Most Popular Female Cars in Kenya 2024

What do female drivers look for when shopping for a car? When shopping for a car, women drivers tend to go for some specifications that meet their standards and ways of life. In most cases, these women’s specifications for cars tend to differ from that of male drivers. As a result, this leads to the difference in the most popular cars for male and female drivers. It is important to understand that when it comes to buying a car, female drivers tend to go for luxury and safety.

Whether you are a woman looking to buy a new car, or someone interested in knowing the best car for a woman driver, this list is for you. We have compiled a list of the most popular female cars in Kenya based on the buying reports from car manufacturers.

Based on the reports from different car manufacturers, these are the top five most popular female cars:

  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Mercedes Benz E Class
  • Tesla Model S
  • Toyota Lexus RX 450h Hybrid
  • BMW X4 Coupe

Tips for Buying the Best Car for Woman Driver

If you are planning to buy your first car as a woman, it might be challenging to settle on the best. This is so because most dealers are out there to portray their cats as the best in the market. However, not all these cars will meet your requirements. Therefore, as a woman driver, you must be aware of some crucial factors you should consider before settling on a specific car. Therefore, based on our review of the most popular female cars, here are the specifications you should consider before buying a car.


Your safety is a priority when driving. You should look for a car that in case of an accident, your safety is guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing a safer car, here are the car safety features you should consider:

  • Airbags
  • Seatbelts
  • Crash tests
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Convex rear view mirror
  • Laminated and high-strength automotive glass
  • Stability control systems
  • Jack safety
  • Catalytic converter cleanliness


Most popular female cars are about comfort. When buying a car as a female driver, check the seat material. In addition to this, you should consider whether the car is fitted with massaging and ventilated seats for ultimate comfort.

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A car with different driving modes and low noise is good for female drivers. Check the audio system which should have Bluetooth for easy connection. Other things you should consider in terms of comfort are power steering, climate control, and an awesome sunroof.

Seating Capacity

Most women drivers tend to travel with their families. They like bringing their children and any person along when going out. If you are in this category, then one thing you must consider is the seating capacity of the car you intend to buy. You don’t want to get a car that will not comfortably accommodate your family. Therefore, you should check a car with ample interior space for all your family members.


The choice of the brand now depends on your test. This can also be determined by your budget. However, the brands with the most popular female cars are Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, and Subaru.

Most Popular Female Cars with Approximate Prices

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