11 Interesting Places to Visit in Kitengela, Kajiado in 2024

Do you want to spend a day or two away but not far from the City? Kitengela should be your first place to consider. Kitengela is in Kajiado County and is one of the first growing towns in Kenya at the moment. The distance from Nairobi is easily manageable. You can always travel to and fro at any given time. The place is also easily reachable by public means, making it accessible to all. Kitengela is also becoming an entertainment powerhouse; the area has numerous nightclubs making it a nice getaway for party lovers. It’s also a perfect destination for swimming lovers. Today, you’ll know the 11 best places to visit in Kitengela.

Places You Must Visit In Kitengela

The table below shows the best places to visit in Kitengela with their contacts:

Leleshwa Getaway0711551122
Kitengela Conference and Park Resort0704264626
GMC Fun Place Kitengela0701560560/ 0700750750
The Galaxy Resort Kitengela0789170662 
Kaputiei Safari Land Hotel0727450925
Anslem’s Kitengela Hot  Glass0720330887
Kitengela Glass Bridge 
Kaputiei safari land hotel0715000109
Gray Oak Hotel0791223344
Gray Oak hotel0722331514
Waridi Stays 660000
Best places to visit in Kitengela with their contacts

1. Leleshwa Getaway

Places to visit in Kitengela
Leleshwa Getaway in Kitengela

Leleshwa getaway is an intimate getaway in Kitengela On the edge of a cliff overlooking the Nairobi National Park. The hotel is a perfect retreat for a family, a group of friends, or a couple. Leleshwa getaway is open throughout the year. It has a uniquely designed cottage known as the ”bush house”. The bush house is built in the middle of acacia trees and furnished with showers with running cold and hot water, and flushing toilets, and the living area is well decorated with African art.

Self-catering facilities are available within the cottages. Their kitchen is fully equipped with kitchen cabinets, cooking gas, refrigerator, crockery, and cutlery, perfect for guests to prepare their food. You can relax in the comfy lounge while enjoying meals and drinks.

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Activities to Enjoy at Leleshwa Getaway

  • Bush breakfast
  • Guided nature walk.’
  • A visit to Nairobi National Park
  • Cultural visits
  • Horse riding
  • Picnic lunches on the banks of the Mbagathi River

Leleshwa Getaway offers the following services upon request: babysitting, airport pickup, laundry, and car hire. They have enough space for parking.

2. Kitengela Conference And Park Resort

Kitengela conference and park resort
Kitengela conference and park resort

Kitengela Conference and Park Resort are located on the Nairobi-Namanga Masai Flower Road 34.5 kilometers from the city center and a ten-minute drive from Kitengela. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool to swim in on a hot day. They have free internet offered both in the suites and the public areas of the hotel. They offer airport pickup services on demand. The hotel also provides you with a place for cooking on a barbecue.

If you are a group of people who wish to hold a meeting and don’t know a good place, Kitengela Conference and Park Resort is your go-to. They have a modern hall for conferences and banquets.

They have rooms for non-smokers, and there is enough parking space for car owners. You can spend a night here. They provide comfortable accommodation for guests and tourists. Tourists are offered a one-room type-double in the hotel, and guests are provided with facilities such as a flat-screen TV, toiletries, and a desk. You will enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel.

For payments, they accept these types of bank cards:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • Union pay debit card
  • Maestro
  • Union pay credit card

3. GMC Fun Place Kitengela

GMC Fun Place Kitengela
GMC Fun Place Kitengela

You are there, and you don’t know a place you can take your children to have fun as you enjoy yourself as well or have a meeting. GMC fun place is the place to be. They have a convenient and fun-filled children’s park where you can enjoy watching your children indulge in fun-filled games. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool to swim in on a hot day.

They have enough parking space and top-notch security. The hotel also has plenty of space for group parties, birthday parties, concerts, kid’s Christmas parties, and weddings, among others. They also have VIP meeting rooms suitable for send-off meetings and wedding committees. The hotel is situated along Namanga Rd just before Acacia Junction.

4. The Galaxy Resort-Kitengela

Galaxy resort kitengela
Galaxy Resort Kitengela

The Galaxy Resort is situated 2km from Kitengela town, off Namanga Rd. Guests are provided with free internet, car parking, and non-smoker rooms. There is a playground with slides equipped within. The hotel provides airport pick-up shuttle services on demand.

