Top 15 Best Private Universities in Kenya

Private universities in Kenya have been known to provide quality education. This has been witnessed by the rising number of students who want to join these universities. Parents, on the other hand, are also struggling to get their children the best education. Therefore, they working on getting the best private universities to take their children. However, before taking your child to a private university, it is good to know its stand in terms of educational credibility. Some criteria must be followed to check if a specific university will meet your requirements on matters education. If all the scrutiny is done accordingly, you will get the best private university where the best quality of education is imparted. We are going to look at the best universities based on the listed criterion.

The following are the top 15 best private universities in Kenya:

  1. Strathmore University
  2. United States International University Africa
  3. Mount Kenya University
  4. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  5. Kenya Methodist University
  6. Africa Nazarene University
  7. Daystar University
  8. University of Eastern Africa, Baraton
  9. Kabarak University
  10. KCA University
  11. St. Paul’s University
  12. Riara University
  13. Africa International University
  14. International Leadership University, Kenya
  15. Pan Africa Christian University

Factors Considered

To rank these top 10 best private universities in Kenya, some factors were considered. These are the factors we used in the assessment:


Accreditation was the number one factor we considered before ranking these universities. A good university must be accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) of Kenya. Before CUE accredits a university, it goes through all the courses at the university and the quality of which education is rendered. Moreover, some of the facilities used in the school are checked to ensure that they are standard.

The Degrees Offered

In the ranking, the university was supposed to be offering at least four-year bachelor’s degrees or postgraduate degrees (Masters or Ph.D). What this means is that the university has been in existence for long and its courses are marketable in the country. This is the only way to be sure that the student is taking a course with market in Kenya.

Mode of Learning

We were looking for universities conducting physical face-to-face learning. What this means is that students get to school and use the provided facilities to make learning easy. It is also easy to comprehend what is being taught through practicals. Therefore, traditional physical learning provides an opportunity for students to engage n practicals.

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RankNameMain CoursesLocation
1Strathmore UniversityFinance
2United States International University AfricaInternational RelationsNairobi
3Mount Kenya UniversityMedicine
Business Studies
4The Catholic University of Eastern AfricaTheology
5Kenya Methodist UniversityJournalism
IT, Education
6Africa Nazarene UniversityComputer and IT
Mass communication
7Daystar UniversityJournalism
Mass Communication
8University of Eastern Africa, BaratonIT and LanguageEldoret
9Kabarak UniversityBusiness, Education, BiologyNakuru
10KCA UniversityBusiness
11St. Paul’s UniversityMass Communication
Business Courses
12Riara UniversityBusiness Courses
13Africa International UniversityIT
Business Studies
14International Leadership University, KenyaTheology
15Pan Africa Christian UniversityTheology
Business Studies
15 Best Private Universities in Kenya

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  1. Which is the cheapest priviate university in Kenya?

Answer: Mount Kenya University (MKU) is the cheapest private university in Kenya in terms of fees.

2. How many private universities are there in Kenya?

Answer: Kenya has 30 chartered private universities.

3. Which is the leading Private University in Kenya?

Answer: Strathmore University

4. Which is the most expensive university in Kenya?

Answer: University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.