Top 10 Registered Stock Brokers in Nairobi

Are you a beginner in the stock trading market looking for an experienced and reliable stock broker? Relax, below we introduce you to the best-registered stock brokers in Nairobi. The market is full of unscrupulous stock brokers, and if you’re not careful, you may end up losing your hard-earned money. Luckily for you, you’ll know the registered stock brokers in Nairobi.

For this reason, you need to look for a registered broker who will walk you through the market. Stock market brokers exist to ease the stock trading process for Kenyans who may not be familiar with the stock market’s mechanisms. 

Additionally, they assist you in covering all of the expenses related to trading on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, such as stamp duty and taxes. Therefore it’s recommended to trade with firms listed by the NSE as they are bound to abide by Nairobi Securities Exchange’s rules.

This post will outline some of the best-registered stock brokers you can make your trading partners in Nairobi.

Who Is a Stock Broker? 

A stock broker is a company or individual that charges a commission to execute, buy and sell orders placed by an investor. A stock broker acts as an intermediary between stock buyer and seller. 

They also give investment advice to their clients. To become a registered stockbroker in Kenya, you must have a license from the Capita Market Authority (CMA). CMA is a statutory body founded in 1989 under the Capital Markets Act. 

The authority is responsible for regulating all Kenyan non-bank financial institutions.

Roles of Stockbrokers in Kenya

A stockbroker serves as an intermediary between the buyer and seller in the stock market. They are responsible for the buying and selling orders of their clients. Stockbroker roles include:

  • Helping you understand the stock market
  • Doing market research and analysis
  • Monitoring stock market performance
  • Advising the buyer about the best stocks to buy
  • Keeping up to date with the latest financial legislation
  • Offering the best customer service

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List of Best Registered Stock Brokers in Nairobi

The list below contains some of the top registered stock brokers that can help you trade in the stock market.

Suntara Investment Bank Limited 

Suntara Investment Bank Ltd is a registered stockbroker in Kenya, regulated by the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). The bank was established in 1990, and since then, it has been offering brokerage services.

It’s one of the top stockbrokers in Kenya. It’s the stockbroker and advisor in most public offerings and private placements of bonds and shares by different companies and the government. 

The bank has a track record of helping organizations raise funds in the capital markets through the issuance of debt and equity, which has enabled the company to understand the capital markets fully. 

The broker has previously helped Barclays to raise money through bonds issue of approximately Ksh 3 billion. The company provides a wide range of services, including research, corporate finance advisory, stockbroking, and portfolio management.

Additionally, they have a team of experts and skilled analysts who can offer valuable insights into the Kenya market.

Suntara Investment Bank Ltd contact details.

Address: Nation Center 7th floor

Phone:0733222216 or 0202870000


Genghis Capital Limited 

Established in 2008, Genghis is one of Kenya’s investment banks licensed by the Retirement Benefits Authority and Capital Market Authority. Its services include corporate finance advisory, research, investment advisory and management, and security trading. The bank offers customer-oriented research that significantly assists them in identifying customer needs.

Their services range from over-the-counter trading, fixed-income bonds trading, Agency networks, stock brokerage, and equities trading, and private wealth. The company thrives on offering clients up-to-date development on the stock markets through technological expertise and research.

It holds a significant position in the fixed market income market at the NSE. Additionally, the firm provides its clients with discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services as a value-added service based on client preference.   

In addition to its CMA and RBA licenses, the firm is also an NSE member.  

Genghis Capita Ltd contact details:

Address: Prudential Assurance Building 6th floor Nairobi.

Phone: +254709185000.

Dyer $ Blair Investment Bank Limited 

Dyer $ Blair Investment bank is among the oldest stock brokers in Nairobi. It’s also among the founders of NSE; hence it’s aware of all the information regarding the stock market investments.  The firm provides investment research and consulting, assisting clients in making wise decisions when trading the Nairobi Stock Market.  

The bank was established in 1958 and has grown to keep up with the latest investment trends. It was also among the top stock brokers in Kenya due to its smooth online stock trading services. 

Today, they have made their payment easier as clients can make their payments through mobile payments such as Mpesa. Their services include stockbroking, investment banking, asset management, and financial advisory services.

Being among the first stock brokers and investment banks, Dyer and Blair have expanded their client base beyond Kenya. The firm serves the East African market and may soon rank among Kenya’s international stock brokers due to its extensive capital base and years of profitable trading in the NSE markets. 

Dyer and Blair bank contact details:

Address: Goodman Tower 7th floor along Waiyaki Way 

Phone: +25470930000


KCB Capital Group

KCB Capital Group is the of KCB Bank. It was licensed by the Capital Markets Authority(CMA) in October 2014 to provide corporate finance services such as private wealth management, structured finance, project advisory services, mergers $ Acquisitions, and Equity and Debt Capital markets.

 Its primary role is to assist corporate investors in managing their resources and wealth more profitably. They provide advisory services to clients daily to help them stay on track. KCB Capital Group focuses on offering clients unique strategic and financial advice. 

Their services are designed to maximize and protect the value of the shareholder and client through strategic partnerships and proactive management. The company is well-known for its experience and expertise and has contributed significantly to most of Kenya’s major joint ventures and IPOs.

KCB Capital Group contact details.

Address: Kencom House 2nd floor

Phone: +254711012000/ 0734108200

Sterling Capital Limited

Sterling is among the few stock broker firms in Kenya that engage in international trading. They are Kenya’s best option for trading equities and fixed-income. They offer a wide range of services, including; equity trading, research, fixed-income trading, financial advisory, and trust and administration.

