GOtv Packages, Prices, and Channels in Kenya in 2024

GOtv has up to six different packages. Each package has several channels and a unique monthly cost. GOtv by Multichoice is more affordable than similar offerings in Kenya. It is a perfect choice for families that want more entertainment than the local TV channels can offer. This article discloses the current GOtv packages, prices, and channels in Kenya. Read on to locate the best GOtv package for your family. 

What are the Six GOtv Packages, Prices, and Channel in Kenya?

GOtv emerged in 2011 as a low-cost digital TV option with exciting paid packages. It provides channels with different themes, including:

  •  Sports
  • Music
  • Movies 
  • Kids and teens
  • News and Business
  • Religion
  • Lifestyle and culture
  • Local TV stations
  • Documentary
  • General entertainment

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GOtv has thrived in a competitive field because it has affordable and entertaining channels. To start enjoying GOtv services, first, buy the GOtv Decoder for around 1,299 Kenyan shillings. A new decoder comes with a free GOtv Plus package that lasts one month. 

To enhance signal reception and get clear screens, get a Gotenna. This antenna costs around 849 Kenya Shillings. The company recently released the newer GoCoda, an HD decoder with an HDMI output feature. GOtv sells this decoder for 1,999 Kenya shillings and includes a free GOtv Max package. 

After testing out this package for one month, you can opt-in or choose another subscription. GOtv provides six different packages to help you choose the package you can afford. We will tabulate these GOtv packages from the cheapest to the costliest. 

GOtv PackageNumber of ChannelsPrice per Month in KSHQuarterly Price in KSHPrice per Year in KSH
GOtv Lite20+199
GOtv Lite20+500
GOtv Lite20+1200
GOtv Value35+590
GOtv Plus45+930
GOtv Max60+1249
GOtv Supa70+1599
GOtv Supa Plus75+3500
Gotv packages and prices in Kenya

According to the table above, you can choose from three GOtv Lite packages. The monthly option is the most expensive of the three and has 20+ channels. The quarterly and annual GOtv Lite packages are cheaper but offer the same number of channels. 

You also notice that packages with many channels have only the monthly payment option. The more channels you want, the more money you will spend every month. Consider that the free-to-air local TV Stations will be available in all packages. 

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A Breakdown of Channels per GOtv Package

GOtv Lite Channels: 20+

GOtv Lite provides over 20 TV channels. Being the cheapest of all, GOtv Lite is affordable to most Kenyans. Its TV and radio programs entail the following: 

  1. Akili Kids
  2. SS Blitz Africa
  3. Maisha Magic East
  4. Faith
  5. Jim Jam
  6. Emmanuel TV
  7. AFRO Music English
  8. Aljazeera
  9. Islam Channel
  10. Inooro TV
  11. Emmanuel TV
  12. KTN
  13. NTV
  14. KBC
  15. eTV Africa
  16. K24
  17. Citizen TV
  18. KASS TV
  19. KTN News
  20. Kameme TV
  21. TV47

Other options within the GOTV package are radio stations:

  • Classic FM
  • Radio Maisha
  • Milele FM
  • Hope FM.

If you check the above list, you will notice that all your free-to-air TV stations are in. Thus, this package does not offer much entertainment whether you purchase it monthly, quarterly, or annually. GOtv Lite’s cheaper pricing is the prime advantage you get. 

GOtv Value Channels: 35+

The GOtv Value package provides over 35 channels. These include the following:

  1. Real Time
  2. Africa Magic Epic
  3. Africa Magic Family
  4. Africa Magic 
  5. Novela Magic
  6. E! Entertainment
  7. Maisha Magic East
  8. Maisha Magic Poa
  9. SS Blitz Africa
  10. National Geographic Wild
  11. eTV Africa
  12. SS Select 2
  13. Akili Kids
  14. Nickelodeon
  15. Jim Jam
  16. Disney Junior
  17. TRACE Mziki
  18. Emmanuel TV
  19. AFRO Music English
  20. Faith
  21. Aljazeera
  22. Islam Channel
  23. KASS TV
  24. Inooro TV
  25. Kameme TV
  26. KBC
  27. Citizen TV
  28. NTV
  29. KTN
  30. KTN News
  31. K24
  32. TV47
  33. Ramogi TV
  34. Weru TV
  35. Hope TV
  36. BBC World News.

