10 Reasons you Should Visit Palouse Falls State Park

The Palouse Falls State Park is a must-see destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. The park has everything from lush forests to stunning waterfalls and breathtaking views of the Snake River. It’s also very close to home, just 2 hours away from Spokane! This post discusses some of our favorite things about visiting Palouse Falls State Park, as well as why we love it so much!

People come to Palouse Falls State Park for various reasons. Some people are drawn in by the waterfalls and rapids while others enjoy hiking on the numerous trails. If you’re visiting with your family, there is plenty of space to relax at one of our picnic areas or campgrounds! Whatever brings you here, we hope that this post will make you want to visit Palouse Falls State Park!

The following are the reasons you should visit Palouse Falls State Park:

  1. Hiking Experience
  2. Nature’s Playground
  3. Animal Sighting
  4. Breathtaking Views
  5. Spiced Breeze
  6. Encounter Counless Waterfalls
  7. Nature at its Best
  8. Plenty of Picnic Areas
  9. The park is just two hours away from Spokane
  10. Exposure to rapids
Name Palouse Falls State Park
Location46.663888, -118.227207, Washington
Entrance Fee$12 per day; $30 annually
Park Hours6 Am to Dusk
Waterfall Height200 feet (61m)
Palouse Falls State Park Facts

1. Hiking Experience

Hiking trails at Palouse falls state park
Hiking trails at the park

Palouse Falls State Park offers a variety of hiking experiences for you to choose from. There are over 30 miles of trails that wind their way through the forest and lead right up to some spectacular waterfalls. You’re sure to be in awe when you see these majestic wonders!

The winding of the trails alone is enough to keep you intrigued for hours. As you hike, the park provides an opportunity for you to interact with the different aspects of the environment. Here, you will come across the full ecosystem of the forest.

A leisurely stroll will give you an opportunity to take in all of this natural beauty, as well as a chance for some animal spotting! The park doubles up as a great spot for birders with more than 300 species that have been sighted here.

The trails are not guided, which means that it is up to the visitor how long they want their experience in this park to be. You can spend hours hiking and exploring, or you could choose a short jaunt through the woods! The choice is yours!

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2. Nature’s Playground

The Palouse Falls State Park is a great place to enjoy nature. It’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to explore and spend time with family or friends in an environment that is untouched by human interference.

The park features a spectacular natural playground, with a variety of sights and sounds to enjoy. The thrilling aspect of this playground is that it is not neated artificially. Therefore, you are sure that once here, you will experience the wonder of God’s creation untouched by human beings.

3. Animal Sighting

Animal sighting joints at Palouse falls state park
Animal sighting joints at the state park

If hiking isn’t your thing, Palouse Falls State Park also has plenty for animal lovers too. There are many opportunities for animal sightings in the park, with more than 300 species of birds that have been sighted here. Apart from birds, the park is also host to a number of other creatures, including the elusive snowshoe hare.

The park’s natural outlook provides an excellent opportunity for you to sight the animals. This ensures that you can see these animals in their natural habitat rather than in a zoo or some other man-made enclosure.

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4. Breathtaking Views

The views from this state park are breathtaking. You can enjoy scenic views of the Snake River as well as some stunning vistas that look out over farmlands and cattle ranches.

The good thing about these views is that they are never the same. You can come back to this park again and again and it will always be a new experience for you!

5. Spiced Breeze

The Palouse Falls State Park is also known as “the land of the spiced breeze.” The area has been given such a name because of its cool, dry climate which lends itself to a very pleasant experience. This dry climate means that the air is crisp and clean, with an aroma of rich sagebrush in the breeze.

The spiced breeze creates an appealing environment for visitors as well as locals who call this place home. If you are looking for a place to go and cool your body, outside human interference, Palouse Falls State Park is the place. While here, you can enjoy the full breeze without the worry of things like smog.

6. Encounter countless waterfalls

Palouse falls state park hiking waterfalls
Palouse falls state park waterfalls

Palouse Falls State Park is known for its spectacular waterfalls. Here, you will find yourself in the company of some of nature’s most awesome creations.

Many people enjoy coming to this park just for the sake of exploring these waterfalls. You can also take advantage of the hiking trails that wind their way through a variety of different environments and lead up close and personal with these magnificent sights!

7. Nature at its best

This state park is where you will find a wide range of different habitats. There are montane forests with pines and cedars, sub-alpine meadows, open tundra landscapes as well as boreal shrubs like kinnikinnick or salmonberry bushes! It’s clear that Palouse Falls State Park is a place that offers something for everyone.

8. Plenty of Picnic Areas

Palouse Falls State Park has plenty of picnic areas scattered throughout the park for visitors to use. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages with you, or enjoy what is available at any of the restaurants on site!

No matter how long a stay you have here, Palouse Falls State Park will provide an experience that everyone can enjoy.

9. The Park is just two hours away from Spokane

Palouse Falls State Park is just two hours away from Spokane, and the drive there won’t disappoint you. You can expect to be blown away by all of this park has to offer!

If you are planning to visit the park, you should not be worried about accommodation as there are plenty of hotels nearby. Moreover, because it is very close to Idaho, you are assured of your security at all times.

10. Exposure to Rapids

The Snake River that flows through Palouse Falls State Park is a great place to swim. You can find yourself near the rapids and experience the force of nature for yourselves as it crashes against you. The water here has been pleasantly cool, so be prepared with your bathing suit!

The rapids will give you a good workout. Even though the water is cool, it offers a refreshing break from the heat that you may be feeling at this point in your day!

Important Consideration

Before visiting Palouse Falls State Park, there are some things you should know. I decided to cover these in the article so as to prevent any inconveniences on your side. This will ensure that your trip to the Park is convenient.

Pets are not Allowed

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on any of the trails within Palouse Falls State Park. This does mean you will need to make some prior arrangements in order for your pet to be able to come with you. What you can do to bring your pet along is to make sure that they are in a pet carrier or on a leash at all times.

If this is something that could potentially stop you from visiting, it might not hurt to look into other hiking locations nearby where pets are welcome!

Admission Fee

Admission fees are $12 per car or driver and $0.75 per passenger. This fee covers you for the entire day, so if you want to come back and explore more of this park at a later time, there’s no need to pay again! However, if you would wish to pay annually, you will be charged $30.

This is one of Washington State Parks that has an admission fee but it is worth every penny because of all the things the park offers its visitors.


Palouse Falls State Park is a hidden gem for those who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want a break from all that noise, this place will provide it in spades! There’s plenty of places for visitors to explore as well as picnic areas where they can enjoy their lunch outside.

This park is just two hours away from Spokane, and admission to the state park costs $12 per vehicle. If you are looking for a place that will offer something new every time you visit, this is it!

There’s no need to worry about accommodation because there are plenty of hotels nearby as well as campgrounds within the park itself.