Recruitment Agencies in Kenya For UAE Jobs in 2024

Are you looking for recruitment agencies in Kenya for UAE jobs? Look no further. Here is a list of the best-recruiting companies in Kenya. There are a lot of well-paying jobs in UAE, and it’s time for you now to secure a decent job. In this article, you’ll know the best recruitment agencies in Kenya for UAE jobs. 

The best recruitment agencies in Kenya for UAE jobs are Plan Manpower Limited, Talent Quest Africa Limited, Gulf manpower recruiting agency LTD, and Al-Jamana agency limited. These agencies help many Kenyans to secure UAE jobs.

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss the different recruitment agencies in Kenya for UAE jobs. You’ll know their locations, contacts, and requirements to get started. Keep reading to find out!

1. Plan Manpower Limited

Plan manpower Ltd is one of the best international recruiting agencies in Kenya accredited by NEA fit to recruit employees for organizations in UAE and other gulf countries. It outsources its workforce for industries in the IT$ Telecom, Engineering, Hospitality, construction, Energy and Resources, Oil and Gas Industry, and Manufacturing Industries.

They also help their clients with visa processing, International and Domestic ticketing services to offer smooth operations for free. 

Plan Manpower Ltd contact details:

Address: Development House 2nd floor, room no. 22

Phone: +254722423275/ 0719510505  

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2. Talent Quest Africa Limited 

Talent Quest Africa is also lending and most renowned among youth as one of the genuine recruiting firms in Kenya accredited by ERA. The agency specializes in finding employment for qualified and semi-qualified workers from Kenya to gulf countries and beyond. Some countries it offers recruitment services include; UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, China, and Saudi Arabia. 

Talent Quest Africa Ltd contact details:

Address: Union Towers, 1st floor 

Phone: +254710584830/ 020-2217471


3. Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency LTD

This agency was established on May 18th, 2007, as a local human resources consultancy company under the Three Hands Worldwide Service banner. It later developed into a reputable, reliable, well-known recruiting firm, branching out to form the Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency Limited.

It’s one of the best-recruiting agencies in East Africa. The agency strives to improve people’s living standards by offering significant employment and development opportunities and connecting employers with qualified employees to help them make a difference in their firms.

Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency Limited contact details:

Address: Watersys Annex, opposite Jamia Mall, 3rd and 4th floor.

Phone: +254721779029/ 722304787.


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4. Al-Jamana Agency Limited   

Al-Jamana is recognized as a premier public sector executive recruiting company for jobs in Dubai for Kenyans. The agency is accredited and approved by ERA. Many people have secured well-paying jobs in UAE countries through this agency.  They conduct free and fair applications.

Al-Jamana Agency Ltd contact details:


Phone: +254722691761/ 0708 993333

5. Derimel Agency 

Derimel recruiting agency is legitimate and is accredited by NEA to carry out recruitment for foreign firms in UAE. It’s a legitimate firm that directs personnel towards a career development path. The agency also guides applicants in securing jobs that improve their standard of living.

Derimel recruiting agency contact details:

Location: Skymall Plaza, Luthuli Avenue Nairobi 



6. Shanawa International Agency

The Shanawa International Recruiting Agency is one of the best overseas placement agencies, assisting businesses in finding qualified employees without having to undergo lengthy hiring procedures.

The agency recruits for local and international organizations in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Canada, among others. 

Shanawa International Agency contact details:

Phone: +254775437216/ +254721251609

Location: Uniafric House, 25 Nairobi.

7. Human Power Global Kenya Limited

It’s one of the best recruiting agencies in Kenya dedicated to improving people’s living standards with employment opportunities and providing organizations with the appropriate employees to help them achieve their goals.

The agency is approved fit for overseas recruitment for UAE jobs.

Human Power Global Ltd contact details:

Location: Ambank House,17th floor, Nairobi. 

Phone: +254203500057


8. Elmerry International Connections Limited 

Elmerry agency excels in finding the most qualified candidates who can carry our their assigned roles well. The agency works with a team of experts and professionals with years of expertise in all industries since it takes talent to recognize talent.  

Elmerry International Connection Ltd contact details:

Location: Ansh Plaza, 3rd floor, Biashara street 

Phone: +254723603708/ +254721264048

9. Jawabu 

Jawabu is an international recruiting firm in Kenya. The agency offers the highest level of services to employers and job seekers ethically and professionally at an affordable cost. 

Whether the employer or personnel needs a contingency assignee, a permanent employee, or a flexible staffing solution to staff a short-term project or long-term business development, Jawabu is the top option as a strategic business staffing partner.   

Jawabu Agency contact details:

Location: Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi 


10. Nammy International Travel Limited

Nammy recruiting agency recruits Kenyan workers for companies in the Middle East and UAE. It provides recruitment services for industries in banking, housekeeping, education, hospitality, logistics, agriculture, security, domestic, and construction.

Nammy International Travel Ltd contact details:

Phone:+254723719101/ +254715577755

Location: wing A3, 5th-floor corner House Kimathi street, Nairobi


11. Hallmark Recruitment Agency 

Hallmark is among the lending East Africa recruiting agency that provides a wide array of services like in-house recruitment, headhunting, salary survey, psychometric assessment, and negotiating research beliefs.

Hallmark recruitment agency contact details:


Location: Aly’s Centre 4th floor Westlands Muthithi Road, Nairobi. 


Requirements to Obtain a Work Permit in UAE 

Before obtaining a UAE work permit, you must first acquire a residence visa, Emirate ID Card, and entry visa. A work permit, also known as a labor card, will be listed on your residence visa. The essential work visa requirement is a proof of work contract from a company within the UAE. 

Anything else required for the work permit is also required for the residency visa. 

  • Original passport and photocopy
  • Emirates ID card
  • Application form
  • Entry permit issued by the ministry of labor
  • Several passport photos
  • Medical check-up and healthy certificate
  • Valid commercial license of the company

Work permits are issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation in emirate states where you are employed. It takes around ten days to receive your work permit. The permit is usually valid for two years but can be renewed. 

All documents and forms must be in Arabic. Your employment contract should also be in Arabic. You’ll require three copies: one for the Department of labor, one for the employer, and one for yourself. 

Bottom Line 

Securing a job in UAE is now made easy by recruiting agencies who help you get a visa, connect you with an employer, and ensure you arrive safely. 

I hope this list of recruitment agencies in Kenya for UAE jobs has made it easier for you to know where to start.