You can use room services and get meals and drinks right in the room. You can also attend the restaurant located just within. During warm seasons you can participate in cycling tours.

The hotel has banquet halls for festive events and a conference hall for business meetings. You can also spend a night out here. You will be offered cozy accommodation with facilities such as a flat-screen TV, free toiletries, a clothes rack, an outdoor dining area, and outdoor furniture. You will like a garden sight from your window.

5. Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art

Nani's Kitengela glass art
Nani’s Kitengela glass art

 Kitengela Glass is located next to Nairobi National Park. Before entering, be prepared for the myriad of sculptures, glass art, and various wild animals along the road welcoming you to Nani’s Kitengela art.  

Kitengela glass art was established in 1981 by Nani Croze, who settled here in the 1970s after falling in love with its surroundings. The galleries in Kitengela glass art are filled with a delightful assortment of mosaic artworks made using broken pieces of glass, ceramic tiles, and bottle tops.

At Nani’s Kitengela art, you will enjoy activities such as Carmel and horse riding, swimming, precarious bridge, and nature walk in Nani’s workshop. You can also spend a night or two at Nani’s beautiful rustic cottages.

6. Anselm’s Kitengela Hot Glass

Anselm's Kitengela hot glass
Anselm’s Kitengela hot glass

Anselm’s Kitengela Hot Glass is located next to Nani’s Glass Art. Nani’s son, Anselm Croze, is the proprietor of Kitengela Hot Glass. Here you will be treated to a show of the enhancing glass-blowing process used to make kitchenware, chandeliers, ornaments, and others. You will be taken through the workshop and galleries.

You will also enjoy walking on the swaying suspended Glass Bridge.   

7. Kitengela Glass Bridge

best places to visit in Kitengela
Kitengela glass bridge

Currently, Kitengela Glass Bridge is one of the scariest bridges. The bridge hangs approximately 100 meters above a deep valley. The bridge links Silole Sanctuary, Masai Lodge, and Kitengela Glass Art.

A visit to the swaying glass bridge should be on your list of places to visit in Kitengela. You will enjoy walking on this scary swaying bridge if you don’t fear heights. The bridge is made of glass and wire with large gaps in the railing. To get to Kitengela Glass Bridge, you can first Masai Lodge or Nani’s Kitengela Glass Art.

8. Kaputiei Safari Land Hotel

Kaputiei safari land hotel
Kaputiei Safari Land Hotel

The hotel is located in Kitengela, along Namanga Rd. It’s easily accessible by road and is only 30 minutes drive from the City. Here you will enjoy a barbecue and views of the pool. The hotel has enough space for parking.

Their rooms come with a private bathroom fitted with a shower and a flat-screen TV giving you a comfortable night out. The hotel also has parties and conference facilities and a wedding ground. 

9. Nkasiri Adventure Park

Nkasiri adventure park
Nkasiri Adventure Park

Nkasiri Adventure is an ideal getaway destination. It’s located just a few minutes from Kitengela town. Here you will have a variety of activities to enjoy. As you approach the institution, the first thing you come across is a high-rope challenge.

 Aside from a high-rope challenge, the park features the following games and amenities:

  • Pool and table tennis
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • Football pitch
  • Card games

It’s a perfect getaway destination for couples or a group of friends. You will enjoy the camping facilities. Other facilities include a fireplace for the evening, well- kept bathroom, and a common area TV screen.

10. Gray Oak Hotel

Gray Oak Hotel is located in Kitengela, 34km from Nairobi and 9 km from Athi River SGR station. They have an outdoor pool where you can spend the whole day relaxing. They have an ensuite room fitted with a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, and complimentary amenities.

The hotel has enough parking space, 24hrs front desk, a bar, and a restaurant. You will enjoy the pool view and fast free internet. It’s an ideal destination for your weekend getaway from the busy City.   

11. Waridi Stays

Waridi Stays is located along Balozi Rd Kitengela, 27km from Nairobi. They have free internet and private parking for the guests. Waridi Stays has one bedroom, a flat-screen TV, an equipped kitchen with a fridge and microwave, and a bathroom with a shower. 

Bottom Line

Kitengela in Kajiado County has the best places for a weekend getaway or a day out. It has the best hotels and cottages with swimming pools at affordable prices. If you plan to visit Kenya and don’t know where to spend your vacation, Kitengela is your go-to.

Kitengela also provides you with the best places for all types of events and conferences.