10 Free Job Sites in Kenya with Guaranteed Employment

Employment in Kenya is becoming a challenge especially for the youths who are graduating in large numbers. However, with the internet, employment job sites have been created. These sites make it easy for people to get informed of the various vacancies available. Additionally, these job sites have made the work easy for companies looking for potential talents to fill their job vacancies. Here is a list of the most reliable job sites you can log in to look for the available job vacancies.


  1. BrighterMonday

2. Career Point Kenya

3. Shortlist

4. Job Web Kenya

5. Fuzu

6. Star Classifieds

7. Best Jobs Kenya

8. Summit Recruitment

9. Recours 4 Kenya

10. PigiaMe Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best job site?

The best job site is BrighterMonday based on customer ratings, reviews and the satisfaction of job seekers. When you visit BrighterMonday, you are given the necessary advice on the job. Experts at this site guide those looking for jobs on how to select a job based on their interests and talent.

Other good job sites in Kenya are career point Kenya, shortlist, and job web Kenya.

How do I look for a job in Kenya?

To look for a job in Kenya and be successful, you need to be armed with the relevant documents and details needed. You should have your academic credential ready, a professional CV, and referees. Start by visiting job sites in Kenya to see the available vacancies. From here, you can now start applying for a job from the different organizations that suit your career. If you are trained as a teacher, find out schools that are hiring, both private and public. This way, you will be able to land your dream job within a short time.

To be prepared for an interview, you should know the most common interview questions. These are the questions to determine if you are qualified for the job.

How do I find a job vacancy?

Here are the best ways to find a job vacancy:

  1. Searching from job sites
  2. Networking by getting to talk to some people in organizations where you qualify to work
  3. Company websites
  4. Social media
  5. Referrals
  6. Recruitment agencies
  7. Job fairs


The importance of the listed sites is that apart from providing job opportunities, they give advice in terms of employment. In other words, these sites will not only list the vacancies but also give reasons why you should consider applying. Therefore, when you decide to apply for a job from such a site, you are sure that the job is genuine. On contrary, there are other sites that offer job vacancies but will not guide you or give advice on those vacancies. Consequently, some of those who apply end up being coned.

When looking for a job site online, you should be careful as the internet is full of con artists. Many people, including me, have been initially conned by online job fraudsters. Therefore, as I write this article, I have the experience of how it feels to be conned. Imagine going to look for a job because you are unable to service your bills and instead of a job, you are conned. However, the sites listed in this article are the most authentic ones, therefore, they will not con you.

We at Prolatest.com wish you the best of luck as you continue looking for a job.

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