Vont Night Light – 2022 Top Aesthetic Reading Light

Thousands of 5-star Amazon reviews have spoken, and we, a hundred percent agree that the Vont night light is the best clip-on modern reading light for 2022.


Features and Specifications of the Vont Clip-On Reading Light

Vont clip-on reading light
  • Weight: 1.27 ounces
  • Type: LED Dimmable bulb
  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.2 x 7.8 inches
  • Height when assembled: 7.8 inches.
  • Maximum Width: 2.2 inch
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: White
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Wattage: 3.2 Watts
  • Switch Style: Touch
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Batteries Included? Yes

Why the Vont Clip-On Night Light is the go-to aesthetic reading light.

This year is about minimal yet functional design and things that give great aesthetic pleasure. Vont’s clip-on light fits the bill because it simply looks good. It’s clean, all-white chic, modern, yet works like a beast. The sleek touch switch adds to its smooth functionality. The on-off touch sensitivity is high and literally added a nice touch. There are 3 levels of light intensity which you can adjust to suit your preference. You can tap on high-mode for reading then shift to low for a dimmer night lamp to read in bed without waking other people up.

Vont night Light has a 360° flexible gooseneck. It can light up any dim space by just clipping it to the edge of a book, table, or bed. Its smart bendable neck lets you adjust the light exactly where you need it. One of its best features is also its wide clamp. This means you can attach it to pretty much anything. The clip’s great and really takes hold. With a sturdy grip, you can clip it on your laptop while working. The surprising thing is that since the base is pretty large and has anti-slip strips, this allows the light to stand on its own and illuminate like a regular desk lamp.

It’s kind to your eyes. The 16 high-quality LEDs enhance visual clarity and provide flicker-free light. It also has an anti-glare design, so you can forget having strained eyes after reading a good book. The matte light cover reduces glare, so it’s not blinding when kids directly look into it. The reading light also has a higher contrast compared to other brands making it good for the eye. It’s sleep-friendly and perfect for a kid’s desk, music stand, and overall lamp for other activities.

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Vont’s clip-on book light will keep up with you until late at night with its longer battery life. The batteries can last up to 8 hours of continuous use. It will surely be a life-saver during camping trips and even car emergencies. The built-in 1000 mAh battery, designed to last twice longer than other brands, is rechargeable, so no need to worry about coins or AAA batteries. With a quick-charging USB cable, you can power the light with any charger, notebook, or pc. It takes less than an hour to charge completely and gives off a full 6 hours of light. This means low energy consumption. And the best thing is it still lights while charging, so if the battery dies, you can just plug it in while still reading your favorite book.

Now all these features just make the Vont night light ten times better because of its portability. If you wish to bring this powerhouse anywhere you go, you can. It’s super lightweight and travel-friendly. You can fold it, and it will only take up very little space, so it’s great to carry around. The multipurpose design suits the traveler’s lifestyle very well, and even simple indoor lightning needs like reading bedtime stories to kids.

If you’re looking for a modern, aesthetically pleasing light with a lifetime warranty that you can use for deep studying, lax reading, and camping, as a dim night lamp or a reliable light right where you need it, then Vont Clip-On Night Light is for you.