10 Amazing Picnic Sites in Kajiado County

Kajiado is an excellent place to go for a picnic. National reserves, hills, and lakes provide scenic wildlife, landscapes, and plantation views. The accessibility from Nairobi makes the area an excellent place for a family day out. You can use a bus, plane, or taxi to get to the tourist sites. The management of sites is excellent with guides and camping sites for the visitors. Also, they’re affordable. The local Maasai community has deep cultural roots, and culture enthusiasts will get an opportunity to learn their customs and values. Find out the amazing picnic sites in Kajiado and the activities you can do there.

1. Selenkay Conservancy

Selenkay conservancy
Selenkay conservancy

Selenkay Conservancy is one of the amazing picnic sites in Kajiado. It’s situated near Amboseli National Park. At the conservancy, you’ll interact with wild animals like all big cats, elephants, giraffes, antelope, zebra, and gerenuk gazelles. It offers game viewing by 4×4 safari open cars with tour guides.

In addition to wildlife, bird lovers have a chance to watch different species of birds.

The conservancy provides tent camping sites that can accommodate two adults plus a child. The camps have bathrooms and staff for cooking, washing, and daily housekeeping.

Guests can access the conservancy by flight from Wilson airport to Selenkay airstrip, only 30 minutes.

Call 0774136523 to book a reservation.

2. Olorgesailie

Picnic sites in Kajiado
Olorgesailie pre-historic site

Olorgesailie is among the excellent picnic sites in Kajiado. It’s located 70 km from Nairobi along Magadi Rd. It’s a prehistoric site preserving cultural and biological evidence on man’s evolution.

The museum opens daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Picnic fees are Kshs 200 for an adult and Kshs 100 for a child below 16.

Activities you can do include;

  • Mountain climbing, it will take you 3 hours to reach the peak of Mount Olorgesailie. The best time to climb is in the morning.
  • Camping, Kenyan citizens adults pay Kshs 300 and children Kshs 200.
  • Bird watching, the site hosts many migratory species in the country.
  • Also, you can walk and see the historical site.

Get in touch at 0721308485.

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3. Shompole Conservancy

Shompole conservancy
Shompole conservancy

Shompole Conservancy covers 20,000 acres. Excellent site for camping with double bedroomed houses amidst bush and fig trees near Ewaso Nyiro river. Riverside Bar and lounge provide food and drinks.

Wildlife at the conservancy includes; lions, buffaloes, giraffes, elephants, and over 400 species. 

Other activities you can undertake include;

  • Swimming and floating down Ewaso Nyiro River
  • Walking with baboons in nearby Lale’enok Resource Centre
  • Culture lovers can visit Maasai Settlement and learn about their life and customs.

The standard charge per night is KShs 18,000 on the whole board.

4. Ngong Hills

Ngong hills
Ngong hills

Ngong Hills provides an excellent recreational avenue for visitors. The trails in the hills are suitable for hiking. Hikers can hire a guide for a ksh. 2,000 fee. Gate entry fee is Ksh. 200 per person.

To get to the last hill, it will take you 4 to 5 hours. Relaxing at the top of the hill is magical, and you’ll see Nairobi city and Mount Kilimanjaro.

As you walk, you experience the beautiful indigenous plantations’ superb landscapes and breathe fresh air.

Ziplining charges at Ngong hills are Kshs 1,000. Other activities include; camping, cycling, and weddings.

You can tour the hills located at Northern Kajiado, 25 km from Nairobi center.

5. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

Amboseli park is a 4 hours drive from Nairobi. Famous for wild animal viewing, especially elephants and birds. The park has over 400 bird species. Also, you get to have scenic views of Mount Kilimanjaro peak.

Apart from wildlife, you can camp at the park. You’ll listen to birds’ melodies in the morning and watch milky clouds at night.

The table below shows the entry fees to the park.

 Type of CitizenshipCharges
Kenyan citizensAdults -Kshs860 Children/students – Kshs215
ResidentsAdults – Kshs 1,030 children- Kshs515
Non ResidentsAdults – US$ 60 Children – US$30
entry fees to Amboseli National Park

For more information, you can call 0716493335.

6. Lake Magadi

Picnic sites in Kajiado
Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi’s landscape is spectacular and a great place to camp in the wilderness.

Different species of birds, including Pelicans and flamingos, are found in the lake. Wildlife around the lake include; antelopes, zebras, giraffes, wild beasts, hyenas, and lions. Suitable for animals and bird watching.

You can engage in other activities like exercising in the gym, swimming, hot springs bath, and sundowner—also, a guided visit to a salt plant nearby.

Call 0717999228 for more information.

7. Maasai Ostrich Farm

Maasai Ostrich Farm
Maasai Ostrich Farm

Located on Kajiado plains along Enkasiti Road, 45 km from Nairobi.

The farm rears around 1,000 ostriches. The breeds are Maasai ostrich with pink neck and legs and Somali (blue neck) ostrich.

Visit to watch the beautiful dancing ostriches, eat ostrich meat and ride on them. Trained staff will take you through the ride safely.

The farm offers opportunities for team building.

Call 0726464546.

8. Ol Doinyo Orok Mountain

Ol Doinyo Orok Mountain
Ol Doinyo Orok Mountain

The camp is a good escape plan from busy and noisy city life, waking up to songs of birds and sleeping under canvas.

You’ll interact with wild animals like gazelles, kudus, elands, impalas, ostriches, and wildebeests. An animal sanctuary within scenic landscapes.Spectacular plantations like acacia trees.

You can swim, hike the mountain, and cycle at the site. Great for relaxing and bonding friends and family.

Contact 0722204686 to get in touch.

9. Ole Polos

Ole Polos nyama joint

Ole Polos is situated 10 km from Kiserian Town. It’s a nyama choma joint that serves roasted chicken, beef, and lamb meat. The outdoor dining area provides a scenic view of the Maasai plains.

The landscape contains benches and bandas for visitors to hang out and camp—a great place to bond with family and friends.

You can swim at the pool and offer ample parking.

You can call 0714032122 for inquiries.

10. Nairobi Desert

Nairobi desert

The Nairobi Desert is located on the East of Lake Magadi, about 80 km. The desert looks like a small Sahara desert with sand ends suitable for walks.

Nairobi Desert has dense small desert thorny trees. The trees are green in rainy seasons and grayish in dry seasons. Also, it has loose gravels made of pebbles, desert soils, and bedrock outcrops. Hills are rocky, superimposing older rocks and marking the plain.

Famous for having baobab trees as old as 2,000 years.

Fauna in the desert includes; elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, lions, kudu, leopards, and impala. And it has game trails.

Kajiado is home to many tourist sites. When arranging for a day out, you need to consider the area. With a wide range of activities to engage in, you can’t go wrong visiting the area. Also, the flora and fauna in the area are lively and breathtaking. Tour the picnic sites in Kajiado to relax and bond with family and friends.