Fast-Moving Beauty Products in Kenya

The beauty and cosmetic industry has become one of Kenya’s best investment hubs, pulling in big money. The sector is one of the fastest growing industries in Kenya, having expanded by 400% in four years, from Ksh 26 billion in 2017 to over Ksh 100 billion in 2021. Today, you’ll know the fast-moving beauty products in Kenya if you’re planning to start a beauty shop.

When it comes to makeup and beauty, everyone has their ride-or-die product. Cosmetics are essential in enhancing one’s inheritance of beauty and physical features. 

Whether it’s a signature scent, a statement bold lipstick, or a full converge foundation, we want to know which are fast-moving beauty products in Kenya. Here is a list comprising categories and subcategories of fast-moving beauty products in Kenya.

Skincare products

Facial care: acne treatments, face masks, facial cleansers, facial cleansing wipes, toners, anti-agers, scrubs and moisturizers, and treatments 

Body care: creams and soaps  

Makeup Products

Eye makeup: eyeliner/ pencil, eye shadow, and mascara.

Facial makeup: BB/CC creams, blusher/ bronzer/ highlighter, foundation/concealer, powder, setting spray, and primer.

Lip products: lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, and lip liner/pencil.

Nail products: Nail treatment/ strengthener, nail polish, and polish remover. 

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Hair Care Products

Hair care products are among the fast-moving beauty products in Kenya. These products include:

  • Colorants
  • Treatments
  • Perms
  • Relaxants
  • Shampoos
  • Hair oils
  • Styling agents


Fast-moving deodorants include:

  • Creams
  • Pumps
  • Roll-ons
  • Sprays
  • Sticks
  • Wipes

Hair Products

Some of the first moving hair products include wigs, weaves, braids


First-selling jewelry in Kenya includes bangles, necklaces, and earrings

Best Beauty Products Brands in Kenya 

The days when you had to ask your friend to bring you powder or lipstick from abroad because no good ones were available locally are long gone. Today, if you walk by any cosmetic shop, you will find equal if not more locally manufactured products on the shelves.

The country’s beauty market is expanding rapidly, and numerous brands have emerged that compete with international brands. But most people aren’t aware of these brands. So here is a list of beauty product brands in Kenya.

The list concentrates on distinctive, high-quality, and affordable products that are competitive locally and internationally. Following no order, here is the list of the best beauty products in Kenya.

Pauline Cosmetics 

Pauline cosmetics is a one-stop shop for foundations and powders for dark skin women. There’s no more walking with your face lighter than your neck because you couldn’t find anything to suit you.

Neither do you need to be bothered with the quality of these products. They have been tested and verified by powerful women like Caroline Mutoko and Wandia Gichuru a, CEO of Vivo Active Wear.

Dolce and Gabbana  

Dolce and Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house that is known worldwide. The cosmetic makeup line was launched in 2009. It incorporates gold in its line, both in the packaging and the actual product.

Apart from clothes, their makeup line includes products such as lipsticks, nail polishes, fragrances, and sparkling eye shadows.

Black Opal

Black opal is the best beauty of choice for Kenyan women with dark skin tones.  The brand, however, emphasized that the product should never be associated with black women only.

Black opal, therefore, works well for other skin tones as well. Since then, the brand has modified its packaging and debuted a new look for its products, including eye shadow palettes, powder, and foundations.


The Revlon make-up brands give you the essence of beauty, feminity, and creativity. Revlon’s vision and expertise are to reveal what makes every woman unique. The brand deals with fragrance, skincare, and personal care products.

Suzie Beautyamong others.

Suzie Wokabi is the owner of suzie beauty. She was the first to venture into manufacturing cosmetics locally.   

Her beauty products weren’t tested far away; they were tested in our tropical environment and on African skin. Her products include eye shadow, mascara, brushes, and lipstick.

Joanna K Cosmetics    

Joanna K Cosmetics’ tagline is ‘Be beautiful and bold.’ with their variety of red lippies and interesting combination of shades on their eyebrow palette, they have achieved just that.

The most heartwarming part of the joanna K CCosmetics story is that we all watched her grow from a young beauty influencer on Facebook to owning a thriving business.   


English designer Gareth Pugh is the owner of the MAC makeup brand. His inspiration is to draw anything and everything, from rocks to butterfly wings. MAC  products include powder, lip gloss, cream shadows, eyeliner, lipstick, fake lashes, and makeup bag.

The collection has a unique, traditional MAC packaging with a geometric X embedded in it.     

LA Cosmetics 

LA Cosmetics is a fearless makeup brand that produces unmatched quality makeup at amazing prices. The brand prides itself on being an expert of color and innovation enthusiasts.

LA Cosmetics has professional makeup and beauty products such as primer, lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and blushes.

Mary Kay    

Mary Kay is a make-up brand based in Kenya, and it’s common among Kenyan women. The brand is among the largest direct sellers of advanced skin care products.  They also offer make-up tips and tutorials on their youtube channel.

The brand has a wide array of products which include mascara, foundation, sunscreen, powder, and many more.


If you’re looking for ideal makeup at a pocket-friendly price, then Milani products are your go-to. Milani beauty products include nail color, and face makeup, among other full range of top makeup products.

Their products are created for women of all ages, personalities, and styles.

Huddah Cosmetic 

The list would be incomplete without Huddah Monroe’s cosmetic line.  Alhuda Njoroge, also known as Huddah Monroes, a well-known Kenyan socialite turned entrepreneur, recently launched her cosmetic collection of lipstick in four labels; Angel, Jazmine, King, and Royalty. She is planning to expand her brand to include eyeshadows.  

Where to Buy Beauty Products in Kenya

When it comes to looks, beauty products are essential. Generally, women are the ones interested in beauty items. In this era, it has become instrumental for modern women to be clear on products to use.

The products must be of the highest quality and best brand to bring out the best. Therefore it’s critical to know where to get these products. Below are some places and dealers where you can buy beauty products in Kenya.  

Best lady Cosmetics

Best lady cosmetics are known countrywide. They have high-quality, affordable, and up-to-date products, which make them popular. They also have branches in various parts of the country, making it a favorite of the people.

Oriflame Spo Nairobi    

Oriflame is well known for its fantastic beauty products and incredible specialized collections. This store has some of the best and fast-moving beauty products in Kenya. They have a team of suppliers who supply beauty and cosmetic products all over the country.

 This store also has great deals and offers to ensure beauty needs are well met, making them a great place to buy beauty products in Kenya.

Chelsea Beautique Kenya   

Chelsea boutique is your one-stop shop for top-range makeup and beauty products. They are world-class specialists in bringing a variety of beauty products. From lashes and eyebrows to essentials, they have it all covered for the modern woman’s needs. 

The shop is located at Garden City Mall.

Modena Wholesale Beauty Shop

It’s a great cosmetic wholesale shop offering affordable beauty products for individuals and retailers. The shop is located at Eastleigh.

Bottom Line  

If you’re looking forward to starting a cosmetic business in Kenya, there are several things you need to consider if you want your business to be profitable. First, you have to identify the first moving beauty products. Another essential thing to consider is where you can get the products at a fair price.

This blog will help you determine the products to sell and where you can get them at the affordable princess.