The Process of Converting a Title Deed in Kenya in 2024

The title deed conversion process has been going on for a while now. It is a renewal procedure affecting all title deeds produced before 2012. Based on the new Land Registry Act of 2012, the title deed conversion procedure is free and safe. 

If you still have the older title deed, you must stay alert to hear when the conversion list for your registry block is out. This article explains the process of converting a title deed in Kenya. Read it to avoid confusion when your turn comes. 

The Importance of Title Deed Conversions

Before 2012, the Ministry of Lands issued title deeds under many different parliament acts, including the:

  • Registered Land Act
  • Land Titles Act
  • Government Lands Act
  • Registration of Titles Act
  • Registration of Documents Act

The government abolished these acts and formed the Registration Act of 2012. It has henceforth issued and tackled title deeds via the National Land Information Management System.

The previous regimes used deed plans to register new title deeds. The current regime does title deed registrations via the Registry Index Maps (RIMs).

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The Process of Converting a Title Deed in Kenya

One thing you should note is that the title deed conversion process is systematic and safe. If your title is genuine, you will get a replacement. The government will cancel the old title deed after issuing the modern one. 

According to the Ministry of Land, which is responsible for handling title conversions, nobody will lose their land parcel or plot. However, before handing over your title deed to the government, you should know how it handles the conversion process. Here is how to go about it: 

Cadastral Maps 

Through the Ministry of Lands and the Kenya land surveyors, the government is actively making cadastral maps. A cadastral map (Registry Index Map) is the only unified survey document acceptable now. The deed plans are invalid in the process of converting a title deed in Kenya currently.

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Conversion Lists 

The ministry will prepare conversion lists matching each land parcel with its acreage. It will create a conversion list for one registration unit at a time. A registration unit has subdivisions called blocks. 

These have unique numbers and letters that replace the older land reference numbers. For instance, Nairobi County has 141 blocks. 

Notifying the Public

Upon making Cadastral maps and conversion lists, the Land Registrar will hand them over to the Cabinet Secretary. They will then publish a public notice in at least two popular newspapers and the Kenya Gazette. 

Further, they will circulate the announcement on all radio stations with countrywide coverage. The notice will ask landowners with outdated title deeds to surrender them in exchange for the modern titles.

A Chance to File Complaints 

The Ministry of Lands has already created a complaints desk at the Ardhi House headquarters in Nairobi. If you have a complaint, you should visit the head office and file it via Form LRA 96. You must submit this form with the following:

  • KRA PIN certificate
  • National ID number
  • Contact address
  • Phone number

You should only file a complaint by filling out Form LRA 96 if your parcel is not on the conversion list of your registration unit and block. Additionally, file a complaint if your parcel is on the list but its number is wrong. The Ministry of Lands will close the old register if you do not file a complaint within 90 days

Applying for the New Title Deed 

As we said earlier, the Ministry of Lands must announce the replacement of titles after developing the cadastral maps and conversion lists. So, stay alert to discover when the government is calling out for landowners in your area.

Once you get the announcement for title deed conversions, visit the Ministry of Lands in your respective county and fill out LRA Form 97. This is the application form for land conversions in Kenya. After filling out the form, attach the original title deed and copies of identifying documents.

While you can do this process on your own, it’s recommended to hire a professional like a conveyancing lawyer for safety. 

Finally, wait for the Ministry of Lands to cancel your older title and issue a new one. 

Note: Did you take out a loan and give your title as collateral? If yes, request the bank or the third party holding the title deed to help you apply for a newer version.            

Things to Remember During a Title Deed Conversion

First, you will not pay anything to convert your title. The Land Registry will do this for free. If you feel afraid of going through the process by yourself, find a lawyer to assist you. 

A lawyer knows how to convert a title deed in Kenya by applying the underlying laws. 

You should keep reading local newspapers often and listening to your favorite radio station. 

The government will announce through these channels when it’s time to replace old land title deeds. Once your turn comes, carry the following documents: 

  • Your National ID copy.
  • A copy of your KRA PIN certificate.
  • Form LRA 96
  • Form LRA 97
  • Title deed 

If filing a complaint, do not come after ninety days. The time will be up, and you will not succeed.