List of Watu Credit Phones and Their Prices in 2024

Owning a quality and reliable phone is a desire for many people. However, the challenge of limited finances to purchase hinders the fulfillment of this desire. If you aspire to get that dream smartphone, don’t fret—Watu Credit offers lipa mdogo mdogo phones at flexible and affordable plans. With a low initial deposit, you can walk home with a 5G Samsung smartphone. This article highlights a list of Watu credit phones and their prices to help you make an informed decision.

The Requirement to Get Watu Credit Phones

  • No unsettled loan with Watu credit for motorbikes, cars, or another phone
  • A minimum of 18 years
  • Next of kin contact details ( they must be traceable online for verification)
  • Mobile money active line that serves as your account number for transactions
  • A deposit for the selected phone
  • An original identification card (abstracts or waiting cards are not allowed)

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The Onboarding Process for Watu Credit Phones

  1. Head to a Watu Simu authorized store. 
  2. Choose a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that’s specifically compatible with Watu’s services. 
  3. Begin the process by obtaining pre-approval for your application. 
  4. Complete your purchase with a down payment, and expect a brief 5-10-minute wait for the verification process. 
  5. Once the verification is complete, your phone will be fully activated, and you can leave the store with your new device, ready for use.

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Watu Deposit Phones and Prices

Watu has a variety of Samsung phone models available for their customers. Here are the Watu deposit, phones, and prices:

Phone modelDeposit (Ksh)Weekly payment (Ksh)Monthly payment (Ksh)
Samsung A03 Core3,8005072,028
Samsung A04E (64GB/3GB)4,9006722,688
Samsung A04S(128GB/4GB)5,5009023,608
Samsung A13 (64GB/4GB)5,7007733.092
Samsung A13 (128GB/4GB)5,7009123,648
Samsung A04S(128GB/4GB)5,9009643,856
Samsung A14(128GB/4GB)6,3001,0524,208
Samsung A14(64GB/4GB)6,8009103,640
Samsung A23(64GB/4GB)8,0009953,980
Samsung A23(128GB/4GB)8,0001,1524,608
Samsung A24(128GB/4GB)8,9001,1174,468
Samsung A24(128GB/6GB)8,9001,2715,084
Samsung A34(128GB/6GB)13,0001,7286,912
Samsung A54(128GB/6GB)16,5002,0548,216
Samsung A54(256GB/8GB)16,5002,2078,828
Samsung A23(256GB/8GB)31,0003,77915,116
Samsung S23 Plus
Samsung S23 Ultra(256GB/12GB)48,0005,09620,384
Samsung S23 Ultra(512GB/12GB)48,0005,61622,464
Watu Credit phones and their payment plans

Advantages of Watu Credit Phones

Watu Simu offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for customers. These advantages include:

  • Affordable Deposits: Watu Simu provides budget-friendly deposit options, making it accessible to many customers. This affordability ensures more people can access quality smartphones without breaking the bank.
  • Quality Assurance: The company prioritizes quality by offering brand-new and original Samsung smartphones. This commitment to quality ensures that customers receive value for their money and can rely on their devices.
  • Customer Support: Watu Simu is dedicated to excellent customer support. They assist and guide customers, promptly address their queries and concerns, and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Flexibility: Watu Simu offers flexible payment plans for smartphone models, catering to different preferences and needs, whether for work, entertainment, or communication. With each phone, you get access to its storage capacity.
  • Transparency: Watu Simu maintains transparency in its operations, ensuring that customers are fully informed about terms, pricing, and any associated fees. This transparency fosters trust and confidence among customers.
  • 7-day grace Period: Watu Simu provides a grace period of a week of free use after paying the deposit. During this time, the customer tests the phone before making the weekly or monthly payments. This policy demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Screen Repairs: Watu Simu offers screen repair services at a discounted price to all its customers at any verified Samsung repair center. The offer is applicable for A54, A34,A24,A23,A14 and A13. This service ensures that customers have a reliable solution for damaged phones while saving them money and prolonging their devices’ life.