8 Wedding Venues in Kenya for a Luxurious Experience

For those looking for a joyful bridal venue for their wedding, Kenya has a variety of remarkable wedding venues. However, getting an ideal place can be the most tiresome task. For this reason, I decided to compile a list of the luxurious wedding venues in Kenya for you.

A wedding venue should meet all your needs and interests from the wedding ceremony, reception, and all friends and family needs. Before settling down for a particular wedding venue, you should consider some factors: quality of service, space, the proximity of specific places, cost and landscape, and design of the area. 

Here is a list of several wedding venues you should consider. Whether you want to have a destination wedding, garden wedding, or a simple ballroom wedding with a small number of guests or a large crowd, the venues on this list will accommodate you. 

The 9 best wedding venues in Kenya are:

  • Safari Park Hotel and Casino
  • Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa
  • Kitengela Conference Center and Resort Park
  • The Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club
  • Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Resort Mombasa
  • Voyage Beach Resort Mombasa
  • Park Place Karen Magadi Road
  • Fuchsia Gardens Limuru
  • Mukima House

1. Safari Park Hotel and Casino

wedding venues in Kenya

Safari Park Hotel and Casino offer a haven of tranquility in the heart of Nairobi. It combines stylishly exquisite African architecture with extremely lavish accommodation. Safari Park Hotel is situated along the Thika superhighway, around a 10-minute drive from the city center.  

It’s set on 50 acres of beautifully groomed gardens with various indigenous trees, offering a haven of incredible birds and butterflies. The Safari Park Hotel features tumbling waterfalls, beautiful water gardens, and a variety of wedding venues, from opulent ballrooms to open-air simplicity. 

2. Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa

Pinewood beach resort and spa is an ideal place that offers a romantic venue for your wedding. Pinewood will make your wedding exclusive and personal since they don’t allow another wedding on that same day and place.

Pinewood is situated on Galu Beach in the South of Mombasa. The Resort Hotel is located at the Diani, South Coast Mombasa, where natural beauty and innovative design combine, making it an ideal romantic venue. 

Set on the pristine coastline of the balmy Indian Ocean, this intimate and elegant resort prides itself on outstanding personal service and attention.

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3. Kitengela Conference Center and Resort Park

Kitengela Conference Center and Resort Park offer an ideal venue for your wedding and events in Kitengela. The Resort Park is located 30 minutes from Nairobi city, around 5 kilometers from Kitengela town off Namanga rd. 

It provides a spectacular view of the Ngong Hills to the West with breathtaking sunsets. It also offers a variety of facilities for conferences, ample fields for team and capacity building, and recreation.

Its outdoor setting provides one of a kind recreation and rests experience for the entire family and guests invited.

4. The Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

The Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club is a 5- star hotel located 15 minutes drive from Nairobi’s central business district. It has plenty of outstanding Victorian-style buildings with 130 deluxe rooms, including doubles, twins, studio suites, and cottages, all with a view of the stunning 18-hole championship golf course. 

The hotel is spacious and tranquil. It has the best wedding gardens in Nairobi, that are perfect for your wedding ceremony and reception. These gardens have water and electricity, and the ground fee does not include food, drinks, and setup.  

5. Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Resort Mombasa

Looking to have a fulfilled destination wedding full of fun, then the Pride Inn Flamingo Resort is your go-to set on a tranquil beach environment in Shanzu Mombasa. The venue has several reception venues and a state-of-the-art design for guest reception and accommodation.   

Pride Inn Flamingo Resort Mombasa is a unique wedding venue in Kenya. To get the real experience, pay a visit and experience the calmness and tranquility capped by endless fun on the sandy beaches of the coastal legion in Mombasa. 

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6. Voyage Beach Resort Mombasa 

If you are looking forward to having your destination beach wedding in Mombasa, then the  Voyage Beach Resort Mombasa has you covered. The Resort provides a suitable facility for your beach wedding and caters to all your needs.

The facility comprises up to 236 beach cabins that you must book in advance if you’re looking forward to spending uninterrupted time. Voyage Beach Resort is situated at Nyali in Mombasa, next to the beach.  

The resort offers both catering and accommodation services. Their staff and receptionist team are skilled in serving local and international clients with utmost professionalism. The wedding venue gives security assurance with guards on shifts, and access to the beach and inland area is available.

7. Park Place Karen Magadi Road

Park Place Hotel is situated along Magadi road in Karen Nairobi. The venue offers a perfect ballroom wedding setup and a garden wedding reception. Park Place Hotel also provides accommodation, and their grounds can comfortably hold up to 1000 pax. 

The venue features a swimming pool on the first floor that adds one-of-a-kind touch, a gazebo and a bar on the ground level where outside catering may be done, and a conference room for special meetings.

8. Fuchsia Gardens Limuru

Are you looking forward to having a lavish wedding in a well-preserved garden? The Fuchsia Gardens in Limuru is your go-to venue. The venue offers an ideal place for your dream wedding.

