10 Best Steel Manufacturers in Kenya for quality products

Are you on the hunt for the best steel manufacturers in Kenya to meet your construction or industrial needs? Finding top-quality steel products is essential for the success of your projects. However, sifting through the myriad of options can be a daunting task. 

Luckily for you, we’ll outline the best steel manufacturers in Kenya in this post. Our list will primarily focus on renowned companies that have, over the years, produced and supplied quality steel and steel products like weld mesh, mild steel angles, wire nails, and mild steel plates, mainly used in construction.

These companies are spread all over the country, but most are located in Nairobi. Some have branches in various parts of the country, while others have ventured abroad in search of new markets.

Top 10 Steel Manufacturers in Kenya 

The following are the top 10 steel manufacturers that are part of the major manufacturing base in Kenya.

Steel Company Contacts Location 
Zenith Steel Fabricators LimitedPhone: +254722205902/ 0733555281Email:  sales@zenithsteel.com Enterprise Rd, Nairobi
Apex Steel Email: marketing@apex-steel.com Phone: +254780505020Funzi Rd, Industrial Area.
Devki Steel MillsEmail: sales@devkisteel.com +254756020000Ruiru Kamiti Rd.
Accurate Steel Mills Email: avraj@accurate.co.ke Phone: +254(020) 8099929/ 2620268Falcon Rd, Off Enterprise Rd.
Steel MakersEmail:nbo@stellmakers.com Phone: +254720633733/ 0734633000Mombasa Rd, next to Alpha center 
Tononoka Steel Email:sales@tononokasteels.com. Phone: +254721470960Embakasi, North Airport Rd
Insteel Limited Email: insteel@safalgroup.com Phone: +254734333163Industrial Area, Nairobi
Eldoret Steel Mills Limited Email: info@eldoretsteel.comPhone: +254-203894114/ +254- 532033398 Kambi Somali Rd, Eldoret. 
Tarmal Steel Email: info@tarmalsteel.comPhone:  +254729516172Mazeras, Mombasa
Bachu Industries LimitedEmail: gurveer@bhachuind.co.ke/ info@bhachuindu.co.ke. Phone: +254720828604/ +254734120484Enterprise Rd, Nairobi.
Top Steel Manufacturers in Kenya

1. Zenith Steel Fabricators Limited 

Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd. is one of the best steel manufacturers in the country. The company was founded in 1977 as a small steel fabrication workshop. It has grown into a sizable firm with its operations in 13 other African countries besides Kenya. 

These countries are Uganda, Angola, South Sudan, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, DRC, and Burundi.  

The company takes pride in commissioning the first automated workshop in East and Central Africa. Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd employs CNC lines for drilling and cutting operations. Also, it has manually operated welding, automatic shot blasting, and airless spray painting units. 

The company’s products and services include

  • Cow barns
  • Greenhouse
  • Tilcor roofing system
  • Poultry sheds
  • Galvanized steel tanks
  • Multi-story buildings
  • Castellated beams
  • Structural steelworks

Contact details:

Phone:+254722205902/ 0733555281

Email: sales@zenithsteel.com

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2. Apex Steel

Best steel manufacturers in Kenya

Founded in 1970, Apex Steel is an award-winning manufacturer in the country. Since its incorporation, the company has strived to exceed customer expectations by providing sustainable solutions to the engineering and construction sectors. 

The steel company has been awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate.  It has also been recognized by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for its high-quality products. 

Apex Steel is a pioneer in the steel manufacturing industry. It was the first company in Kenya to

  • Manufacture deformed bars
  • Install in-house testing facilities at the plant
  • Sell by weight
  • Offer “cut and bend” services.

The company’s services and products include

  • Square tubes
  • Round and square bars
  • Rectangular tubes
  • Cut and bend
  • Angles and windows section
  • Black pipes
  • Wires
  • Aluminium

Company’s contact details: 

Email: marketing@apex-steel.com 

Phone: +254780505020

Location: Funzi Rd, Industrial Area.

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3. Devki Steel Mills

Devki Steel Mills is among the firms under the umbrella of the Devki Group of Companies. The other firms are Maisha Mabati Mills Ltd, Northwood Aviation Agencies Ltd, Maisha Packaging Company Ltd, Mavuno Fertilizers & Minerals, and National Cement Company Ltd.

The steel company started as a single tube mill around 20 years ago. But over time, it has greatly expanded and diversified, holding a market share of roughly 50% today. Devki Steel Mills has factories in 3 locations: Ruiru, Athi River and Mombasa.

