How to Get NSSF Number in Kenya- The Ultimate Guide for 2024

The easiest way to plan for retirement in Kenya is to join the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). Upon registration, you will get a unique NSSF number. You have come to the right place if you have never registered for NSSF or have forgotten or lost your number or card. This article reveals how to get NSSF number in Kenya as a new or existing member. 

How to Get NSSF Number in Kenya as a New Member

The NSSF does not lock anyone out of the pension scheme. It allows self-employed persons, employees, and employers to register for a number. Depending on who you are, here are the instructions to follow:

Self-Employed Kenyans: Voluntary Registration 

People in self-employment or business can get an NSSF number and save for their future lives. This is how to apply for the NSSF number in Kenya if you employ yourself:

  1. Locate the closest NSSF office or Huduma Center and visit it.
  2. Bring your National ID card, Passport, or Alien card (or copies), KRA pin certificate, and Ksh.200 for NSSF card activation.
  3. An NSSF official will give you a blank form to fill in your details. Avoid errors to save everyone’s time. 
  4. After paying the Ksh.200, NSSF will activate your membership card. It will feature your NSSF number, name, and other details scribed on it.
  5. After getting your card, start depositing money in your NSSF account via MPESA or by visiting the nearest NSSF branch. 

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Kenyans in Employment 

If this is your first time to get a real job in Kenya, your boss will request your NSSF number. Section 19 of the act requires employers to apply as NSSF contributors and send their employee’s NSSF contributions. 

Your Employer will require your NSSF number to submit your contributions every year. Here is how to get NSSF number in Kenya if you are employed:

  1. Visit the closest Huduma Center or NSSF branch with your original National ID card, passport, or alien card, and your KRA pin certificate. NSSF will also accept copies of these documents. 
  2. Share your employer’s introduction letter, Name, and NSSF number with the NSSF official. 
  3. Fill in the blank form correctly and return it to the NSSF official.
  4. After reviewing and approving your form, the NSSF official will register you as a member of the organization.
  5. NSSF will then issue a card containing your unique registration number.
  6. Share your NSSF number with your employer to start making contributions for you.

Note: If your employer wants you to submit the contributions, you can top-up your NSSF account by MPESA. 

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NSSF Registration for Employers

The fastest way to get the NSSF number as a Kenyan employer is to visit the official website first. Here are the simple steps to follow: 

  1. Visit the NSSF website and click the “Employer Self-Service” link.
  2. Assuming you have never applied for the NSSF number, hit the “Employer Registration” tab. 
  3. A blank form will pop up, asking you to fill in the correct information. Enter your details correctly and print the form after finishing. 
  4. Take the printed registration form to the nearest NSSF branch for approval.
  5. An NSSF official will give you a unique “Pin Key.” 
  6. Open the NSSF web portal again and click “Employer Activation.”
  7. Enter your “username,” “password,” and “Pin Key.” Then, click “Activate” to complete the registration process. 

How to Get Your NSSF Number in Three Ways

Whether you are an employer, employee, or a business person looking into how to get NSSF number in Kenya, you have three options:

Online Application

This is quick since most people have smartphones and access to free Wi-Fi at the workplace. Ensure you have all the necessary documents before starting. Then do these steps:

  1. Visit the NSSF’s self-service portal.
  2. Select the “Member Self Service” if self-employed or employed.
  3. Choose your employment status and select the appropriate form to fill out. 
  4. Fill in the blank spaces of your form, ensuring you provide truthful information. 
  5. Print the form and take the hard copy to the NSSF branch closer to you. 
  6. Follow everything the NSSF officer says until you get your number.

Note: You can download the appropriate registration form from the NSSF website, fill in the details, print it out, and present it to the closest NSSF branch. 

Manual Application

If you prefer to walk to the nearest NSSF office and do not mind waiting in the queue, you can still get your card. The manual application process is this simple:

  1. Visit a local Huduma Center branch or the nearest NSSF office. 
  2. An NSSF officer will give a registration form. Enter your details accurately to avoid errors and time wastage.
  3. Attach copies of the required documents and take your form to the NSSF official. 
  4. As with your National ID registration process, or NHIF registration, you will provide your fingerprints from both hands.
  5. Come back to the NSSF office and pick up your NSSF card.
  6. Make your contribution via the most convenient payment method. 

Phone Application

Applying for a new NSSF number on your feature mobile gadget is easy. Here is the process:

  1. Ensure you have the correct documentation and press “*303*1#.”
  2. Select the type of NSSF member you want to become.
  3. Follow straightforward prompts to register for a new NSSF account. 
  4. NSSF will give you a unique and private PIN code. 
  5. Enter this pin code when making your NSSF contributions. 

How to Get the NSSF Number If You Have Forgotten it

For employers, open the NSSF website and click the “Employer Self-Service” link. Then, choose “Existing Employers eCertification” and follow simple instructions to get your NSSF number back. Employees and voluntary members can visit the NSSF website and tap the “Member Self Service” section. 

Then, click “Existing Employees eCertification” and follow the prompts. If you don’t remember all your details, visit a local NSSF office for assistance. If you cannot go to their offices, call 080 02212 7744 for immediate assistance.


How Can I get my first NSSF number?

If you are new to the NSSF pension scheme, follow the application procedures described in this article. Choose whether to apply for NSSF offline, online, or by phone. Then, choose your employment status and download the appropriate registration form. 

Fill in your details, print the form at the cyber cafe, and take it to the NSSF offices for certification. Wait for the NSSF card and start saving for your retirement age. 

Does NSSF provide an app for smartphones?

NSSF is way ahead when it comes to adopting new technologies. Members who have a smartphone can now download the NSSF app from Google Play Store. After installing the app on your device, you can carry out all your NSSF transactions.

The app is user-friendly and convenient to use when you need assistance from an NSSF officer. 

How can I check the status of my NSSF number online?

NSSF’s self-service web portal simplifies work for all types of members. So, open this portal on your phone, tablet, or computer and hit the “Member Self Service Resources” tab.

It is beneath the “Self-Service Resources” menu. Enter your personal information and wait for the system to return your NSSF number and other account details.