Fuchsia Gardens is among the top-rated wedding gardens in Limuru. The place assures you of tranquility and fair-filled elegance, making your wedding exceptional.

The staff are used to conduct weddings of various types since the place has been set aside for wedding functions. As a result, they have the skills to ensure you have the wedding of your dream as you envisioned it.  

9. Mukima House

Mukima house wedding venue
Mukima house

Mukima house is one of the garden wedding venues in Kenya. It’s situated beneath Mt. Kenya overlooking Mukima dam.

The venue makes one of the best for wedding purposes due to its scenic lawns and conservancy. Mukima house has the following facilities:

  • Stone terraces
  • Plump lavender bed
  • Galleried staircases
  • Plentiful parking
  • Back-up generator
  • Baronial reception area
  • Mini Spa
  • Swimming pool

Mukima house is suitable for small weddings hosting 150 people. Catering can be in-house or arranged with tested and trusted caterers.

The venue allows music, flowers, and other party requirements to be arranged by the wedding planning committee. If you want to host many guests, the management can arrange to have luxury tents erected on the site.

Tips To Choose a Perfect Wedding Venue in Kenya

One of the most critical aspects of planning a perfect wedding is finding a venue that suits your needs. It may seem simple, but actually, it’s a big deal. You have to sit down with your fiance and discuss what you’re looking for in a wedding venue before looking for one.

The worst mistake you can make is making a hasty decision that you will later regret. The first step is to create a draft budget for your wedding venue. It’s effortless to sign up for a costly venue, only to realize that you don’t have money to pay for exclusive services later. 

The next step is to write down what you and your fiance are looking for in a venue. Look for venues that will meet your desires. Visit their website, consult friends who know the venues and ask for their views. If you have any inquiries about a particular place, send an email to that place and engage with them.

Inquire about their marketing materials, which will undoubtedly provide further information about the location. 

As you look for a wedding venue, consider the following  questions

  • Can you afford the venue? 

The importance of having a budget comes in here. It helps determine if you can afford the venue.

  • Is the venue available at the time, date, and month you need it? 

Some venues have their schedules on their website, others, you can inquire about their availability through email. Always remember to confirm their availability during the site visit. 

  • Consider Location?

Does the venue’s location allow guests to get via public transportation or walking? If everyone has a car, is there enough parking? Is it paid or unpaid? Again transportation can be a pretty big line item in your budget if you’re shuttling people to and fro.

  • Does the venue have any catering restrictions?  

Some venues make you use an external caterer who is usually very expensive, which pushes your budget too far.

  • Is the venue’s space sufficient for your esteemed guest list?

Sometimes venues go to extremes to make themselves more appealing to all couples. You can secretly find this out by posting this question on their site, “ how many guests can you accommodate in this venue?”  just because a room can hold 150 people doesn’t mean you should.  

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Venue for a Wedding in Kenya?

It costs from Ksh. 50,000 to Ksh. 500,000 to rent a venue for a wedding in Kenya. Wedding venue costs in Kenya vary widely depending on a variety of factors. While losing yourself in the venue’s beauty and ambiance is lovely, it’s equally important to consider how the total venue cost will affect your wedding budget. Below are the factors that influence the cost of renting a wedding venue in Kenya:

  1. The wedding reception capacity: Some wedding venues, such as hotels and other specialized event venues, have multiple rooms of different sizes to offer you, depending on the number of guests.

Naturally, the bigger the room, the higher the venue’s price. Note that the layout of your seats and the size of the dancing floor can impact the size of space you need.

  1. The number of people: Some venues charge depending on the number of your guests.
  2. Catering: There may be a price for wedding catering that is optional or obligatory. Catering is among the most significant contributors to the total wedding budget. And having a venue that incorporates this in your pricing can lead the venue estimate to rise above what you originally wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Kenyan wedding cost?

On average, a Kenyan wedding costs from Ksh. 5,000 to the upwards of Ksh. 1,000,000. The amount your spend on the wedding depends on the venue, location, number, and the type of people attending. For example, a wedding in Nairobi will cost more than that in Taita Taveta.

Who pays for the wedding in Kenya?

The groom pays for the wedding in Kenya. This is according to Kenya’s traditional customs. However, things are changing in modern societies and with the empowerment of women, even the bride have started paying for weddings.

Bottom Line 

Wedding venues are a vital consideration when it comes to wedding planning. Depending on your wedding type, proximity, locality, and the estimated number of guests, it’s good to seek professional advice from a wedding planner for venue hunting and comprehensive wedding planning services.   

Remember, the venue’s cost is the primary determinant of the type and location of your wedding venue, so it’s always good to draft your budget before you start to search for venues. You can pick one of these wedding venues in Kenya and have a happy marriage.