The Top 13 Adoption Agencies in Kenya

Whatever your reasons are, you can only adopt a child in Kenya if you meet all the legal requirements. The first step is to locate a registered and licensed child adoption agency in Kenya. This is where knowing the top adoption agencies in Kenya comes in handy to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. 

Although there are many adoption agencies in Kenya, some are fake and can get you in trouble with the authorities. That’s why we want to discuss the top adoption agencies in Kenya to keep you on the safe side. Keep reading! 

 The Top 13 Adoption Agencies in Kenya?

Can you give an adopted child proper attention mentally, physically, and financially? Are you ready to handle the difficult child adoption process? If so, you can contact a registered adoption agency in Kenya to begin the process. Here are the top adoption agencies in the country:

1. The Kenya Children’s Homes Adoption Society

One of the most reliable organizations is Kenya Children’s Homes Adoption Society. Running under the supervision of the Adoption Committee of Kenya, this adoption agency began in 2005. 

Whether you are a Kenyan citizen or a foreigner, you can get a child via the Kenya Children’s Homes Adoption Society. You can also give up your child for adoption via the agency’s help. 

The duly registered agency carries out its work in complete compliance with the Kenyan child adoption law. Many past users were happy with the assistance they got from the agency, based on their online reviews. To get in touch, send an email to 

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2. Imani Children’s Home

One of the longest-standing shelters for abandoned kids in Nairobi is Imani Children’s Home. The facility is in the Soweto area in Kayole, Embakasi. Imani rescues orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished street kids. 

It provides them with shelter, food, clothes, and a good education. Imani boasts a comprehensive support system that helps raise kids with good morals, spiritual knowledge, and high self-esteem. 

Along with raising and rehabilitating needy children, Imani runs a child adoption program. Contact the owners online if you want to know more about its baby adoption program,

You can also discover how to become part of this noble cause, including volunteering and donating. 

3. Buckner Kenya

Buckner Kenya

Buckner is an agency with a broad network since it operates in Nairobi, Kitale, and Busia. The international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It loves destitute children in Kenya and many other nations. 

Buckner Kenya not only provides a safe and comfortable home to vulnerable kids. It also preaches a gospel of hope to help transform their behaviors and lives. 

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of this institution. Buckner Kenya provides child adoption services as well. If you plan to adopt a child in Kenya, approach Buckner Kenya for assistance. 

  • Contact: 0710 287 302/0733 713 001/0796 333 444
  • Email: If you prefer to call, contact Buckner Kenya via. 

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4. The Little Angels Network Society

Among the top adoption agencies in Kenya is the Little Angels Network Society. Similar to Buckner Kenya, this adoption agency relies on Christian values to nurture its destitute kids

Existing since 2001, the Little Angels Network is among the oldest adoption agencies in Kenya. In its humble beginnings, the agency’s focal point was to care for vulnerable one to three-year-old kids. 

Today, it rescues kids who have lost their parents to the HIV/AIDs pandemic. It also saves kids going through sexual abuse, mistreatment, and abandonment. Able to do adoptions in Kenya and outside the country, the Little Angels Network Society is so convenient. 

It also welcomes the society members who want to have their kids adopted. 

  • Contact: +254 786 941 326/+254 790 894 669/+254 729 914 326/+254 791 419 663
  • Email:
  • Location: Kamirembe Place, First Floor, on Ring Road 

5. Kenyans to Kenyans Peace Initiative

Another NGO that does child adoption in Kenya is the Kenyans to Kenyans Peace Initiative. Founded sixteen years ago, KKPI is duly licensed to re-introduce destitute kids to society. 

The organization focuses on orphans or kids who have become destitute due to abandonment by their caregivers. 

Apart from offering foster care to these vulnerable kids, the Kenyans to Kenyans Peace Initiative also find adoptive parents for them. If you can adopt one or more of their destitute children, speak to their customer support staff today. Do the same if you need an adoptive family for your child. 

  • Contact: +254 725 475 208
  • Location: Ground Floor, Room 14, at Kogo Star Plaza off Mai-Mahiu RD, Nairobi. 

6. Hope House Babies Adoption Agency

Hope House Babies has become the most sought-after adoption agency in Kenya. It belongs to Australian Christian missionaries. The agency has significantly enlarged since it began in 2002 with only two kids. 

