interesting facts about Takawiri island

Interesting Facts About Takawiri Island

Takawiri Island is one of the unspoiled islands in Lake Victoria. The clean and fresh water of the lake makes swimming an unforgettable adventure. Basking in the white sand will blow your stress away. The island is splendidly surrounded by beautiful vegetation, rocks, and hills. To make it more beautiful, transport to the island is…

Hedge funds in Kenya

Top 10 Hedge Funds in Kenya in 2022

Investors are looking for ways to increase return on investment. Hedge funds allow clients to pool funds together and invest in different assets. The fund managers apply complex techniques to eliminate or minimize risks and maximize capital return. In recent years, hedge funds have been growing rapidly in Kenya, meaning many people are ready to…

how to start a grocery store in Kenya

How to Start a Grocery Store in Kenya Easily

Grocery stores are fast-moving businesses in Kenya. The high demand for their products enables the owners to make profits within a short time. It’s essential to choose the location of your grocery store carefully because the products are perishable. Today you’ll know how to start a grocery store in Kenya easily. Grocery stores are highly…

sources of instant business loans in Kenya

5 Sources of Instant Business Loans in Kenya in 2022

You need money to make money, and sometimes you will need people’s money to make your money. But as you know, business-wise, time is of the essence. Therefore, you need to know the sources of instant business loans in Kenya. The time it takes to get capital to start a business in Kenya plays a…

how rich people give away free stuff
General News

How Rich People Give Away Free Stuff in 2022

People love free stuff, and there are so many ways rich people give away free stuff. However, this doesn’t imply that wealthy people will give away free money to people without a good reason. Today, you’ll know how rich people give away free stuff. Mostly, you can get free stuff from millionaires if you’re worth…

awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya

10 Awesome Places for Calm Getaways in Kenya 2022

Most people like going to solitary and calm getaways to relax alone, with their family or friends after a long and busy period. Are you looking for awesome places for calm getaways in Kenya with: Exotic experience Isolated areas Tranquil islands and beaches Scenic sunsets Gleaming moon Vibrant star-studded nights? Such places are a true…

how to start a welding business in Kenya

How to Start a Welding Business in Kenya in 2022

Most people dream of operating their own business: making the income a successful business owner makes, working their hours, and having the best team. If you are a welder, we’ve created a guide on how to start a welding business in Kenya to make it easier for you. If you want to start one of…

best paying companies in Kenya

12 Best Paying Companies in Kenya in 2022

Are you a recent graduate seeking a job? Most definitely you will like to work for the best-paying company.  We all know that money should not be the primary motivator when looking for work. However, it’s hard to disregard it as a significant consideration when determining which employment offer to accept. As a result, we…

how to start a children's home in Kenya

How to Start a Children’s Home in Kenya in 2022

Setting up a children’s home in Kenya involves a series of procedures, where you have to visit several offices before you secure a license for the home. If you plan to establish one, you must get consent from the ministry of control of children’s welfare through the National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) and Area…