List of M-KOPA Phones and Prices in 2024

Do you want to own a phone but are hindered by the lack of funds? Don’t fret, because M-KOPA will help you out. With a lower deposit than the actual phone price and daily or weekly micropayments, you will own a quality and reliable phone. This article looks into the M-KOPA phones and prices for you to see the possibility of owning your dream phone that seemed inaccessible due to limited funds.

About M-KOPA 

M-Kopa is a company extending pay-as-you-go financing for items like smartphones, TVs, and solar panels to low-income individuals. This program has given many access to different modes of Nokia and Samsung phone models affordably. 

The customers pay a specific deposit upfront and then carry the product home while the balance is paid in daily installments for 365 days (1 year). Payments are made through mobile money services such as Airtel Money, Safaricom Mpesa, and T-kash. Non-payment of the daily installments leads to phone locking through the Samsung Knox security feature.

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M-KOPA Phones and Prices

M-KOPA has a wide range of two-model phones, Samsung smartphones and Nokia smartphones. While there are prospects for additional models in the future, the current models are durable and high-performing. Here are the M-KOPA phones and prices:

Phone ModelDeposit (Ksh)Daily installment (Ksh)Total amount (Ksh)
Nokia C126993515,474
Nokia C1032994017,899
Nokia 1.439995022,249
Nokia C2039994520,424
Nokia C2139995022,249
Nokia 21 Plus44996528,224
Nokia G1036996025,599
Nokia G2049997030,549
Nokia G50949914060,599
Nokia X10799910044,499
Samsung A0234995523,574
Samsung A0334996025,399
Samsung AO3s39996527,724
Samsung A1359999038,849
Samsung A23749910043,999
Samsung A331099917073,049
M-KOPA Phones and their prices

Why M-KOPA Phones?

Some of the reasons you should consider M-KOPA phones include:


You’ll make payments in daily installments starting from Ksh 40. As long as you are “in credit” daily, no extra payment is needed, and your phone will remain unlocked.

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Low Upfront Cost

The deposit is significantly lower than the retail price. It is usually 10% to 15 % lower than the phone’s total financed cost. The deposit ensures that the M-KOPA phones are offered to customers who are committed to pay the daily micropayments.

Provision to Cancel

If you want to cancel an M-KOPA phone acquiring agreement, you can return it to the company’s service center. When you return it before 30 days, you’ll receive a full upfront payment and a 50% when you return within 90 days. With this provision, you are assured of safety if along the agreement process you have financial hurdles that make it challenging to make the daily payments. 

Flexible Payment

M-KOPA’s payment plans are designed to be flexible, catering to different income levels. You can make small, incremental payments (daily, weekly, or monthly), making it easier to afford a smartphone without a substantial initial investment. When comfortable financially, you can top-up your account for several days based on the phone model’s daily credit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I finish paying for the M-KOPA phone?

After fully paying the M-KOPA phone, you’ll no longer pay your installments. You’ll also get a certificate of ownership, which verifies that you are the legal owner of the phone and will be helpful in case of loss or theft. 

How do I check for the M-KOPA balance?

To check the M-KOPA balance, use your M-KOPA phone and dial *685# or SMS ‘balance’ to 22201. Then, wait for the message showing your current balance and other relevant information. Otherwise, you can contact customer care to help you out.

How can I check my eligibility for M-KOPA phones?

To check eligibility, visit an M-KOPA agent or branch with your Safaricom line. You will be presented with a list of the available phone models showing their deposit amount and the expected micropayments. According to your financial capabilities, you’ll know whether you can undertake the M-KOPA agreement.

What happens if I default on the M-KOPA installment payment?

If you default on the M-KOPA installment payments, your phone will be deactivated until you settle the outstanding balance. Lack of payment for an extended time will affect future loans or transactions with M-KOPA until you have paid full due balance.