GOtv Value package provides all the free-to-air local channels and a few extra channels you cannot find in the GOtv Lite package. Lastly, it provides the same FM radio channels:

  1. Milele FM
  2. Hope FM
  3. Classic FM
  4. Radio Maisha. 

GOtv Plus Channels- 45+

GOtv packages, prices, and channels in Kenya include the GOtv Plus package. It is the third best choice you have if you do not mind spending a little extra every month. GOtv Plus offers the following television and radio programs:

  1. Maisha Magic Poa
  2. Mambo Moto
  3. Novela Magic
  4. Maisha Magic Bongo
  5. Zee World
  6. Telemundo
  7. M-Net Movies 4
  8. E! Entertainment 
  9. Real Time
  10. Africa Magic Family
  11. B4U Movies
  12. ESPN
  13. Maisha Magic East
  14. SS Select 2
  15. Africa Magic Epic
  16. SS Football Africa
  17. Nickelodeon
  18. SS Blitz Africa
  19. Disney Junior
  20. Jim Jam
  21. PBS Kids
  22. AFRO Music
  23. Akili Kids
  24. Trace Mziki
  25. MTV Base
  26. BBC World News
  27. Discovery Family
  28. CNN International
  29. National Geographic Wild
  30. Aljazeera
  31. Food Network
  32. KTN News
  33. KTN
  34. Citizen TV
  35. KBC
  36. Weru TV
  37. KASS TV
  38. NTV
  39. TV47
  40. Inooro TV
  41. K24
  42. Kameme TV
  43. FAITH
  44. Ramogi TV
  45. eTV Africa 
  46. Islam Channel
  47. Hope TV
  48. Emmanuel TV

Like other GOtv packages listed above, the GOtv Plus package has these radio stations: 

  1. Classic FM
  2. Radio Maisha
  3. Hope FM
  4. Milele FM

GOtv Max Channels: 60+

GOtv Max package provides over sixty TV and radio channels, including: 

  1. Star Life
  2. BET
  3. Maisha Magic Poa
  4. ROK 2
  5. TV Novelas
  6. Mambo Moto
  7. CBS Reality
  8. Zee World
  9. Maisha Magic Bongo
  10. Real Time
  11. Telemundo
  12. E! Entertainment
  13. Maisha Magic East
  14. Novela Magic
  15. Africa Magic Family
  16. TNT Africa
  17. Movie Room
  18. B4U Movies
  19. TNT Africa
  20. SS Select 1
  21. Africa Magic Epic
  22. ESPN
  23. SS Football Africa
  24. M-Net Movies 4
  25. SS La Liga Africa
  26. Cartoon Network
  27. SS Blitz Africa
  28. Disney Junior
  29. PBS Kids
  30. SS Select 2
  31. Trace Mziki
  32. Nickelodeon
  33. MTV Base
  34. Jim Jam
  35. AFRO Music
  36. Trace Gospel
  37. Akili Kids
  38. Aljazeera
  39. Discovery Family
  40. Discovery ID
  41. BBC World News
  42. Food Network
  43. National Geographic Wild
  44. Islam Channel
  45. Faith
  46. Emmanuel TV
  47. Weru TV
  48. Hope TV
  49. TV47
  50. Inooro TV
  51. Citizen TV
  52. Kameme TV
  53. KBC
  54. KTN
  55. KTN News
  56. NTV
  57. Ramogi TV
  58. K24
  59. KASS TV
  60. eTV Africa

The Gotv Max package includes four radio channels:

  1. Classic FM
  2. Maisha FM
  3. Radio Milele
  4. Hope FM.

GOtv Supa Channels: 70+

The most expensive monthly package is GOtv Supa, which has 75 television and radio channels. Here is the list: 

  1. TV Novelas
  2. Maisha Magic Plus
  3. BET
  4. WWE
  5. ROK 2
  6. Mambo Moto
  7. Star Life
  8. Africa Magic Urban
  9. Telemundo
  10. CBS Reality
  11. Real Time
  12. Maisha Magic Poa
  13. Africa Magic Family
  14. Zee World
  15. Maisha Magic Bongo
  16. ROK
  17. E! Entertainment
  18. Novela Magic
  19. Maisha Magic East
  20. KIX
  21. Studio Universal
  22. Africa Magic Epic
  23. M-Net Movies 4
  24. TNT Africa
  25. Movie Room
  26. SS Select 1
  27. SS La Liga Africa
  28. B4U Movies
  29. SS Select 2
  30. SS Football Africa
  31. Nick Toons
  32. SS Blitz Africa
  33. Cartoon Network
  34. ESPN
  35. Nick Jr
  36. Nickelodeon
  37. Boomerang
  38. Akili Kids
  39. Disney Junior
  40. Trace Mziki
  41. PBS Kids
  42. AFRO Music
  43. Jim Jam
  44. MTV Base
  45. TV47
  46. Trace Gospel
  47. Weru TV
  48. KTN
  49. KTN News
  50. KBC
  51. K24
  52. NTV
  53. Inooro TV
  54. Citizen TV
  55. Hope TV
  56. eTV Africa
  57. KASS TV
  58. Ramogi TV
  59. Kameme TV
  60. Islam Channel
  61. Discovery ID
  62. Faith
  63. Al Jazeera
  64. CNN International
  65. Emmanuel TV
  66. Discovery Family
  67. Honey
  68. National Geographic Channel
  69. Food Network
  70. National Geographic Wild.

