List of the Best Driving Schools in Kenya

For you to be a driver, you must have a valid driving license. The idea of competency in driving, however, comes in and this means that you must have attended one of the best driving schools. This should be a school that adheres to all the driving regulations in the country and safety. In this way, you will be sure that after going through the entire course, you will not endanger the lives of your passengers and other road users. Therefore, we are going to look at the best driving schools in Kenya, their courses, and fees.

Here are the 10 best driving schools in Kenya:

  1. Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya)
  2. Rocky driving school
  3. Petanns driving school
  4. Seniors driving school
  5. Heltz driving school
  6. Top gear driving school
  7. Sony driving school
  8. Glory driving school
  9. Wings driving school
  10. Imperial driving school
  11. Iqra driving school

1. Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya)

AA Kenya is the oldest driving school in the country having been found in 1962. AA Kenya has more than 30 branches in all the major towns in the country. AA Kenya is also affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) which is in charge of more than 100 million motorists in the world. One main advantage of AA Kenya is that it is recognized by the government, international organizations, and the Corporate Private sector.

When you get to AA Kenya, you are sure of being guided on defensive driving, road safety, and motor transport management.

The school has two major course categories; Fresh beginner and Endorsement.

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Learner driving course and fee structure

Fresh beginnerA1/A2/A3 (Motorbike/Courier/3 Wheeler)Ksh. 5,780Ksh. 2,050Ksh. 7,830
EndorsementA1/A2/A3 (Motorbike/ Courier/3 Wheeler)Ksh. 4,080Ksh. 2,050Ksh. 6,830
Fresh BeginnerB1/B2 (Saloon-Auto/Manual)Ksh. 18,780Ksh. 2,050Ksh. 20,830
Endorsement (PLV)B1/B2 (Saloon-Auto/Manual)Ksh. 10,780Ksh. 2,050Ksh. 12,830
EndorsementC1/C2 (Medium Trucks)Ksh. 12,780Ksh. 2,050Ksh. 14,830
EndorsementD1/D2 (PSV)Ksh. 12,780Ksh. 2,050Ksh. 14,830
AA Kenya Fee Structure


This is how you can contact AA Kenya:

  • +254 709 933 000/+254 709 933 999

2. Rocky Driving School

This is among the largest National driving schools in Kenya. Rocky driving school has been offering training since the early 90s. Therefore, it is among the driving schools which hen you join, you are sure of being imparted the relevant knowledge required on the road.

If you are looking for a good driven school to advance your knowledge, then this is the place to be. With the 20 lessons offered at Rocky driving school, you are assured of gaining the relevant expertise n driving.

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Rock driving school fee structure and courses

A/A2/A318 and aboveKsh. 11,850
B/B2/B318 and aboveKsh. 13,850
C122-65 yearsKsh. 14,850
C24 and aboveKsh. 14,850
CE28-65 yearsKsh. 34,850
F18 and aboveManual-Ksh. 5,000
Automatic-Ksh. 6,500
Rocky driving school fee structure


This is how you can contact Rocky driving school for assistance:

  • +254 702 552 222/+254 700 667 777/+254 704 773 300

3. Petanns Driving School

This is another driving school in Kenya with a good reputation. Petanns driving school has several branches in Nairobi. This school has offices in South B, Ruai, Kangemi, Kayole, Mathare North, Dandora, Umoja, Buruburu among others. In its teaching, Pettans driving school conducts 30 courses.

Petanns driving school fee and courses

A1/A2/A318 and aboveKsh. 7,50010
B118 and aboveKsh. 13,50020
B318 and aboveKsh. 10,00020
C/C122 and aboveKsh. 14,50020
D1/D222 and aboveKsh. 10,00020
CE24-65Ksh. 27,00020
G24 and aboveKsh. 45,00020
Petanns driving school fee structure and courses


This is how you can contact Petanns driving school:

  • +254 721 328 383

4. Seniors Driving School

This is another driving school that has been in this business for long. Seniors driving school gives its best to remain among the best driving schools in the country. The school is available in the following zones in the country: Central, Western, Eastern, Chania, Kajiado, and Thika Superhighway.

