8 Interesting Things to Do at Wasini Island in Kenya

Wasini Island is located 75km south of Kenya’s coast and 3km opposite the harbor of village Shimoni.  The name “Wasini Mpunguti” was given to early Chinese inhabitants, which to the locals means short Chinese. Wasini Island is among the hidden gems in Kenya, and many people know it as “paradise on earth.” It’s a unique haven full of peace and tranquillity. A public ferry takes visitors to the island in just a few minutes. The inhabitants welcome them in a Swahili style “Karibu sana.” Today, you’ll know the interesting things to do at Wasini Island during your visit.

Wasini island can’t be accessed by cars; it only has a footpath of sharp old coal. Here is a list of exciting things to do at Wasini Island.

Things to do at Wasini Island and their costs.

Snorkeling-$45-$ 60 for seven people
Diving-$6900 for a single dive
-$100 for two dives
Dolphin tour-$95 for an adult and $ 45 for a child (non-residents)
-$70 for an adult and $ 35 for a child (east African residents)
Dhow sailing-$18 per person for one hour
cost of activities at Wasini Island

1. Snorkelling

Snorkeling at Wasini Island

Wasini Island is bounded by pristine coral reefs, offering an incredibly stunning underwater world perfect for snorkeling. Wasini is the best snorkeling area on Kenya’s coast.  Kisite National Marine Park is full of marine life like dolphins, multicolored fish, hard and soft corals, and beautiful sea turtles.

You will get to test the warm, clear blue waters of the oceans and swim among the fish living in the marine conservation area. You can bring along your waterproof camera to take photos.

2. Dolphin Tour

Board a boat to take you around for dolphin watching. Wasini Island is home to two species of dolphin: the more elusive humpback dolphin and the gregarious bottlenose dolphin. Both dolphin species can be observed in the Wasini area, with the humpback dolphin being most likely to be seen close to the Wasini shore and the bottlenose dolphin being more likely to be seen further offshore.

 Boat captains with years of experience will track the dolphins, and soon you will be following them around. If you are lucky, you will see dolphins jumping in and out of the water and sometimes fins hard on the water surface.

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3. Diving

Diving at Wasini Island

The vicinity of Wasini Island has more than ten fantastic dive sites ranging from 5 to 30m both outside and inside Kisite Mpunguti National Marine Park. Wasini Island has two dive centers with several independent dive instructors operating from the main village Wasini.

If it’s your first time diving, you will be guided by certified divers and explore the reefs. 

4. Dhow Tour

 You will board an exclusive private boat and sail for about one hour, searching for dolphins in the Kisite marine national park. This park is the second most famous marine park globally, led by the Australian marine park.  

You will have a chance to explore 30km of turtles, bear reefs, coral reefs, marine tortoises, and different types of marine fish.  Next, sail to Wasini Island for a lunch of Swahili dishes and seafood. 

5. Tour Around the Island

While at Wasini Island, a guide can take you around and experience the local Swahili culture and educate you about the Swahili people and their history.  Or you can just relax at the restaurant and enjoy the sea view and breeze.

6. Visit Coral Garden

While on the island, you can visit the coral garden, which comprises captivating fossilized coral structures, some reaching three meters in height. A boardwalk offers access to the garden even when the area is flooded during high tide.

If you are a swimmer, the garden will allow you to view beautiful corals, fish, dolphins, and other marine life. 

7. Visit Mangrove Boardwalk

It is located on the serene Wasini Island at the heart of the Shimoni-Vanga seascape. While at Wasini, you can walk along the incredible and relaxing mangrove trails before having a great traditional Swahili meal.

While at the boardwalk, you can look at clusters of gigantic fossil coral that resemble familiar animals like crocodiles and elephants.

8. Dhow Cruise

At the coral spirit restaurant in Shimoni is a magical sunset cruise. You will be able to watch the colors of the sky change from bright orange and blues to magnificent golden colors as you sip from your drink and sail toward the glimmering lights of the horizon of the Indian Ocean.

You will enjoy the silence and beauty of the ocean.

Where to Stay At Wasini Island   

There are several cottages spread out in the Wasini Coastline where you can spend the night after having fun all day.

Blue Monkey Beach Cottages

The cottages are located on the coast of Wasini Island. The cottages are surrounded by vegetation and are only a few meters away from the Indian Ocean. You may relax on the cliff’s sand beach and snorkel between the corals in front of your cottage.

The owner cooks delicious Swahili food served on a treetop terrace with spectacular lake views and will accompany you on private boat trips or island tours.

Wasini Sunrise Cottage

Wasini sunrise cottages are situated on Wasini Island, Shimoni. The lodge provides a beach view and easy access to Wasini Mpunguti Marine Park. It is a perfect place for tourists or guests on a shoestring budget.  

Wasini sunrise cottages have well-appointed spacious rooms, multi-cuisine all-day dining restaurant and bar, outdoor pool, swimming pool, and fitness center.

Wasini Mpunguti Lodge

The lodge is set in a tranquil atmosphere in Shimoni, a few meters away from Shimoni slave caves. It offers easy access to Mpunguti Island, Wasini Mpunguti Marine Park, and a fantastic beach view.

Each room has a fan for a cooling effect. Some rooms have ensuite showers, while others have shared bathrooms. If you want to prepare your meal you can occupy the self-contained rooms. The onsite restaurant serves continental and local meals. You can also order various drinks and beverages at the bar.

Bottom Line

Maybe you want to visit Wasini island, but you don’t know what you can do there.  The fact is that there is a variety of activities which will give you a lifetime memory.

You may be wondering if there are dolphins in Kenya. Or where you can swim with them. The good news is that there are many dolphins on the Kenyan coast. From Watamu-Malindi in the north to Shimoni-Wasini in the south, there are prominent dolphin spotting where you can go and enjoy swimming with these mammals.

With these interesting things to do at Wasini island, you’re ready to start exploring this prominent Kenyan Island.