The company produces a variety of high-quality steel products, including

  • Wire nails
  • Mild steel angles
  • Barbed wires
  • Reinforcement bars
  • Zed section
  • Hoop iron
  • Chain link fencing materials
  • Hollow section,
  • Mild steel plates

Company’s contact details:

Email: sales@devkisteel.com 

Phone:  +254756020000

4. Accurate Steel Mills 

Accurate Steel Mills is among the top steel firms in the country. Since its inception in 1997, the company has served over 250 clients and today has around 400 employees. The firm places a high priority on the quality of its products.

Before being sold, all the products are subjected to extensive chemical and mechanical testing to ensure they are of the highest quality. The products that don’t meet the quality standards are rejected.  As a result, its products stand out from the rest in the market regarding quality.

The steel firm provides around 10 products to its clients. These products are mainly used in the fabrication and construction sectors. They include; 

  • Hollow section
  • T section
  • Flat bars
  • Black pipes
  • Z sections 
  • Square bars
  • Mild steel plates
  • TMT bars
  • Panel mesh
  • Mild steel angles

Company’s contact details;

Email: avraj@accurate.co.ke 

Phone: +254(020) 8099929/ 2620268

Location: Falcon Rd, Off Enterprise Rd.

5. Steel Makers 

Steel makers is also among the top steel manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of high alloy steel casting products, fiber bearing, hot-rolled steel products, all types of nuts and bolts,  and galvanized products. 

The steel firm produces and distributes a wide range of steel products which offer an innovative solution to a variety of markets with the quality requirements of Kenyan standards( KEBS), British standards (BS), and American standards ( ASTM). Steel makers was established in 1986 in Mombasa.  

It has branches in Nairobi, Athi River, and Kisumu. 

Company’s contact details:


Phone: +254720633733/ 0734633000

Location: Mombasa Rd, next to Alpha center 

6. Tononoka Steel 

Tononoka Steel is a privately owned company that started its operations in 1980 with the establishment of Tononoka Hardware Ltd, which grew to become a significant steel products supplier in the Kenyan market.

Over time, the company has earned a solid, reputable, and enviable position for providing responsive customer service and high-quality, cost-effective products. The company produces a variety of products, including

  • Guard rails
  • Open profiles
  • Steel sheets and plates
  • Beams
  • Hollow sections ( square and rectangular)
  • M.S. sheets
  • U channels 
  • Z-purlins 

Company’s contact details:


Phone: +254721470960

Location: Emabkasi, North Airport Rd. 

7. Insteel Limited 

For more than 25 years, Insteel Ltd has been in the steel manufacturing industry. The company improved its manufacturing processes throughout that time and included additional products and value-added products. 

Insteel company is part of the SAFAL group of companies. SAFAL was started to streamline the operations of numerous allied companies in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Angola.

The company manufactures a wide range of steel, including;

  • Black steel pipes
  • Steel structural profiles
  • Zed purlins,
  • Galvanized steel pipes

Company’s contact details;

Email: insteel@safalgroup.com 

Phone: +254734333163

Location: Industrial Area, Nairobi. 

8. Eldoret Steel Mills Limited 

Eldoret Steel Mills Ltd takes pride as one of Kenya’s biggest direct steel exporters. With over 40 years of expertise in the steel industry, the company exports its products to more than five countries worldwide and makes more than Ksh.1 billion annual income.  

The steel company is also a scrap metal dealer, sourcing it locally and exporting it to various countries worldwide. It deals with ferrous metals such as steel and nonferrous metals such as aluminum.  

Company’s contact details:

Email: info@eldoretsteel.com

Phone: +254-203894114/ +254- 532033398 

Location: Kambi Somali Rd, Eldoret. 

9. Tarmal steel 

Tarmal is an amazing success story in the steel industry. It was established over 25 years ago as a hardware shop, and it has grown to a company with an annual capacity of more than 100,000 metric tonnes, making it among the top steel manufacturers and allied products in East Africa.

Their mills have large production capacities enabling them to provide the highest quality at a reasonable price. Tarmal steel produces a wide range of products, including

  • Power steel
  • Farasi barbed wire
  • Galvanized plates
  • Farasi nails
  • Farasi BRC 
  • Flat bars

Company’s contact details:

Email: info@tarmalsteel.com

Phone:  +254729516172

Location: Mazeras, Mombasa

10. Bachu Industries Limited

Bachu was founded in 1996 as a family business. In 1997, the company expanded into the production of steel products. It was distinguished by the founding of its subsidiary firm, Accurate Steel Mills, which produces different steel products.  

Company’s contact detail;

Email: gurveer@bhachuind.co.ke/ info@bhachuindu.co.ke

Phone: +254720828604/ +254734120484

Location: Enterprise Rd, Nairobi.

Bottom Line 

Are you looking for a good steel manufacturing company to work with? Well, with any of the companies mentioned above, you can’t go wrong.  

They are only a few of the best companies; you’ll come across more in the market; don’t hesitate to choose any other suitable steel manufacturer you find.