Top 10 Best Movie Downloading Sites in 2024

The internet has made things easy in the 21st century. Before the invention of the internet, things were difficult. People had to walk for long to buy cassettes where they could have music copied. Furthermore, these cassettes were expensive during those days. However, with the internet, getting movies, music, and Series has become easy. To get a movie, you just have to access the internet and log in to a given site. You will be prompted to search for the specific movie and download it to watch later. Alternatively, you can decide to watch the movie online if you do not have enough space to store the downloaded movie. Here is a list of the top 10 best movie downloading sites.

1. Netflix

Netflix is a common sight in the 21st century where people watch and download unlimited movies. The site started as a DVD rental, but it was enhanced with the internet’s advent to become the best online movie streaming service in the world. At the start, Netflix found it hard to compete with the already established movie streaming sites. However, Netflix kept on enhancing its services and customer experience. As a result of hard work, Netflix has emerged as the best movie downloading site in 2021. Netflix has many advantages compared to other sites for downloading movies and Series. For instance, Netflix lets you know the upcoming movies and prepare for them. Apart from movies, Netflix allows you to watch TV shows for a whole month. You just sign up for a plan and won’t be charged for the first month.

2. SonyCrackle

The website is operated by Sony Entertainment. This site contains many movies from which you can choose to watch and download. The site allows subscribers to watch free uncut online movies, original programming, and TV shows.

3. AZ Movies

AZ Movies is among the top 10 best movie download sites in 2021. The site contains tons of movies and series you can watch and download. The best thing about this site is that it allows a person to preview a movie before downloading it. Therefore, this site gives you an opportunity to decide whether or not to download a movie. This is an advantage compared to other movie download sites.

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4. Hulu

Hulu is another site where people are streaming and downloading movies in the 21st century. However, most of the services provided by this site are restricted to some regions like the United States of America. Although its services are restricted, people enjoy its services using Virtual Private Networks Software. For a start, Hulu provides a free one-month trial to enjoy the movies. Although this site is mostly used to stream movies, you can use a plugin like the Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download its movies.

5. Watch Series

Watch Series is a good site for both streaming and downloading movies. This site has been proven to be updated regularly in terms of the movies they provide. Therefore, you will be sure that the movies you are downloading here are up-to-date. Moreover, their movies are of HD quality. Therefore, this is a site that provides movies that are appealing to many.

6. YTS YIFY is a good torrent site that is user-friendly compared to other sites like Torrentzilla and The Pirate Bay. This site is known to have the best and most up-to-date movies. Due to its high speeds, many people find the site the best in getting online movies.

YTS gives its users an opportunity to organize the movies based on genre, ratings, and alphabetic order. Therefore, you can have these movies in your preferred order.

7. C123 Movies

C123 is known for its best collection of movies. Most people find this site user-friendly as it is not complicated in terms of use and operation. The only thing you have to do is to sign up for an account. Additionally, when watching and downloading movies from this site, you can request for a specific genre. That is, in case you find a given genre missing, you can request it. This is an advantage compared to other movie streaming sites. Therefore, this puts the site among the top 10 best movie downloading sites in 2021.

8. P2P Guru

P2P Guru is an excellent site for those in love with HD movies. It is a site where you can both stream and download movies. Therefore, this is an advantage for those who love watching movies online as opposed to downloading them. When you use this site, you can download subtitles directly from their torrents. Any movie you think of can be easily found on this site. However, if it is missing, you have the chance to ask for the movie.


This is among the best movie downloading sites in 2021. is loved by many due to its ability to provide users with an opportunity to stream and download many international movies. Moreover, the site allows users to download other TV programs at the convenience of their homes. The site has an easy interface whereby a person does not need training to use the site. It is easy to maneuver the site and get the required content using a search bar at the top right corner of its homepage. Therefore, it is a site on which the process has been simplified.

10. FilmHD4u

FilmHD4u has a range of movies spanning different genres a person may think of. The focus of the developers of this site was to ensure that people do not miss any movie. Therefore, the site uses sophisticated technology to remain at the top by providing any movie that a person can search for. As an HD site, they post movies already optimized in HD versions to ensure that the users have the best experience. As a result, this is a site that competes well in the market of online movies. For this reason, FilmHD4u has been ranked among the top 10 best movie downloading sites.