How To Start a Pool Table Business in Kenya

Starting a pool table business in Kenya can be challenging. You need to identify the right location, market the business, and be in line with market competition. Your business is doomed to fail if you don’t know how to go about it and win the market. For these reasons, I’ve compiled everything on how to start a pool table business in Kenya to help you get started.

To start a pool table business in Kenya, you need to have enough starting capital, identify a suitable location, and acquire pool table licenses. You’re ready to go if you have these essentials as no one will come to disturb your business.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to start a profitable pool table business in Kenya. From selecting the best location to the starting capital, you’ll get all the needed details. Keep reading to start your pool table business the right way!

How To Start a Poll Table Business in Kenya

Here are the steps to start and run a pool table business in Kenya.

Identify a Suitable Location

To start a thriving pool table business, you must find a strategic business location. The venture does well in areas where the population is young. However, as per the rules of Betting Control and Licensing, ensure that your customers are over 18 years. 

For instance, you can start the pool table business around universities and colleges. Pubs or restaurants are also ideal locations to set up the business.

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Obtain Pool Table Business Licence 

The Betting Control and Licensing Commission regulates the pool table sector in Kenya. To run a pool table business, you must have specific permission.

To acquire a pool table business license, you’ll have to pay Ksh.5000 per machine and an application fee of Ksh. 250 per machine. The license is valid for one year, after which you’ll have to renew it.

Cost of Starting Pool Table Business in Kenya

To set up a pool table business in Kenya requires at least Ksh.30,000. The cost of a pool table ranges anywhere between Ksh.20,000 and Ksh. 80,000 depending on the material and quality.

With Ksh. 30,000, you can get a good second-hand machine. Below is a breakdown of the startup costs for a pool table business in Kenya.

  •  Rent- approximately Ksh.10,000
  • License fee-Ksh.5000
  • Application fee-Ksh.250 
  • Pool table machine- Ksh. 40,000(second-hand)
  • Pool table attendant fee- Ksh.300 daily

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Is Pool Table Profitable in Kenya?

The pool table business is profitable if you get a regular customer flow. You can make about Ksh.1,000 daily. 

The business is very easy to operate because it’s not a must you be around. You are only required to set up the pool table machine, and customers will deposit money to unlock the pool table when they come.    

Ensure your coin machine is functioning well; otherwise, you might lose a lot of money. 

Factors To Consider When Buying a Pool Table

Before spending your hard-earned money to buy a pool table machine, here are essential factors you should consider first. 

Cost of The Pool Table

Pool tables are usually priced depending on the materials used in their construction. High-quality and durable materials such as slate would make the pool table expensive.

However, some dealers sell their items at higher prices regardless of the materials used. Shop around and compare prices from different pool table dealers before deciding to buy it.

Transport Cost  

Another essential factor that you should never ignore is the transport cost. Pool tables are bulky and might cost you a lot of money to transport. Always factor in transportation costs when negotiating your preferred pool table dealer.

It will be best if they can provide free delivery to your doorstep. 

Material of The Pool Table

One of the essential factors to consider is the qualities of the material used to construct the pool table. The most common preferred material is a slate marble top. The material is durable and comes at a higher price than plywood and wood-top pool tables.

Pool Table Accessories 

New pool tables are usually sold together with their accessories, such as balls, triangles, and cue sticks.  Be careful as some dealers might try to sell you accessories separately from the pool table. You should avoid such dealers unless they are selling second-hand pool tables.

Pool Table Nature 

If you’re working on a tight budget, you should consider purchasing a second-hand pool table. Confirm if the dealer is selling used pool tables. They are usually sold at a lower cost than new ones. 

Best Pool Table Dealers in Kenya

Now that you know things to consider when buying a pool table, here are some pool table dealers you can consult when you need one. 

Pool Tables Kenya

Pool Table Kenya is a reputable dealer of high-quality, imported tournament standard pool tables at reasonable prices. The prices of their wooden top and slate pool tables range between Ksh.37,000 and Ksh.95,000. 

To place an order for their pool tables, contact them through;

Phone: 0716502167


Pool Masters 

Pool masters was founded in 1997, and it’s among the top pool table dealers in Kenya. They deal with various pool tables, such as slate and wooden tables. Also, they sell pool table accessories like Tips, Pool balls, Tokens, Chalks, and Triangles.

In addition to the East African market, pool master exports its items to various countries worldwide. The countries include Saudia Arabia, Brazil, Ghana, and Oman.

The dealer has three branches in different parts of the country. The main branch which hosts the workshop is situated along Juja road in Nairobi. The other two branches are located in Kisii town along Kisumu road and Eldoret town along Uganda town.

To order their items visit their website. Alternatively, you can reach them by telephone: 0721669064 or 0726929068 or email:

Zion Pool Tables

Zion pool table is located in Eldoret. They deal with various imported and locally made pool tables. They also sell accessories like straight six coin machines, which cost Ksh.15000 each.

If you wish to order with them, you may contact them; telephone:  0720251452. 

Destiny Pool Technologies

They are located in Kisumu city and deal with the sale and distribution of pool tables. They also sell accessories such as pool table velvet tops and Cue sticks.

For inquiries and orders, you can call or Whatsapp them on  0710400485.

Bottom Line  

The pool table business is among the easiest businesses to operate. You don’t have to be there or employ an attendant. You’re only required to set up the pool table so that customers can deposit coins for the pool table to open.

I hope this guide on how to start a pool table business in Kenya has made it easier for you to figure out how to start.