The GOtv Supa package has the same FM radio stations: 

  1. Hope FM
  2. Classic FM
  3. Radio Milele
  4. Maisha FM. 

GOtv Supa Plus Channels – 75+

GOtv recently added a new package to its previous collection. The new GOtv Supa Plus has more than 75 channels. It is a package for Kenyans who can afford Ksh. 3,500 per month. GOTV Supa Plus has exclusive additions that could give you value for your money. 

If you love sports, for instance, this package has more SuperSport soccer channels. Check its channels below: 

1. Africa Magic Family

2. Maisha Magic Bongo

3. Africa Magic Urban

4. Maisha Magic East

5. Magic Showcase

6. Maisha Magic Plus

7. Zee World

8. Maisha Magic Poa

9. ROK 2

10. Star Life

11. Mambo Moto

12. BET

13. Universal TV

14. E! Entertainment

15. Discovery Family

16. Telemundo

17. Real Time 

18. TL Novelas

19. CBS Reality

20. Maisha Magic Movies

21. ROK

22. Africa Magic Epic

23. B4U Movies

24. M-Net movies 4

25. TNT Africa

26. Movie Room

27. CineMagic 

28. Studio Universal

29. KIX

30. Food Network

31. National Geographic 

32. NatGeo Wild

33. Discovery ID

34. SuperSport Select 3

35. SuperSport Select 2

36. SuperSport Select 1

37. SuperSport LaLiga

38. SuperSport English Premier League

39. SuperSport Blitz

40. SuperSport Football

41. WWE

42. ESPN

43. Akili Kids

44. Nickelodeon

45. Moonbug

46. Jim Jam

47. Nick Toons

48. PBS Kids

49. Disney Junior

50. Nick Junior

51. Cartoon Network

52. Disney Channel

53. Cartoonito

54. Faith

55. Islam Channel

56. Trace Gospel

57. MTV Base

58. Emmanuel TV

59. TRACE Mziki

60. BBC World News

61. CNN International

62. Al Jazeera

63. KBC

64. NTV

65. KTN

66. K24

67. KTN News

68. Citizen TV

69. Weru TV

70. TV47

71. Kameme TV

72. Inooro TV


74. Ramogi TV

75. Hope TV.

The GOtv Supa Plus package offers four radio channels:

1. Milele FM

2. Radio Maisha

3. Classic FM

4. Hope FM.

When exploring the six GOtv packages and channels above, you may have noted a few things. First, you will receive all GOtv Lite programs if you opt for any of the remaining five packages. As you climb the levels, you will get all the programs of the previous channel and a few extras. 

Moreover, all GOtv packages provide the same four radio stations. Lastly, the costliest monthly package also offers the most epic TV channels. Now you understand the six GOtv packages, prices and channels in Kenya. Next, select a package that best suits your wallet and entertainment needs. 

How to Buy GOtv Packages in Kenya

To subscribe to any GOtv package in Kenya, you will require a Safaricom SIM card with an activated M-PESA wallet. If you have it, here are the steps to follow when purchasing your preferred GOtv package: 

  1. Tap the “SIM Toolkit” icon on your Smartphone.
  2. Choose “M-PESA Menu.”
  3. Touch “Lipa na M-Pesa” option.
  4. Choose “PayBill.”
  5. Under “Enter business no,” type “423655.”
  6. Tap the “Account No.” option and enter your “GOtv IUC number.” Locate this number where you see a red sticker at the base of your decoder. 
  7. Type the “Amount” you should pay for your package.
  8. Enter your “M-PESA” PIN correctly.
  9. Tap “OK” and wait for a confirmation message from Safaricom M-PESA.

Note: The M-PESA PayBill method is not the only way to buy your GOtv package. You can upgrade, downgrade, or buy a new GOtv package subscription via the MyGOtv app. The company has an internet-based self-care portal too. If you have a feature phone, you can call the GOtv USSD code, *423#, and follow simple guidelines to purchase a package.

How to Alter a GOtv Package Subscription

You can upgrade or downgrade your current GOtv package without trouble. Here is the process:

  1. Visit “Gotv” on your computer. 
  2. Log in to your account using your IUC number and phone number. 
  3. You will land on your dashboard. Click “Cbuild a package.”
  4. Select your best package and hit “Next.”
  5. Complete the payment process by “M-PESA” according to the steps above.
  6. After paying, GOTV will switch you to the package you have chosen. 

Note that many GOtv Users encounter the E16 error text after paying for their favorite GOtv package. This error occurs if you switch off your GOtv decoder and then pay for the subscription. If you encounter this error, dial *423# on your mobile device and follow easy prompts to solve this problem. 

Alternatively, open your Message app and type the word “RESET” and your IUC number. Send this message to “22688.” If these methods do not remove the E16 error, contact GOtv online for direct assistance. 


After viewing the GOtv packages, prices and channels in Kenya above, pick the most appropriate option for your family. Consider everybody’s needs and opinions when deciding on the best subscription. If you want to experience the best channels in any category, your ideal packages are GOtv Supa or GoTV Supa Plus.