Sterling has a significant client base and has since aimed to serve high-net-worth corporate clients, individuals, and institutions. The company was established in 1981and was incorporated as a financial advice and investment service provider. 

In 1994 sterling was licensed by the Capital Markets of Authority and became a member of NSE. Over the years, the company has formed partnerships with other firms and has since expanded throughout Africa, though its headquarters remain in Nairobi.

Only a few stockbrokers in Kenya have achieved the growth of Sterling, but it continues to grow as it still exists in the market for the best stock brokers in Kenya with a wide range of financial services they provide in Kenya and beyond. 

Sterling Capital Limited contact details;

Address: Barclay Plaza 11th floor, Nairobi

Phone:  0202213914

Kingdom Securities Limited

Kingdom Securities Ltd is a subsidiary of the co-operative Bank, which has the third-largest asset base in Kenya. Since its incorporation in 2009, it has been offering high-quality financial services to its customers. 

The company specializes in online brokerage, transfer immobilization, advisory services, and share trading. Kingdom Securities Ltd is licensed by the Capital markets Authority(CMA) and is also a member of NSE.

It’s among the few securities companies that are 100% locally owned. The firm takes great pride in providing excellent services and has a team of devoted experts who always are willing to offer support and advice. 

Kingdom Securities Ltd contact details.

Address:co0operative Bank House, 5th floor

Phone: 3276940/ 3276154


ABC Bank Limited 

The bank was established in 1954, and since then, it has been an active member of NSE. Over the years, it has built a reputation for offering comprehensive investment advisory services to help investors make significant profits in NSE markets.

ABC bank’s brokerage arm offers financial solutions to institutions and individual clients, giving relevant, accurate, and timely information on the stock market’s performance. The bank has highly skilled wealth managers who emphasize clients’ goals and risk tolerance. 

The team provides extensive research reports covering global, regional, capital, and macroeconomic markets. ABC services include corporate finance, portfolio management, value-added research, and equities trading.

It takes pride in being Kenya’s first stockbroker to offer real-time online trading. Being pioneers in online trading, they are among Kenya’s top online stock brokers.  The bank is one of Kenya’s stockbrokers that do more than equity trading.

ABC Bank Ltd contact details:

Address: ABC Bank House on Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi.

Phone:  (+25420) 316143, 2242534, 2246036


Apex Africa Capital Limited 

Formerly Africa Investment bank was a licensed member of the Capital Markets Authority and Nairobi Securities Exchange. Apex is among the top brokerage facilities in Kenya, and it provides its clients with portfolio management, corporate finance, stock brokerage, and research services.

The firm is also an affiliate of the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Central Bank of Kenya, Kenya Revenue Authority, Central Depository and Settlement Corporation, and the Capital Markets Authority. 

Their clients include individuals and investors looking to improve in the financial sector. It focuses on leveraging its services to capitalize on the East African region.   

Apex Africa Capital Ltd contact details:

Address: Rehani House along Kenyatta Avenue

Phone: 0207602525.

Standard Investment Bank

The standard investment bank was established in 1994 as a security trading, investment management, and investment banking company. The bank has since grown in scale to provide financial advisory services to fund managers, corporations, government, and high-net-worth individuals interested in wealth making. 

It has diversified its services to meet the rising investment demands of Kenyans and East Africa. It provides transaction advisory, fund management, and brokerage services intending to offer the best opportunities for Kenyans to invest in profitable businesses in the Nairobi Stock Market. 

As one of the licensed stock brokers in Kenya by NSE, the bank offers Kenyas a chance to purchase shares and stocks in primary and secondary markets. They take pride in offering tailored broking services that meet every client’s needs.

Through the years, the bank has built a solid reputation in the market. They have some of the best experts committed to ensuring the client’s investments generate considerable returns.  

Additionally, it’s one of the few online stock brokers in Kenya that display on its website live market values of companies listed on the NSE. These live trading figures can help you monitor and predict the share prices amidst price fluctuations.   

Standard Investment Bank contact details:

Address: ICEA  Building Kenyatta Avenue 

Phone: 0202228963


UAP Old Mutual Securities 

UAP Old Mutual Securities is a licensed stock broking firm by the Capital markets Authority as an affiliate of NSE. The firm thrives in fact-based research, which assists its clients in making wise investment decisions. They have diversified the range of the services they provide to incorporate; shares trading, fixed-income brokerage, and Equity and Economic research.  

The brokerage was founded in the late 1920s, but a branch in Nairobi was opened in 1930. They have been serving international and local investors, assisting them with life assurance, asset management, banking, and general insurance. 

In 2020 the UAP ranked Kenya’s top asset management company with over 30 million assets under its management. The company is among the stock broker pioneers in Kenya. It can assist you in making suitable investments in NSE due to its years of experience in stock market forecasting and history of profitable trades. 

UAP Old Mutual Securities contact details:

Address: Upper Hill, Nairobi

Phone:  +254711065100. 

Bottom Line 

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable stockbroker in Nairobi? Well, you can never go wrong with any of the firms on the list above. The companies are licensed by CMA and have a proven history of offering quality services to their investors.

Remember to make good profits from your investment; you must use the best stockbroker. A good stockbroker should analyze the market and offer you advice. That’s why ist essential to go for the best-registered stockbroker.