How To Increase Mpesa Commission( For Mpesa Agent)

Are you a Mpesa agent interested in knowing the tricks to use to increase your Mpesa commission? Well, you’re in the right place because this article will outline how to increase your Mpesa commission.

Mpesa has enabled many Kenyans to send and receive money. Over two million transactions are completed within a minute or two. Mpesa has been a source of income for many people in the country. Mpesa pays you depending on your commission. 

The more transactions you make daily, the more you’ll earn at the end of the month. Also, you can use these tips to increase your earnings.    

Tips To Increase Mpesa Commission

Employ these tips, and you’ll make a difference in what you earn daily from your Mpesa shop.


You should speak to your customers in a friendly way. Choose your words correctly and avoid rudeness at all costs. Serve your clients with kindness, and if you can, throw in some gifts like sweets. This will bring in more clients. 

Make the Mpesa Shop Attractive 

To attract more customers, make your shop elegant and attractive by using enticing lighting and decorating every corner of your shop using stunning wallpaper with different pictures.  Making your shop unique and beautiful will attract people from a distance, increasing your customer flow.  

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Sell Phone Accessories 

Today, almost every youth has a smartphone. So including phone accessories will attract more customers. Batteries, phone covers, and screen protectors will add something to your daily earnings. 

Playing Music 

Most young people love music. So playing different music will attract more customers but also remember some people dislike loud music. 

Sell Makeups 

Youths, especially ladies, like to look good. So including make-up and beauty products in your shop will attract more customers. Also, ensure you have earrings and necklaces of different shapes and colors. 

When Is Mpesa Commission Paid? 

At the end of the month, Safaricom pays the commission earned to the Mpesa agent’s MMF account, less the 5 % withholding tax. You can then decide to withdraw or transfer the money to the float account.

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How To Withdraw Mpesa Agent Commission 

To withdraw your agency commission follow the steps below. 

  1. Make sure your Mpesa agent has sufficient float.
  2. Go to Safaricom Application.
  3. Click “withdraw commission.”
  4. Input the agent’s number 
  5. Enter your Mpesa PIN
  6. You’ll receive a message confirming your withdrawal.  

How Mpesa Commission Works

Mpesa uses a hierarchical structure. Its operations start from the highest levels and work their way down to the lowest level, which is the agent and then the sub-agents. Safaricom determines the commission earned as an agent. 

Mpesa agents earn from the transactions they complete through the disbursed money to the Mpesa users. Safaricom increased the deposit commission by 12% to17% to ensure its agents get better compensation for high-value transactions and to entice them to hold a sizeable amount of float. 

How To Calculate Mpesa Agent Commission

Deposits and withdrawals transaction are the determinants of the agent commision. Although there is no transaction fee when making a deposit, Safaricom pays the agent a commission.

When withdrawing, Mpesa users are charged a certain withdrawal fee depending on the amount withdrawn. This fee is then distributed to the agent and sub-agents.

Mpesa Commission Structure 

Safaricom has a detailed structure in the form of a table that specifies the commission a Mpesa agent gets paid from making withdrawals and deposits. Safaricom reviews the structure regularly, increasing or reducing withdrawal or deposit commission percentage.

The table below represents the commission for deposit transactions. 

Amount (Ksh)Applicable Commission in Ksh

Here is the Mpesa agent commission structure for withdrawals transactions for both registered and unregistered users.

Amount (ksh)Applicable commission for a registered user (Ksh)Applicable commission for unregistered users (Ksh)

Mpesa Agency Tips 

  1. Always make sure the customer has the original ID before transacting.
  2. Always ensure you’ve enough float and cash to avoid turning away customers. Remember, when you lose a customer, you also lose your commission.
  3. Before making a deposit transaction, always count and confirm the genuineness of the money.
  4. Don’t give out your agent number to anyone for them to make a remote withdrawal to your till number. Doing so violates Mpesa policies, and you also risk losing your money to dishonest customers who might reverse the money. 
  5. Purchase money machines like a fake currency detector and a money counter if you handle a lot of cash or have many customers. This will help you serve customers faster, and also, you get to detect fake money fast. 
  6. Always verify the Mpesa confirmation messages before handing over cash. The message that you receive should be similar to that of customers. If only one party receives the message, the transaction is incomplete, and you may lose your money.
  7. Make sure you have enough security on your property for you and your customers. You can install barriers or metal grills to separate you and your clients and keep cash boxes out of reach to your customers.  

Bottom Line 

Are you a Mpesa agent looking to maximize your commission? Well, there you have it—a list of tips you can use to increase your Mpesa profit. 

On top, there are agency tips you should employ if you want to run a successful Mpesa agency business.