Hope House Babies can handle twenty or more kids anytime. The facility deals only with kids below the age of three. When it comes to adoption, the agency accepts kids of both genders from any human race. 

If you want to adopt a baby from Hope House Babies, you can contact the agency by calling Its contacts are: 

  • O720 009 716
  • 0721 437 994
  • Email: 

7. New Life Home Trust

The New Life Home Trust is one of the best adoption agencies in Kenya. Located in Nairobi, Nyeri, Nakuru, and Kisumu, New Life Home Trust is a huge NGO. The main target of the NGO is to save susceptible babies of zero to six months old. At New Life Home Trust, workers provide the utmost care to these vulnerable babies. 

The facility dedicates itself to nurturing these kids spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually. In some situations, the organization manages to reconnect the babies with their real parents. 

Couples and individuals who want to adopt a kid should consider contacting the NLHT today.

  • Contact: 0722 406 064 
  • Email: 

8. Ripples International 

Ripples International is a dependable adoption agency in Meru, Kenya. The NGO has been fighting for the child’s right to respect since 2016. Ripples International is usually on the front line regarding the celebration of the child adoption month of November. 

It grabs the chance to sensitize and teach the public about moral and legal adoption issues. Ripples International runs community-based initiatives with its stakeholders to promote the need to protect and respect children. 

RI draws inspiration from the Biblical teachings. RI only carries out local children’s adoptions by the relevant laws. It also accepts a kid who needs a loving parent or family to adopt them. 

Its main aim is to help people deal with Kenya’s rigorous adoption process. 

  • Contact: +254 724 370 653
  • Email: 

9. Mahali Pa Maisha

If you want to adopt and raise a special needs kid, there is an adoptive agency that can help you. Belonging to Dave and Jenn Bell, the Mahali Pa Maisha agency helps people adopt abandoned, orphaned, or endangered children.

The couple, especially Dave Bell, fights for the rights of these types of children. If you would like to participate by adopting one of their babies, speak to them first. 

  • Email: or 

10. The CHANGE Trust Adoption Agency

The CHANGE Trust is another adoption society in Kenya that most people like. Its main goal is to turn the African society into a people that truly care for the children. The CHANGE Trust dedicates itself to enhancing the welfare of every child socially, economically, mentally, intellectually, and physically. 

The organization cares for the African child’s dignity so much that it locates the best adoption and foster care placement opportunities. It works closely with policymakers in Kenya to include children in their development decisions. 

To adopt, talk to the customer support representative. In Nairobi, the CHANGE Trust office is near Adam’s Arcade along Ndemi Lane. 

  • Contact: 020 240 2909 or 0722 916 682 (Nairobi) and 0720 565 151 (Mombasa)
  • Email: 

11. Child Welfare Society of Kenya (CWSK)

At the Child Welfare Society of Kenya, you can adopt or bring your kid for adoption. The government agency copes with emergency rescues involving vulnerable children. 

Established in 1955, the CWSK focuses on marginalized kids to ensure they can access the welfare services they deserve. It offers learning sponsorships to needy and vulnerable kids from all forty-seven counties. It also takes care of the rescued destitute or orphaned kids before they find a loving family to adopt them. 

  • Contact: 254 020 6003
  • Email:

12. Baby Life Rescue Center Trust

This is a Mombasa-based home for vulnerable babies rescued from the streets, poor homes, or other places. The home aims to protect, feed, nurture, and educate these children. Its mission is to foster these babies spiritually via Christian-based teachings.

Baby Life Rescue Centre Trust places destitute babies in comfortable and safe residences through the assistance of well-wishers. One can donate money once or care for one child via regular donations. 

The organization aims to place these children in caring and loving families for fostering before adoption. The organization is not a registered adoptive society. However, it can connect you with a needy child via a registered adoption agency in Kenya.  

  • Contact: 0721 172 665/0719 669 421
  • Email:

13. Agape Children’s Ministry 

Agape Children’s Ministry is an organization that deals with kids’ welfare. It rescues, redeems, and rehabilitates street kids using the word of God and other models before reuniting them with their nuclear or extended families. 

They also find adoptive families for the transformed kids via registered adoption agencies and the government of Kenya. Agape Children’s Ministry will not help you adopt a child directly but will use its connections to finish the procedure. You can contact Agape online since it is an international based Christian organization.