7 Interesting Facts About Kitengela Glass Bridge

 The Kitengela glass bridge is currently one of the scariest bridges. The suspended swaying bridge hangs about 100 meters above a deep river valley connecting Masai lodge, Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art, and Silole Sanctuary. The bridge is made of wire and glass with gaps in the railing. Crossing can be scary, especially when you get in the middle, where the winds are sturdily swaying the bridge sideways. It’s not for the heart fainted nor tiny humans. From the Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art, those with adventurous spirit across the bridge await the neighboring Masai lodge, where you can have a meal and enjoy other amenities and exciting activities.

Alternatively, you can visit Masai lodge first, then take one of the numerous mosaic pathways that lead a swaying suspended glass bridge that links to the Kitengela Glass Art and Silole Sanctuary. The hanging swaying Glass Bridge was built by Nani Croze, a Dutch artist who settled here in the 1970s after falling in love with the environment.  

Nani Croze is also the owner and operator of Kitengela Glass Art, while her son Anselm Croze is the proprietor of Kitengela Hot Glass. The workshops are separate but share the grounds.

Below are three places that Kitengela Glass Bridge links.         

1. It Links to Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art

Nani's Kitengela glass art
Nani’s Kitengela glass art

Kitengela Glass was established in 1981 by Nani Croze. The artist is internationally recognized for her stained glass window and mosaic made of recycled glass. Kitengela Glass galleries are full of delightful artworks made using broken ceramic tiles, pieces of glass, and bottle tops.

Other items in Kitengela Glass include splendidly colorful chandeliers, misshapen bottles, kitchen glassware, decorated mirror flames, glass lampshade, exquisite beadworks, glass wind chime, and many other items.

Nani Croze has also built six getaway cottages available for rent. You can enjoy swimming, walking in the surrounding nature, camel and horse riding, precarious bridge walk, among others.

2. It Links to the Kitengela Hot Glass

Kitengela hot glass
Kitengela hot glass

Nani’s son, Anselm Croze, owns Kitengela Hot Glass. He started his successful workshop next to Nani’s. Visiting Anselm’s workshop, you can have a chance to be treated to a show of the glass blowing process used to make ornaments, kitchenware, chandeliers, and other items.

From Kitengela Glass, you can cross the glass bridge linking to either Masai lodge or Silole Sanctuary.

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3. It Links to Silole Sanctuary

Silole sanctuary
Silole sanctuary

Silole sanctuary is a private land connecting the Nairobi national park. The rich landscape of rolling plains is located between the Kiserian Rivers and the deep gorges of the Embakasi, just an hour’s drive from Nairobi. Silole is an ideal getaway from the busy City without traveling long distances and saving time and expenses.

It’s stretched in 400 acres of private land. The oasis is a home to 60 species of birds, species of mammal, and rich diversity of flora reflecting the various habitats found within it.

Activities in Silole include: rock climbing in the Rocky River gorges, swimming at the Masai lodge pool, walking on the glass bridge, and game driving in the Nairobi National Park, which is accessible through the Masai Gate, which opens on the Silole sanctuary.  

From Silole sanctuary, you can use the Kitengela Glass Bridge to get to Masai lodge. 

4. It Connects to Masai Lodge

Masai lodge
Masai lodge

Masai Lodge is a beautiful lodge located at river Mbagathi overlooking the Nairobi National Park with spectacular views of the park Nairobi City Skyline and Ngong Hills. It has over 40 years of unmatched hospitality.

Masai cottages are private getaways in the wild not far from the City. All people sharing rooms have splendid park views separated by a river between the National Park and the lodge. You get to spot the occasional wild animals with spectacular views from the comfort of the cottage balcony.

You will enjoy the animal spotting from the lodge, an arranged day trip to animal reserves, an expansive field to relax, and a swimming pool. It will take you ten minutes only to walk on the glass bridge to get to Silole sanctuary.

5. How Much Is Kitengela Glass Bridge Entrance Fee?

The Kitengela glass bridge entrance fee is Ksh. 150 or $1.5 per person. Swing Bridge walk is much more inexpensive compared to the fun, the adrenaline, the pleasure, and the feeling when walking across.

6. How to Get To the Scary Glass Bridge

To get to the Kitengela suspended swaying glass bridge, you have to visit either of these three places first, which are all linked by the bridge.

  1. Masai Lodge: you must get to Masai lodge then use one of the numerous pathways to the swaying Glass Bridge, leading you to either Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art or Silole sanctuary according to your desired destiny.

Direction to Masai Lodge

Masai Lodge is situated along Magadi Rd, Ongata Rongai, about 33km from Nairobi through airport road, 45km through A2, or 38km through Kangundo Rd. through the southern bypass and Magadi Road / C58 about 52 minutes.

  • Kitengela Glass Art: to get to the glass bridge, you must get to Kitengela Glass Art then walk on the Glass Bridge across to Masai lodge.

Direction to Kitengela Glass Art:  Kitengela glass art is near Rongai and close to Masai lodge. You have to pass Nazarene University and follow the signs. It’s from here you will be able to access the glass bridge.

  • Silole Sanctuary: You can also pass through Silole sanctuary to get to the Glass Bridge. You can walk on the bridge to Masai lodge and back from here.

Direction to Silole Sanctuary:  the easier way to get to the Silole sanctuary is via Masai Gate, which is on the south end of the park. Otherwise, drive down the Magadi Rd from Bomas of Kenya on the Lang’ata Rd, turn left off the tarmac; it’s a sign of Nazarene university and Masai lodge. Keep moving to the end of murram road for around six kilometers until you reach Masai Lodge. Turn off to Silole Villa & Silole Cottage is in the right immediately before Masai Lodge.  

From here, you can access the Glass Bridge and walk across to Masai lodge.

7. Lodges near Kitengela Glass Bridge

After a busy day of walking on the Glass Bridge, you can visit these getaway homes to relax and spend a night away from the busy City.

HomeRoomsCost per night
Masai LodgePark view rooms-14 rooms
Family rooms-2 bedrooms and a sitting room
Garden view rooms-27 rooms
Kitengela Glass Art $ CottagesPool house A
Pool house B
Cecilia guest house
Annex house
Lengai house
Masai house
 Silole cottageSilole cottage$100
Getaway homes in Kitengela

Bottom Line

Would you like to experience a scary moment on a hanging swaying Glass Bridge? If yes, the purpose of visiting the Kitengela Glass Bridge. Here I have guided you on how you can get to the place. You will have various other things to enjoy apart from a walk on the precarious bridge.

It’s not far from the City; therefore, you will save time and expenses. The charges to walk on the Glass Bridge should never hinder you from visiting the place. Their price is meager and affordable.