List of marketable courses to Pursue in Kenya in 2024

Are you looking for that degree course that will land you in employment immediately after graduation? If yes, then you are in the right place. Many graduates are finding it hard to get employment for making wrong decisions when choosing the courses to study at the University or College. The following is a list of marketable courses to pursue in Kenya.

1. Medicine and Surgery

Courses in medicine and surgery have been ranked as the most marketable. Graduates take less than 3 months to secure an employment upon graduation. Even if you are not employment, the law allows you to start your own clinic. Medical doctors in leading private hospitals earn more than Ksh. 300,000. The best universities to pursue medicine are the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University and Moi University.

2. Computer Science and Information Technology

The modern world is powered by technology. Technology has extensively revolutionized the job market as most industries are trying to keep up with the changing trends technology. For this reason, all offices have an IT department that deals with technological needs. Through the invention of software, processes have been made easier. The beauty of taking a computer-related course is that you can work on your skills and become self-employed. However, for competitive advantage in the job market, you will need to supplement the course with something like leadership or project management.

3. Pharmacy

Pharmaceuticals is the fastest growing industry globally. Professionals in this field are for cures in non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and stroke which are the leading causes of death. The field has jobs both at the national and county levels. After completing your 5-year course, you can decide to open your own practices if you do not want to be employed.

4. Architecture

This is also a course that is highly on demand in Kenya. If you love drawing, this is an important course for you. With an experience of 2 years, you will have jobs all round the clock. Additionally, if you manage to design a landmark building, you will become an instant millionaire in this field.

5. Business sales and marketing

Every organization is currently struggling to market itself in order to increase sales of their services and products. In any firm, the marketing department is in charge of advertising job openings to the public. Additionally, people with digital marketing skills are preferred.

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6. Electrical and electronics engineering

Electrical engineers can either get employed or employ themselves. Most electrical engineers with diploma tend to employ themselves. With the vast opportunities in this field, you can’t go hungry if you posses qualifications in it. Therefore, this is a course people should pursue at the university.

7. Quantity Surveying

This course is excellent especially at the undergraduate level. Graduates who happen to secure jobs at county levels make a lot of money from the deals. Quantity surveying professionals make up to Ksh. 30,000 daily. Alternatively, you can register your company and carry out surveys for clients.

8. Law

Lawyers are among the most paid professionals in the country. After graduating from the university, you will be expected to head to the Kenya School of Law for a diploma course that takes one year. Although the professional is rewarding to those who have gained enough experience, it has plenty of opportunities even for the starters.

9. Monitoring and evaluation

If you are planning to join the NGO sector, then this is for you. With a masters in this course, you will be making more than Ksh. 250,000 monthly. Most NGOs are involved in field studies which in most cases rely on monitoring and evaluation skills. The best institutions to study this course are AMREF and Kenya Institute of Management.

10. Nursing

This is the final on the list of marketable courses to pursue in Kenya. There is no a graduate nurse in Kenya who is jobless unless they are choosy over salaries. Although it does not pay well, this is an excellent and highly marketable course. With a diploma in nursing from KMTC, you have high chances of getting employed within a year of graduation. Nurses in Kenya earn an average salary of Ksh. 40,000 monthly.

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