Seniors driving school offers defensive driving, Refresher courses, Automobile safety, and First-aid course.

Seniors driving school Courses

  • ART Class (Trailer) 31 lessons
  • D Class-Tractor as Required
  • I Class- Earth moving machines as required
  • BCE class 50 Lessons
  • E Class 31 lesons
  • F/G ClassMotorbike) 31 lessons

Seniors driving school contact

  • +254 729 461 713

5. Heltz Driving School

This is an accredited driving school in Kenya. It is among the best driving schools in Kenya due to its efficiency and transparency. This is a trustable school as it has been in operation for more than 35 years.

Heltz driving school has offices in major towns in the country where it offers a range of driving courses. The school provides a variety of driving courses based on the requirements of the customer.

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Heltz driving school fee and courses

A2 (Above 50 cc)18 and aboveKsh. 7,000
A3 (PSV/Courier)21 and aboveKsh.4,000
B (Light auto & Manual)18 and aboveKsh. 12,000
C122 years and aboveKsh.12,000
C1/B122 yearsKsh. 14,000
D122 yearsKsh. 6,000
Heltz driving school fee structure and curses

Heltz driving school contacts

This is how you can reach Heltz driving school:

  • +254 743 552 541

6. Top Gear Driving School

This is also among the best driving schools in Kenya. The school has several branches within and outside Nairobi. Some of the common branches of Top Gear driving school are in Ongata Rongai, Zimmerman, Buruburu, Pipeline, Ruiru, Donholm, and Githurai.

A (Motorbikes)18 and aboveKsh. 10,500
B (Light vehicles)18 and aboveKsh. 17,500
C (Trucks)22 and aboveKsh. 16,500
D (PSV)22 years and aboveKsh. 14,500
Top gear driving school fee structure


-+254 722 784 235/+254 702 710 308/+254 720 259 553

7. Sony Driving School

Sony driving school makes it on the list of the best driving schools in Kenya. It is located in the CBD at Mageso Chambers Mezzanine floor, Moi Avenue. Apart from this, the school has other branches in Ruaka, KOmarock, Kasarani, Roysambu, Githurai, Umoja, Kahawa Wendani, Thika, Ruiru, Dogoretti Corner, and Muranga road.

The fee structure for Sony driving school is Ksh. 7,500 for motorbikes class FG, Ksh. 9,000 for vehicles class E, and Ksh. 12,000 for heavy commercial vehicles. You can directly call Sony driving school on 203342036.

8. Glory Driving School

This driving school has produced some of the best drivers on Kenyan roads. It is located along Muranga road and provides training on all driving courses. With its 15 lessons, Glory driving school charges Ksh. 12,00 for the entire course. You can directly contact them on +254 723 278 898.

9. Wings Driving School

Wings driving school is also among the best driving schools in the country. The school is located Urumathi House, North View Road. It has been in operation for long, therefore, it has sizeable alumni. It is among the schools in Kenya that facilitate license acquisition from NTSA. Therefore, joining this school is advantageous as it makes the process of getting a driving license easy.

10. Imperial Driving School

This is a school that provides both theory classes, driving lessons, and video programs. Apart from the driving classes, the schools want to ensure that their students succeed in Basic Mechanics Training, First Aid Training, and Advanced Distance Driving.

Imperial driving school has 15 lessons undertaken on a strict schedule of 3 to 4 weeks. Each session takes 2 to 3 hours.

11. Iqra Driving School

This closes the list of the best driving schools in Kenya. The school is located at Hurlingham Plaza along Argwings Kodhek Road. It is among the schools that do not close much about their charges to the public domain. However, a conversation with some of its alumni denotes that it has fair charges.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Driving School

The crucial factors you should consider are:

  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Recommendations from friends and relatives
  • Accredited courses
  • Lesson duration
  • Distance to the school