Zenka loan app: Download and Loan Application Guide for 2024

Zenka is a mobile loan app that adds money to your MPESA wallet. Since its inception in 2018, the Zenka loan app has disbursed millions of money to eligible Kenyan borrowers. Zenka is unique because it allows you to extend the duration of your loan. 

Moreover, Zenka is more convenient because it serves Android and iOS smartphone users. If you need money for an emergency, Zenka can provide it. This article explains how to download Zenka’s mobile loan app, register an account, and apply for an instant loan.  

About Zenka Loan

Zenka’s mobile loan has received over 500,000 downloads. It uses an advanced proprietary credit scoring system to set your loan limit and interest rates. Zenka provides Ksh.500 to Ksh.30, 000. It expects you to repay your loan in one month. However, you can extend your repayment period to ninety days. 

Initially, Zenka loan borrowers repaid their loans by MPESA. Today, they can repay via MPESA and Airtel money. If you default on your loan, Zenka will charge you a late payment fee of 1 percent daily on the original amount. 

Therefore, choose the most suitable repayment period to avoid defaulting on your loan. Also, avoid taking out big loans if you do not have to. 

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How to Qualify for Zenka Loans: The Requirements

If you have a feature phone or a smartphone, you have met the main requirement already. Other things that Zenka Kenya considers when offering loans include: 

  • A national ID card, as it signifies you are not a minor.
  • A registered Safaricom SIM card with an active MPESA wallet.
  • A perfect credit rating (Not in CRB).

How to Download the Zenka App and Register a New Account

  1. Download the “Zenka Loan App” from “Google Play Store” or “Apple App Store” and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the app and type your “Personal details” and other data.
  3. Choose your “Security question” and answer it.
  4. Create a “PIN” with four digits.
  5. Tap “Agree and Sign Up” and agree to “Terms and Conditions.”
  6. Zenka will send you an SMS containing a verification code with four digits.
  7. Type this code in the correct space and touch “Done” to verify it. 

After creating an account with Zenka, it will view some information on your device. This data entails: 

  • Your exact location, as it can track you with GPS.
  • All the numbers you have dialed recently.
  • Contacts of everybody you have saved on your phone.
  • Your MMS and SMS texts.
  • The type of internet network you use.

Allow Zenka to access and read this information because it uses it to determine your credit limit. It does not share your data with third parties. However, if you default on the loan, it will forward your details to CRB.

If the data on your phone is sketchy and unreliable, Zenka might not give you a loan.

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Zenka Loan Application Process on the App

If you have a feature phone, your only way to get a Zenka loan is via a USSD code. The code is *481#. Anyone with an Android or iOS smartphone can use the Zenka loan app directly. Here is the loan application process on the app:

  1. Open the loan app on your smartphone.
  2. Type your “mobile phone number.”
  3. Enter your “PIN” and sign in.
  4. The system will create a “Loan offer” for you. 
  5. Wait and choose the “Loan amount” you prefer.
  6. Click “Apply Now.”
  7. Zenka will send you a confirmation message. 

How to Repay Your Zenka Loan on the App

Zenka gives you a flexible loan repayment period. When you want to repay, do these steps: 

  1. Tap the “SIM Toolkit” on your smartphone to open the MPESA menu.
  2. Once it opens, select “Lipa na MPESA” from the menu.
  3. Opt for the “Paybill” choice.
  4. Type ‘Zenka’s Paybill number.” It is “979988.”
  5. Enter your “Mpesa number” in the “Account number” section.
  6. Add your “Repayment amount.”
  7. Type your “MPESA PIN” code.
  8. Press “OK” to finish. 

How to Extend Your Zenka Loan Repayment Duration 

The extension of your Zenka loan repayment date comes at a price. If you want to extend for one week, your fees are 15%. The 14-day and 30-day extensions include fees of 22% and 29% respectively. You must apply for a Zenka Loan Extension, which goes like this: 

1. Dial “*841#” on your phone.

2. Type your “PIN.”

3. Select “Extend” and assess your cost data and terms and conditions. 

4. Pick one of the displayed “Terms and Conditions.”

5. Tap the “Repayment link” and wait for Zenka to send you a notification by SMS.

6. The app will then update your due date. 


What is Zenka’s loan limit, 5000?

Like other mobile loan apps in Kenya, the Zenka loan app has varying limits for different borrowers. So, Ksh.5000 is not the actual limit for everyone. Zenka will give Ksh.500 to Ksh.30,000 depending on your creditworthiness. Your limit will grow faster if you repay your loans on time and use MPESA more.

Can Zenka forward my records to CRB?

Zenka can list your name on CRB if you fail to repay your loan. Like other apps, it can reduce your limit anytime if you start paying your loans late. Thus, take a loan that you are sure of paying back on time. If you cannot repay, then use the date extension facility. 

How can I get in touch with Zenka?

If you have a complaint or a question, you can contact Zenka in a few ways. First, write an email to support@zenka.co.ke. Alternatively, call Zenka’s customer support desk at +254207650878. You can also speak to an agent on Zenka’s Facebook page.