List of Expensive things Owned by William Ruto

Kenya’s Deputy President William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto is a man of means. He has risen through the ranks, from a chicken seller to being among the richest people not only in Kenya but also in Africa. The Deputy President has described himself as a “Hustler” who is street-smart. Certainly, Mr. Ruto is street-smart if his enormous wealth is something to go by. Currently, Mr. Ruto traverses the country in the most expensive helicopters. Additionally, he is known to dish out millions in most of the Harambees in the country. His heart of giving is among the many reasons hustlers and the youth in the country are following him. Here is a list of expensive things owned by William Ruto.

1. William Ruto’s Palatial Home in Moiben

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William Ruto’s mansion in Moiben, Uasin Gishu is estimated at a whooping Ksh. 1.2B Moreover, the mansion is complete with a private airstrip. The mansion sits on a 20-acre piece of land which s part of the 700 acres of land bought by the Deputy President in Moiben. The palatial home features the main house, a guest wing, two swimming pools, a library, gym, servant’s quarters, and other lavish facilities. As a result, this is one of the expensive things owned by the DP.

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2. Mansion in Karen


Apart from his Moiben mansion, the deputy President also owns a lavish mansion in Nairobi’s Karen. The mansion stands on a 10-acre piece of land. Moreover, the mansion has an office block, a garage, gazebo, swimming pool, a generator house, staff residence among others. The cost of putting up this house was Ksh. 450 million.

3. AMACO Insurance


William Ruto is the major shareholder at AMACO insurance. This insurance company makes millions every month, thus, as the main shareholder, Mr. Ruto walks home with a large sum of money from the company. This is said to be among the main sources of income for Mr. Ruto. As a result, Ruto was smart for taking the initiative to invest in this company.

4. Hublot Watch


This is a Swiss luxurious watch owned by few individuals in the world. That is to say, not many can afford its cost, the reason as to why only a few own it. The watch retails at an approximate price of Ksh. 2.6 million. If you are working in public service, it will take you 5 years to accumulate such an amount. Some of the people who own such a watch are the footballer legend Diego Maradona, Usain Bolt, and Jay Z.

5. 680 Hotel


The iconic Six eighty Hotel is estimated at Ksh. 3B. It is located in Nairobi’s CBD. The Deputy President bought the hotel in 2019 for Ksh.3b. However, during the purchase, Mr. Ruto paid half the amount, with the remaining set to be paid as agreed. Owning such kind of a hotel in Kenya’s capital is evidence that doctor William Ruto is a man of means.

6. Several Eurocopter Helicopters


Mr. Ruto is believed to be a proud owner of 3 eurocopter helicopters. These helicopters are among the expensive things owned by William Ruto as each is estimated at Ksh. 300 million. Therefore, the self-proclaimed hustler spent more than Ksh. 900 million to acquires these luxurious choppers. These are the choppers the second in command uses to travel across the country for his fund-raising and other activities. Apart from this, he also leases them to people and cooperates in the country for a good amount of money. As a result, he makes a lot of money from these.

7. Weston Hotel


This expensive hotel is estimated at Ksh. 2b and is owned by William Ruto. It is located on Langata Road, opposite Wilson airport. It is a 4-star hotel that is decorated and fully furnished to meet the requirements of a modern-day hotel. Guests may decide to dine at its Lelai restaurant, have a feel of the VIP lounge, relax on the Sauna or the outdoor pool, sip cocktails at club Weston, or indulge in the traditional afternoon Kenyan tea. Therefore, this is a luxurious hotel you should purpose to visit.

8. Expensive Cars

Lexus LX570

As said earlier, William Ruto is a man of means with a test of high-end cars. The deputy president owns a fleet of Range Rovers and Toyota Landcruiser V8s. Moreover, these high-end cars are customized based on his taste, thus, they are more expensive as compared to the non-customized ones. One such Range Rover goes for Ksh. 20 million. As a result, the DP owns cars that only a few people in the country can afford.

On most occasions, the DP has been seen in the Lexus LX570. According to close sources allied to the Deputy President, the Lexus LX570 is DP’s favorite car. As a result, he feels safe using this car when attending his functions. This has been customized to meet the security standards for a high-ranking government official like the Deputy President. Due to its customization, the car’s price is estimated close to Ksh. 35 million.

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9. Other Expensive Properties Owned by William Ruto

The Deputy President has a range of other properties apart from the ones listed herein. Some of these expensive properties include Otata enterprises limited, a residential property along Jogoo road, a home in Ongata Rongai, and a house in Elgon view in Eldoret. Apart from these, the Deputy President has also invested in the transport industry and also owns apartments in Pipeline Nairobi.

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