10 Best Wedding Venues in Nairobi With Their Charges

Are you looking for an affordable wedding venue in Nairobi? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a historical setting, waterfront ceremony, garden wedding, or a beautiful environment wedding venue, Nairobi offers the best deal for you. In this article, you’ll find the best and most affordable wedding venues in Nairobi. 

The couple’s preferences determine the wedding venue; in most cases, people like a place where they can eat and move freely. Everyone wants an all-inclusive best-in-class wedding experience.

However, finding an ideal wedding venue is difficult, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the area. Here are some of the most remarkable wedding venues in Nairobi.

The 10 best wedding venues in Nairobi are:

  1. Nairobi Serena Hotel
  2. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club
  3. Rock City Gardens
  4. Marula Manor
  5. Safari Park Hotel 
  6. Lavington Gardens
  7. Hilton Hotel
  8. Karen Country Lodge
  9. Lukenya Getaway
  10. Evergreen Park and Garden

Wedding venue charges vary from one to another. Each venue charges a certain amount to hold your wedding. Knowing cheap wedding venues can help you plan on a reasonable budget. Compare the wedding venues and their charges before settling for one.

It’s all about making the best decision at the right time and at the most affordable price.

1. Nairobi Serena Hotel

Wedding venues in Nairobi
Serena Hotel

The most incredible wedding venues in Nairobi provide exceptional facilities that are hard to find elsewhere. Nairobi Serena Hotel is a well-known hospitality brand with a wide range of services, including hosting.

It features one of the most beautiful exotic and historical settings in the world, making it perfect for your wedding. How much does it cost to hold a wedding event there? The hotel has excellent wedding packages for its customers by providing an unmatched variety of banqueting services. 

Nairobi Serena Hotel offers the following wedding packages:

  • Tastefully set dining venue complete with background music
  • Lavish five-course Buffet, including one soft drink from Ksh. 3,600 per person
  • Complimentary use of their state-of-the-art Led digital screen
  • Complimentary photoshoot on their grounds
  • Complimentary 1st-anniversary dinner voucher   

Clients can also get their gold, silver, or bronze photography packages to preserve their wedding day’s beautiful memories. 

2. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Windsor Golf Hotel and Club is one of the indoor wedding venues in Kenya. This fantastic hotel is situated at Kigwa Road Ridgeways. The luxurious Hotel and country club is set on a large plot of land with a magnificent garden that can hold over 2,000 guests.

So if you are looking for a large wedding venue in Nairobi, Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club are your go-to. The Hotel and Country club has different wedding venues and facilities that will amaze you.

  • The Kigwa View, an artificial lake with a great ambiance
  • The garden pond is ideal for remarkable “I do” moments.
  • The 10th Tee overlooks the vast golf course and is among Nairobi’s most preferred wedding photo sessions location.

The wedding venue rates vary depending on the package offered. The Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club’s lake-view side can hold up to 300 guests at roughly Kshs. 100,000. Kigwa Road view can hold 500 guests at around 120,000, and the Garden Pond view can host 150 guests at an average cost of Kshs 75,000.

The other most popular venue is the 10th Tee, which costs approximately Kshs 145,000 and can hold 1,500 guests. The Hotel and Country club has set a historical record for holding big weddings.

Its surroundings are simply tranquil. Its environment is certainly something worth looking forward to. And because it’s a 5-star hotel, expect great honeymoon packages.

3. Rock City Gardens

Rock City Hotel is one of the outdoor wedding venues in Nairobi with adequate parking space. The hotel is located along Kiambu Rd Muthaiga north and it’s one of the affordable wedding venues in Nairobi.

This venue has a pool and a ground bundle with charges ranging from Kshs 45,000 to Kshs 50,000. Rock City Gardens provides various wedding-style packages for its clients. One of the packages available comprises a café or theater-style. For the other style, guests sit at a round table and then get served with the previous style.

Your guest will have an opportunity to sit facing one course without any tables. Their prices are 50,000 for one hundred-seat tents for the café style and 45,000 for the venue style. The prices include four tents, seats, a gliding gazebo, and a PA framework.

The pool packages are charged the same way. The main difference between the theater and café style is the inclusion of the sixteen tables for every 100-seat tent, which cost Kshs 2400 each.

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4. Marula Manor

Marula Manor is among the garden wedding venues in Nairobi. It’s located in Karen, Nairobi.

