Best Hostels for Students in Nakuru 2021

Best Hostels for students in Nakuru

Most students in Nakuru get confused after getting admitted into a university or college. The main challenge for these students is accommodation. The burning question in most cases is whether they should stay in a hostel or rent an apartment. However, a hostel comes with different advantages compared to an apartment. Therefore, based on these … Read more

Foods that Boost Male Libido Naturally

foods that boost male libido

The main worry to most men is ensuring that they satisfy their women in bed. However, the modern lifestyle has negatively affected most men’s sex duration. In most cases, people are forced to migrate and stay in urban centers where most foods have been processed. During the processing of these foods, some chemicals are added, … Read more

Top 10 Best Movie Downloading Sites in 2021

best movie downloading sites

The internet has made things easy in the 21st century. Before the invention of the internet, things were difficult. People had to walk for long to buy cassettes where they could have music copied. Furthermore, these cassettes were expensive during those days. However, with the internet, getting movies, music, and Series has become easy. To … Read more

How to Prevent Hangovers at Home Effectively

A man suffering from hangovers

Having a hangover can prevent a person from delivering on his or her mandate. Most people like drinking, especially over the weekends. This is because they know that by Monday, they will be okay and able to deliver on their activities. By this time, people feel that the drinking hangover would be over. However, this … Read more

7 Natural ways to Whiten Teeth Instantly

Natural ways to whiten teeth instantly

Yellow teeth make people uncomfortable especially when it comes to smiling. Because humans are social creatures, it becomes difficult to spend a day without laughing and smiling to other people. However, before knowing the natural remedies to whiten your teeth, it is important to know what causes yellow teeth. The main causes of yellow teeth … Read more

Jaguar’s Properties and Net Worth 2021

Jaguar's Net worth 2021

Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar is currently the Starehe MP serving his first term. Having been a famous singer, he joined Kenya’s politics in 2017 and was elected as an Member of Parliament. Jaguar is known for his flamboyant lifestyle even before he joined politics. Furthermore, he is among the top and celebrated … Read more

Jalang’o’s Properties and Net Worth 2021

Jalang'o's Properties and Net worth

Felix Odiwuor, poularly known as Jalang’o is a true definition of rising from rags to riches. The 43 year-old celebrity was born in Kisumu on April 27, 1978. Having been born a humble background, Jalang’o went through hard times getting his education and even clothing. At one point, Jalang’o disclosed how he was forced to … Read more

Top Ten Causes of Bad Breath in Humans

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath (halitosis) is an embarrassing issue, especially when interacting with people. However, everything happens for a reason and as such, bad breath is caused by different things undertaken by people. Although most people experience bad breath due to their lifestyle, some are natural and cannot be permanently eliminated. It is therefore essential to understand … Read more

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