The 10 Most Successful Lawyers in Kenya

Navigating the complexities of the Kenyan legal landscape demands expertise and a legal maestro with an unparalleled track record of success. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of legal representation in Kenya, you understand the daunting task of choosing the right advocate. The legal arena is rife with challenges, and identifying the most successful lawyers in Kenya can be a formidable challenge.

We have done research to identify the most successful lawyers in Kenya based on the complexities of cases they have won over time. We discuss these lawyers in this article. Keep reading to know who they are.

1. George Oraro

George Oraro

George Oraro is a  popular name in Kenya’s legal landscape. He is super experienced, having over 44 years of legal affairs in the country. He has practiced Law in the following high-end courts:

  • The International Criminal Court (ICC)
  • The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • The Supreme Court of Kenya
  • The Court of Appeal

Currently, Oraro runs Oraro & Advocates, established in 1977. 

In one case, George Oraro acted for the CBK in the recovery of an excess of $1 billion from the ‘Goldenberg’ cases. 

You can contact Oraro & advocates at +254709250000 or email them at The firm is located at ACK Garden Annex, 6th Floor, 1st Ngong Avenue, where you can physically find them.

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2. Plo Lumumba

PLO Lumumba

Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, popularly known as Plo Lumumba, is another highly respected lawyer in Kenya with over 30 years in the law field. He is mainly experienced in the human rights law, constitutional Law, and commercial laws. 

Plo Lumumba is a former director of the Kenya School of Law. He also served as the director of the Kenya Anti-corruption Commission between 2010 and 2017

You can reach PLo Lumumba at +254-710-409145.

3. Paul Muite

Paul Muite

Paul Kibugi Muite is a prominent Kenyan lawyer born in 1945 and is known for his expertise in constitutional Law. He has been involved in various high-profile cases related to constitutional matters and has played a key role in Kenya’s legal and political landscape.

Paul Muite was the founder of the Safina Party. He is also a notable politician who, at one time, fought for multipartism. In 1992, Paul Muite became the MP of the Kikuyu constituency. He was at one time elected as the chairman of the Law Society of Kenya.

Paul Muite can be contacted at or 020 71912.

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4. James Orengo

James Orengo

His other names are James Aggrey and Bob Orengo. He is a distinguished lawyer specializing in constitutional and public Law. He has been instrumental in landmark constitutional cases and has a strong influence on Kenya’s political landscape. Orengo’s work is vital in interpreting and upholding the Constitution.

He is also a human rights activist and a politician closer to the former Prime Minister, Raila Amollo Odinga. James Orengo is one of the few lawyers in Kenya who has attained the level of senior counsel. He earned this under Mwaki Kibaki’s reign.

5. Fred Ojiambo

Fred Ojiambo

Fred Ojiambo mainly practices in civilian litigation in banking, medical negligence, land disputes, insurance, and other areas. This lawyer is the senior partner at the Kaplan & Stratton firm. 

In 1974, Fred Ojiambo qualified as an advocate and joined Kaplan & Stratton. He later became the senior partner in this firm.

He currently handles cases in the Supreme Court, High Court, the Specialist Tribunal, and Employment and Labour Relations. 

You can reach Fred Ojiambo on this contact +254 20 2841000 and email

6. Amos Wako

Amos Wako

Lawyer Amos Wako is a former attorney general born in 1945. He was also the first senator of Busia between 2013 and 2017. During Wako’s reign, he was an advocate of the high court of Kenya.

Amos Wako also served as a member of the International Commission of Jurists and a member council of the Law Society of Kenya. In 1969, lawyer Amos Wako started working at Kaplan & Stratton.

He was also the chairman of the Law Society of Kenya between 1979 and 1981. His contact details are and Tel: 0722 772453.

7. Prof. Githu Muigai

Prof. Githu Muigai

Born in 1960, Prof. Githu Muigai is a famous Kenyan lawyer holding a bachelor’s degree in Law. He also holds a master’s degree in International law from Columbia University School of Law.

Prof. Githu Muigai also has a doctoral degree in Law, which he attained prior to becoming the attorney general. 

You can contact Prof. Githu Muigai via or +254 722851018.

8. Willy Mutunga

WIlly Mutunga

Born in 1947, Willy Mutunga is the former chief justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya. He played a big role in the making of the Constitution of Kenya during the early 90’s.

In 1974, Dr. Willy Mutunga joined the University of Nairobi as a lecturer in the faculty of Law. While there, he became the secretary general of the University of Nairobi staff.

Willy Mutunga has also authored lots of articles on the rights of Kenyan detainees. 

9. Rachael Omamo

Rachael Omamo

Rachael Awuor Omamo, born in 1962, is a Kenyan lawyer who is also an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She has been in this position for about 28 years. She was also the minister of foreign affairs between 2020 to 2022.

Rachael Omamo is the vice president of the East African Law Society. She has been practicing fully at the Omamo & Omamo Advocates for 19 years.

10. Mohammed Nyaoga

Mohammed Nyaoga

Mohammed Nyaoga is a Kenyan Lawyer and a senior partner in the Mohammed Muigai Advocates. He mainly practices Law around commercial litigation, corporate finance, and civil matters.

Mohammed Nyaoga has also been the chairman of the International Commission of Jurists and also chairman of EcoBank.

You can contact Mohammed Nyaoga via email: or call +254 722851018.

Other Successful Kenyan Lawyers

Apart from the famous 10 most successful lawyers in Kenya, here are other successful lawyers practicing Law in Kenya:

  • Judy Thongori
  • Gibson Kamau Kuria
  • Joe Okwatch
  • Pheroz Nowrjee
  • Jotham Arwa
  • Kenneth Fraser
  • Ambrose Rachier
  • Ahmed Nassir Abdullahi
  • Fred Ngatia