The wedding gardens at Marula Manor vary depending on the number of guests, with the cost ranging from Ksh. 100,000. Marula Manor has an incredible ambiance ideal for outdoor weddings, making it stand out as the best wedding venue.

Avoid the complexities of planning the wedding by allowing the lodging staff to be responsible for ensuring everything is in place. One of the fantastic features of Marula Manor is that you can select locations at this lodging to serve as your wedding scenery, incredible yards, and an amazing pool.

Marula Manor is the best deal if you want a mix of class and nature sort of wedding venue. 

5. Safari Park Hotel

Safari park Hotel is situated along Thika Rd opposite Neema Hospital. The hotel has a variety of packages that include the classic, choice, executive, premier choice, and deluxe choice. Each has different costs and amenities.

Safari Park Hotel offers a fantastic Paradise Bridal Walk package which costs Kshs 65,000 for 24 guests. This provides the client and their guest with VIP treatment upon arrival and a bridal party, among other benefits.

For buffet packages, the Safari Park Hotel charges are as follows: 

  • Executive – Kshs 4500
  • Premier – Kshs 4100
  • Deluxe- Kshs 3800
  • Classic- Kshs 3400 

The hotel also offers extra service to the clients. As a result, they are among Nairobi’s most diverse outdoor and indoor wedding event venues. 

6. Lavington Gardens 

Lavington gardens are located in Lavington. Lavington gardens charge Kshs 75000 to every couple who wishes to hold their wedding there. They have enough parking spaces. In addition, you will enjoy the fresh air of the nurseries.  

Their yards are well kept up. And the fact that these gardens are close to Nairobi adds to their appeal as a wedding venue. Lavington gardens are one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Nairobi for your dream wedding.

7. Hilton Hotel

The Hilton hotel is your go-to if you are looking for a wedding venue in the central business district in Nairobi. Considering the unusual metropolitan setting that most people avoid today, it would be a unique event. 

Hilton Hotel is among the most fabulous wedding photoshoot locations in Nairobi, with stunning interior design and décor that most people desire. The reception cost differs depending on the package type and the guest’s capacity.

Hilton Hotel is a five-star hotel that hosts visitors from all over the world. The hotel has a rooftop pool, spa, ballroom, and five restaurants, making it stand out. It also provides fantastic poolside party avenues and magnificent ballroom banquets to make your wedding memorable.

The hotel holds indoor weddings and other events. You’ll get a Swedish massage, free parking for all of your guests, and a honeymoon suite explicitly designed for the newlyweds. 

8. Karen Country Lodge

Situated in Nairobi, Karen Country Lodge is one of the fascinating venues to hold your wedding. Having a wedding at the Karen Country Lodge costs from $199 to $300. Once at the Karen Country Lodge, ensure you don’t hesitate to appreciate the Kenyan meal served in the hotel. 

Their wedding package includes gathering grounds and the provision of food. The venue can hold an open-air and indoor wedding. An indoor wedding is regularly done in the evening- the lighting is impressive. 

Karen Country Lodge stands out among other wedding venues in Nairobi.    

9. Lukenya Getaway

Lukenya Getaway is located at the foot of Lukenya Hills in Athi River. The venue costs Kshs 30000 for 300 guests. A typical stylistic-themed wedding at the Lukenya Getaway costs Kshs 50,000, and a conventional wedding stylistic theme goes for Kshs. 80,000.

If you wish to have a few visitors at one of the customary towns, you will pay kshs50000 for 50 visitors. An area away from the city, Lukenya Getaway is an ideal location for a couple who wishes to have their wedding in a quiet place; however not very far from the city.

10. Evergreen Park and Garden

Evergreen Park and Garden is situated along Kiambu Road, 6 kilometers from Muthaiga Golf Club. The property is set on around 10 acres of land with another 2.5 acres of water in the form of a dam. 

Considering the delightful facilities and breathtaking environment, wouldn’t you pick this place as your ideal wedding venue? Evergreen Park and Garden have two gardens for wedding events. 

One is the terraced site that overlooks the dam, while the other features the common aspects of the wedding venues. That’s why it’s among Nairobi’s most popular wedding photoshoot locations.  

Bottom Line 

Finding the ideal wedding venue to hold your event is the first step to making your day a success, just as you had envisioned. However, finding a low-cost wedding venue in Nairobi might be difficult. 

It’s a decent place to start, and there you’ve it, a comprehensive list of incredible wedding venues in Nairobi with their cost. Whether you’re looking for an exotic setting or a typical wedding venue, Nairobi has various options to suit your desires.