How to Reverse MPESA Transaction the Right Way

“To err is human.” We are all bound to make mistakes in this life, one of them is sending money to the wrong MPESA recipient. It is daunting to have your hard-earned cash because you mistook a digit while sending money to someone. However, worry not as Safaricom has made it easy to reverse money sent to the wrong number. Read on to find out how to reverse MPESA quickly.

Here are the 5 methods you can use to reverse MPESA:

  1. Using 456 SMS code
  2. The confirm number method
  3. MPESA Agent
  4. Calling customer care
  5. Safaricom online

1. How to reverse MPESA using 456 code

This is the easiest and fastest method to reverse an MPESA transaction. Immediately you realize that the money was sent to the wrong person, take the following steps:

  • Go to the MPESA transaction message you received after sending the money.
  • Copy the message then go to compose new message and paste the copied message.
  • Send the message to the number 456. This prompts Safaricom to start an immediate MPESA reversal process.

For this method to succeed, you should do it as soon as you realize the money was sent to the wrong person. This is to ensure that the person does not withdraw the cash before a reversal.

Safaricom will contact you with information about the progress of the reversal. Depending on the time of the day, it may take up to two hours for the reversal to complete. However, if the reversal request was made at night, you will have to be patient until the following morning.

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2. Reversing an MPESA by confirming the number

Safaricom has made it easy for MPESA users to confirm the recipient before sending money.

After entering the transaction details in MPESA, Safaricom gives you up to 25 seconds to confirm the details.

Immediately you press send, a notification will pop up on the screen with the recipient details. The notification will show you the name and the number of the person you are sending the money to. You have 25 seconds to read and confirm. If you notice from the name that it is not the person you want to send the money, just press any key to cancel the transaction.

You should know that if you delay past 25 seconds, the transaction will be completed.

3. How to reverse MPESA transaction through an MPESA agent

After a wrong MPESA transaction, you can visit an MPESA agent and ask him/her for support. An agent can assist in tracking the location of the person who received the money and thus, assist in recovering the cash.

You will need proof that you are the owner of the said transaction. To do this, you can provide the MPESA message you received after sending the money. In case the message is deleted, just request an MPESA statement to get the transaction code.

4. Reversing an MPESA transaction by calling customer care

Calling Safaricom customer care is another effective method you can use to reverse a wrong MPESA transaction. Immediately you realize that you sent money to the wrong person, press 100 or 234 from your Safaricom line to call customer care.

After making this call, you will be asked to follow some voice prompts. However, after these prompts, you will speak to one of Safaricom’s customer care personnel. The attendant will ask you some questions then take you through the reversal process.

5. How to reverse MPESA transaction through Safaricom online

Online MPESA reversal

You can initiate an MPESA reversal through Safaricom’s website. Here is the procedure for this:

  • Head over to Safaricom’s online portal
  • Click the zuri live chat on the right-hand side of the page
  • A pop-up will appear with the necessary instructions to follow.
  • Provide all the required details like your name and the mobile number you used to transact.
  • You will be notified of the progress and the relevant steps you should take.

What happens if the money has already been withdrawn?

It is possible that the recipient withdrew the money immediately they received it. If this is the case, then you will not be able to recover the money immediately. At this point, you will have to take further actions to recover the money.

You will have to take up the matter with the police and Safaricom. People have been jailed in the past for refusing to surrender money sent to them wrongly. Although it is a tedious process, it is worth it as you will be able to recover your hard-earned cash when the suspect gets arrested.

Final Words

Sending money to the wrong person happens unexpectedly. With the challenges of life, you may not want your hard-earned cash to get lost. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when making MPESA transactions.

A rule of thumb is to always check twice before signing off any MPESA transaction.

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