the most terrible experience a person can have, especially when planning to go to an event. However, there are many ways used to remove stains from clothes. Among these options is the use of strong chemicals, which has its disadvantages as these chemicals can have negative impacts on the users. For example, most of the chemicals used to remove stains are not suitable for children as they can affect their skins. Additionally, these chemicals are, at times, expensive, and most people are unable to afford them. However, here we have compiled a list of the best natural stain removers for your clothes.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Are you looking to whiten your clothes? If yes, then do not hesitate to go for hydrogen peroxide. Instead of going for other harsher chemicals like chlorine, just choose hydrogen peroxide as it does not have side effects on your body. Being an oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a bleaching agent. Another reason you should choose hydrogen peroxide is that it is environmentally friendly as it quickly dissociates in water compared to chlorine. If you are having challenges removing underarm stains, dyes from nail polish, curry, and drinks, go for hydrogen peroxide as it will work wonders for you.

Borax (Tetraborate)

Borax is a naturally-occurring mineral made up of Sodium, Boron, Water, and Oxygen. This mineral is very safe for your use and for the environment as it does not contain any toxic fumes. The component has been used during cleaning for a long time due to its ability to eliminate stains from fabrics. A point of concern is that this compound can cause some skin irritation. Thus, when using it, ensure that it is not ingested at any moment. The compound is useful in softening water and removing diaper stains. Additionally, due to its good scent, it removes odor on clothes and leaves them fresh for a long time.

Baking Soda

Most people know that baking soda is only used in the kitchen to bake cakes and mandazis. However, what you should know is that baking soda is an effective solution to your laundry needs. Despite being natural, baking soda is also inexpensive. Thus, many people can easily afford it. Baking Soda is safe to use on any fabric. Therefore, you should not be worried that it will destroy your clothes. Moreover, it has a green odor reducer that keeps your clothes smelling fresh after removing the stains.

Distilled Water (Vinegar)

Before you start your laundry work, always ensure that you have distilled white vinegar with you. This water works wonders when it comes to removing stains from clothes. Despite being cheap, it is also very safe to use compared to fabric softeners and chlorine bleach. When doing your shopping for this type of vinegar, always go for the white vinegar and not the apple cedar or any other kind as these can stain your clothes or fabrics. Distilled water is perfect when it comes to removing yellow underarm perspiration stains and odor. Additionally, it can be used to whiten and brighten clothes and also to remove mildew stains. The recommended content is to use one cup in your last rinsing basin.

Lime Juice or Lemon

One of the primary components of lemon or lime juice is acetic acid. This acid is responsible for the bleaching of fabric. However, care should be taken when using lemon or lime juice as when it spills on colored fabric; you will have to remove it as soon as possible before it causes discoloration. This is, therefore, a remedy for only the white clothes that are stained as it works perfectly like Jik. Therefore, as has been presented in this article, always be careful when using this option to remove stains as it can discolor your colored fabrics. Lemon is one of the best natural stain removers you should consider using at home.

Cornstarch, Chalk, or Talcum Powder

Baby powder (Talcum powder), white chalk, or cornstarch are useful remedies for removing stains from fabrics. The mechanism of operation of these is that they help in the absorption of oily stains. These remedies are, therefore, suitable for people working with machines and engines. These are the people who continuously come into contact with grease and other types of oils.

As a woman, when your husband returns from work with oil-stained clothes, do not get worried; just get your plain white chalk powder and let it work wonders for you. The stains will be removed entirely, and your husband will go to work with clothes sparkling clean. In turn, this will make him love you even more. During the cleaning, just rub the oil with white chalk and give it like 10 minutes to absorb the stain before washing it or brushing it away. Many people including teachers, are not aware of the importance of chalk as one of the natural stain removers.

Sodium Chloride (Table Salt)

As a result of the dynamic world in which people live, it is becoming difficult o avoid contact with rust and soft drinks that stain clothes. However, when this happens, do not worry as I know you have salt in your kitchen. When it happens that your clothes have been stained with drinks like red wine, sprinkle salt on the area and allow it some minutes to absorb the stain before you can brush it away. After that, you will have to wah the fabric. Be careful to wash it immediately after brushing away the salt as if you leave it unwashed for long; salt can impose white stains on your cloth.

Another case is when the bottom of your iron has stains. What you are supposed to do is to dampen some salt and use it to scrub the faceplate of the iron. Give it some time and then wipe it with a clean damp cloth. After that, you are free to start ironing your clothes and feel happy.

You should not struggle a lot with stains as we at are mindful of your well-being. Enjoy yourself.

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